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Marvel Blows Fans Away With Announcement Of New Thor- Because This Time He's A WOMAN!

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lady thor marvel reveal 2

When it comes to women, Marvel has consistently been ahead of the comic book curve.

Now Marvel is turning one of their flagship titles over to a lady for the comic book series - and with it the power to call down the thunder!

The View was the first with the scoop that the next person to wield Mjolnir, the mighty hammer of Thor, is going to be a woman!

In the past a few other people have taken Thor's mantle when he wasn't able, but only those that were deemed worthy by the magic hammer - no one else can even lift it!

But this is the first time in Marvel history that a woman has both the divine hammer AND the title!

So who is this new Lady Lord of Lightning? Marvel is keeping it a mystery so far, but here are some strong possibilities:

lady thor loki

LOKI - the trickster god has been known to live as a woman for long periods in the past.

lady thor sif

SIF - Thor's right hand woman took over the comic he started in Journey Into Mystery for a time.

lady thor jane foster

JANE FOSTER - perhaps Thor's on-again, off-again luvvah learned a thing or two about lightning from him?

lady thor chris hemsworth

THOR - OK, this is a tricky one. But in the alternate future of Earth X, Thor IS a woman. Because his adopted Loki turned him into one and refused to take it back!

marvel lady thor earth x

Oh, Tom Hiddleston. Never change!

[Images via Marvel.]

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3 comments to “Marvel Blows Fans Away With Announcement Of New Thor- Because This Time He's A WOMAN!”

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  2. Jimy Dean says – reply to this


    Marvel has lost their minds. Thor has been and always will be the God of Thunder, NOT Goddess. A sidekick, mate, equal…sure, but NEVER a replacement Thor. Goodbye Marvel, you have jumped the shark.

  3. Val says – reply to this


    Stupid, stupid, stupid, and yes stupid idea.