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Is Hillary Clinton Running For President In 2016? Watch Jon Stewart Do Everything He Can To Get The Answer HERE!

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Is Hillary Clinton running in 2016? Come on! We HAVE to know! And we aren't the only ones!

When the former First Lady and Secretary of State stopped by The Daily Show on Tuesday, Jon Stewart grilled Hill skillfully for an answer!

But all his guile wasn't enough for this Clinton! She deftly evaded all his questions! Until it came to how to fix the country's problems that is!

Ch-ch-check out their entire HIGHlarious - if not a little bit revealing - interview…AFTER THE JUMP!!!

[Image via Comedy Central.]

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3 comments to “Is Hillary Clinton Running For President In 2016? Watch Jon Stewart Do Everything He Can To Get The Answer HERE!”

  1. IQ. Mensa for prez says – reply to this


    when did america become a pseudo monarchy? We had a bunch of Bushes and now we need a bunch of clintons? Anybody want a long line of presidents from one family? That wouldnt be my preference. The way you fix the country is by Voting libertarian. The republicans and democrats have proven not to have any answers or solutions. Libertarian. The party for people who claim to be strong and independent.

  2. irvinegirl says – reply to this


    Duh. Grandma is definitely running. She doesn't stand a chance of getting the nomination, however, as Elizabeth Warren is waiting in the wings to be elected by all the mouth breathing liberal progressive democrats.

  3. David says – reply to this


    Isn't the Obama experiment enough torture on America? We really don't need another experiment in the White House.