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Kanye West SLAMMED By Stacey Dash For His Controversial Rape Comments - She Says He Should Go To Prison & Get Raped Himself! Video HERE!

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Kind of ironic that during a Fox News segment about celebrities making politically incorrect comments a Fox News celebrity MAKES a politically incorrect comment!

Clueless star Stacey Dash has joined the conservative news network as a cultural analysis contributor. The 47-year-old actress made headlines in the last presidential election when she threw her support behind Mitt Romney.

She also announced to the world that she was joining the Republican Party! And now that she’s a regular on Fox News, she has the perfect soap box from which to spew her right-wing beliefs.

So in a segment on Outnumbered, Stacey and her fellow GOP-ers were gabbing about Kanye West’s latest controversial statements that he made at his London concert over the weekend, where he compared getting his picture taken by the paparazzi to being raped!

The Fox News panel also brought up remarks made in the past by Charlize Theron, Lupita Nyong'o and Gwyneth Paltrow and then turned to Miz Dash to clear up why so many in Hollywood have made such offensive observations!

Leave it to an actress to keep the derogatory train rolling!

Dash blurted out:

“For Kanye to say, ‘rape,’ maybe he needs to spend some time on Riker’s Island. You know, go to Riker’s for a little while. And then he’ll know what rape is.”


So there you have it folks. In order to scold Kanye for making his rape comments, Stacey Dash counters with a CRAZY rape comparison of her own!

How about we all just stop using rape analogously, hm? Because srsly, it’s just not something that should ever be taken lightly.

No one on the couch sitting next to Stacey reacted to her statements. Probably because they were too frozen by the preposterous paradox that they just heard from one of their own.


Press PLAY and watch the clip (above)!

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14 comments to “Kanye West SLAMMED By Stacey Dash For His Controversial Rape Comments - She Says He Should Go To Prison & Get Raped Himself! Video HERE!”

  1. Méchant Manu says – reply to this


    My eyes are raped everytime i see Kanye.

  2. Méchant Manu says – reply to this


    My eyes are raped everytime i see Kanye the homosexual.

  3. Julie says – reply to this


    Kanye is a f—ing idiot! I agree with Stacey. First he compares himself to a police officer and now a rape victim?! Because he's a rap star with millions of dollars he thinks he's victimized? The man needs to learn to shut his mouth!

  4. noGenius says – reply to this


    like most conservatiives she's not too bright. just tits and ass for fox to parade around.

  5. Frans says – reply to this


    Isn't Stacey Dash borderline psychotic? And Kanye West is just another talentless idiot

  6. 6

    Perez, if this was ANY other celebrity you'd be praising the person for stickin it to Kanye West. But of course since its Stacey Dash, a republican, you wouldnt be caught dead praising her stance… instead she "spews out her right wing political beliefs". Just be honest. The only reason why you condemned Stacy for her comments is because she doesnt have the same political views you do, NOT because of any comment she made about kanye west!

  7. PAMaDu says – reply to this


    Fox News, Stacy Dash, Kanye, they all need to STFU already. Why didn't anyone call Stacy on her rape reference?

  8. PAMaDu says – reply to this


    Re: noGenius – LOL…

  9. PaMaDu says – reply to this


    Re: Aurora Vaughn – I disagree. I don't think politics play a part in Perez's comments. Why WOULD or SHOULD he praise her comments? Her comments make her no better than whatever rape comment Kanye made that she was replying to. What has Stacy done that was relevant in any way, lately? Prior to her throwing her support to Mitt Romney, I had forgotten all about her… NOW, she on Fox, "slamming" (was that what that was? Really?) Kanye about Rape suggesting he go get raped… What a dumbass she is… And I've always thought he was/is

  10. bTeri says – reply to this


    Perez Hilton should really stick to gossip and fashion and entertainment as his SPEWINNG 100% of the time of Left Wing perspectives on everything, almost always with ZERO facts to back him up just makes him look beyond stupid and incredibly ignorannt

    And anyone defending Kanye Wests misogynistic comment that taking pictures of him is like rape are the last people that should be judging Stacy Dash.

  11. Fields says – reply to this


    I'm not big on politics but I'm having a hard time finding her CRAZY and preposterous statements. Rape DOES in fact run rampant in prisons across the US and since watching Law and Order I have to think Rikers especially. Rape is not a joke or funny but if for people who think that it is I someone's wish there was a sign up list to be someone's next victim. Then we can just sit around the table comparing stories and NOT laughing about it.

  12. Wendy says – reply to this


    Seems as though he's always putting his foot in his mouth

  13. SallyB says – reply to this


    Kanye is indeed, foolish, self-involved, puffed-up and obnoxious. He deserves to be called out on his ridiculous statements.

    But Stacey Dash undercuts her own point by making a statement that is every bit as outrageous as the ones Kanye routinely makes. But then, that's what Fox News pays their people to do.

    Dash has aged out of the cute, Hollywood, starlet, bimbo-type roles that are more dependent on having a surgically-altered Barbie doll body, than on any discernable talent. Those types of roles kept her going for years. But she doesn't have the talent or screen presence to handle deeper, more mature roles.
    Her career had stalled.

    So when she posted the Romney-for-Pres tweet sporting the cheesecake photo of her surgically-enhanced rack, the Fox news execs must have felt they'd died and gone to heaven. They immediately rushed to the defense of Dash who was being called out by some as a person less interested in serious politics, than in shameless, and pathetic self-promotion.

    Fox saw a bleached blonde woman-of-color with vaguely caucasian features, who supported the whitest of rich white guys and could be easily added to the Fox news stable of blonde women who parrot the party line. And her token status would be yet another shield for the organization in their mission to relentlessly attack any and all things that aren't a part of the right-wing news/government industrial complex.

  14. DG says – reply to this


    If he wants privacy, he shouldn't have married a narcissist fame whore