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Listen To This: So Unfancy

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Wow. Wow. Wow.

Yes, this is a diss track, but it's also so much more than that! It's actually a great song and an even better showcase for Madd Mary.

The rapper is, you guessed it, mad at Iggy Azalea. So she wrote a song about it!

And Madd Mary goes HARD!!!

Her passion and talent are easily apparent and ample!

Check out her fierceness above!!!

Then CLICK HERE to listen to more from Madd Mary!

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20 comments to “Listen To This: So Unfancy”

  1. bri says – reply to this


    glady iggy makes the charts and that truly mad woman can only make that. this is a world where much violence is done to white people also– lets just exclude this video and pretend any of it's normal. how many times have i heard people talk about white people generalizing and being negative? iggy might say the wrong thing sometimes… but she isn't like this

  2. 2

    She is "fierce" and "passionate" by doing a music video where a doll dressed as Iggy is tied up and gagged in a chair? SMH…. Now I truly do get why a lot people say there is no hope for the human race.

  3. Neutral says – reply to this


    It's unfortunate that this is what you choose to highlight as a "great song". Even with talent to rap and write, this level of hostility and show boating are completely unnecessary for great music. Even a diss song is completely possible and can even be talented and appropriate without having to end with mocking throwing a body in the water. I don't see passion. I don't see talent. I see stupidity and hostility without knowing how to showcase skills…without really knowing how to elevate to fame. It's sad.

  4. kelly says – reply to this


    this is so fuck up, you are glorifying a stupid female rapper who is jealous of another woman's success so she decides to make a diss track and video where she talks and simulates murdering her. its grotesque and you should not post this on your website. its disgusting. its one thing to make a diss track making fun of someone for the way they dress or what they rap about or whatever. it is completely different and fucked up when they are talking about killing them and makes a video simulating that. its too much.

  5. Neutral says – reply to this


    Re: kelly – Agreed. It is disgusting and very unfortunate that this is what he chooses to post on his site.

  6. Shannon says – reply to this


    I can't believe that you praise this person for this song! Clearly this woman is jealous of Iggy and the video should be used at trial. She clearly needs mental help. Too Violent and nobody should be praising it!

  7. rachel says – reply to this


    I am completely appalled that you would put this on your website and actually highlight it as a "great song" and that this girl has talent". its disgusting that you would even think that this is ok to put on your website. She is simulating and insinuating murder. that's fucked up. this isn't talent, it is ignorance and jealousy.

  8. Kiley says – reply to this


    This is the worst rap that I have ever heard,, and believe me I've heard a lot. I feel like people should start making good music instead of music hating on people that make more money in a year then you will in your life time. The video was awful, she will literally NEVER get famous with that weird shit. Haters gonna hate.

  9. Cris says – reply to this


    @perez, I cannot believe you are praising this song as great. Her lyrics and video are about murder and you choose to put this on your website, this is truly disgusting and you should be ashamed. Female rappers have to deal with enough without hating on each other, it is obvious she is just a jealous and bitter person. Saying she doesn't care if you call her bitter, well it is obvious she does care enough to devote her time to making a video about Iggy. Now I know people are going to say we are taking things to literal, but come on we are all smart enough to know this MADD Mary is not openly plotting her murder, however it is still disgusting. The lyric when she talks about calling iggys parents is in bad taste, I have been on the other end of a phone call like that, so for her to make light of something like that and for her to have to take it to that extreme shows true desperation on her part.

  10. Vieve says – reply to this


    WOW. Perez. As if you actually posted support for this. Last time i checked, a music video portraying someone gagging and murdering a fellow artist is absolutely shameful and hateful. This artist is clearly bitter, jealous and unprofessional. There are all kinds of artists, and definitely no room for disgusting material like this. absolutely shameful, you should be embarrassed of yourself, Perez.

  11. med says – reply to this


    This video is disgusting and I am super disappointed you choose to promote this individual. I was under the impression you were against bullying, let alone what this video stands for. Please remove this from your site. :(

  12. Anonymously says – reply to this


    Ridiculous - you are promoting violence and giving this person the 5 minutes of fame that she wants.

  13. Michelle says – reply to this


    While I understand your inability to stand out from the media you pull your information from, even you should have been able to recognize how disturbing this video is. I have to wonder if you would be discussing an artists rap skills if the artist was white and rapping about a famous black rapper, or if the artist was black and rapping in this manner about someone who was homosexual, or if the artist was a man rapping about a woman. I understand being famous puts you out there for criticism, but why is this okay? What makes you think this is okay aside from your desire to be credible? If you had posted this with a " what do you think" tag line, I could buy that, but you are praising someone's disturbing hate, even if it is figurative.

  14. Jen says – reply to this


    Such hypocrisy….don't hate, love everyone…oh but wait this video about hating someone and murdering them is ok. I am not a fan or Iggy's but seriously you are promoting hate and racism….in the song she uses some pretty racist language. She is black you say….who cares!! Quit being a hypocrite!

  15. Olivia says – reply to this



  16. naomi says – reply to this


    Love it!! Truth!! girl can rap go for yours :)

  17. k. says – reply to this


    Re: Michelle

    Totally agree. This is horrendous.
    If she doesn't like Iggy, fine. But to say the things she said, and insinuating her murder, is just pushing the limits. Screams jealousy to me.

    Even if Iggy didn't say questionable things at times, I feel like a portion of the black community would still feel this way. It's disgusting.

  18. punxie89 says – reply to this


    You just sink to new lows, Perez, did you even bother to watch the music video before reposting? Where she murders and maims a doll that's supposed to be Iggy? And then stabs her while in the trunk of a car, talks about her dead body, etc?? And you call this shit talent?

  19. Meg says – reply to this


    How in the HELL can you possible think this is good?!?!? It's a horrible song that talks about murdering another singer and even shows it in the video !… This woman is jealous of Iggys fame and really needs to get help because she's fucked in the head if she thinks this is OK. Perez you need help too if you think this is OK too.

  20. S.k. says – reply to this


    When people literally start having songs written about them, they are elevated from famous to legendary, even if it's a negative song or so-called diss track. This diss-track will do nothing but bring more people to find Iggy Azalea's music. Based on her recent chart performance, Iggy will gain many more fans from this free advertising. With each day and each negative song/blog/article/tweet, it looks as if Miss Iggy is just going to get bigger, and bigger. Truly talentless nobodies just get ignored, which couldn't be further from what's happening to Iggy Azalea. This girl must be doing something right. I wish her the best of luck.