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Marvel Keeps The MAJOR Changes Coming With The Announcement Of A NEW Captain America!

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marvel announces new captain america stephen colbert report

Just days after going on The View to announce a new female Thor, Marvel continued to shake up their Big Three!

Steve Rogers recently lost his powers in the comics, so who will take his place as Captain America has been a huge question for fans of late. Well, they finally have their answer!

CCO Joe Quesada stopped by The Colbert Report to announce that the new Captain America will be…

Sam Wilson, AKA The Falcon!

captain america the winter soldier anthony mackie falcon

That's right! Come October, we'll have a black Captain America!

This is truly fitting, not just because The Falcon has been Cap's wingman for years, but because Isaiah Bradley, the first Captain America ever, was black.

Of course Stephen Colbert, who as we all know doesn't see color, had a different reaction than most. Always seeking new titles for himself, he wondered about who would be taking Sam's place as The Falcon…

Well, that's when Joe presented him with THIS:

marvel announces new captain america stephen colbert report falcon

A nerdy Falcon! What will they think of next? LOLz!

[Images via Marvel/Comedy Central.]

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4 comments to “Marvel Keeps The MAJOR Changes Coming With The Announcement Of A NEW Captain America!”

  1. Super Duper IQ DUUUDE says – reply to this


    Changing Thor into a woman was the silliest act of political correctness I've seen in a long time. Or maybe its just a cute little publicity stunt? Why do you need to change a man into a woman to make a social statement? Why not just make an all new woman hero from scratch? All that did was make the statement "women can do anything men can do… as long as the man is a woman. " Why not make a super hero who forces PC on everybody and roams the city covering anybody who says "midget" with pink goo? A super hero who feminizes men and masculinizes women. Women can do anything a man can do including being racist. So why not make Thor an ASIAN woman to show white women "asian women can do anything you can do. Nothing weak and submissive about this beauty of brawn. And look. dark hair is as pretty as blonde"? Why not make a SUPER MOM hero who raises high IQ low violence rate children who get straight A's (like hong kong women kinda accomplished). Society wouldnt need super heros if every woman was a super mom.

  2. Super DUper IQ Duuude says – reply to this


    Changing CAptain America into a Black guy is silly too. Before they decided on a black guy.. they must have gone thru every other minority going "hmmm. make him a jew?"… "nah!!"…. "make him a muslim? naaaah". Why not make captain america a JEW…. you know? A male who out performs black males in EVERY statistic while being just as much a victim of racism. We've already had a black president. No jewish presidents. Why not make captain america a jew to show jewish males "you can do anything a black guy can do"? And let me guess. Captain america will fight crime everywhere but in the ghetto where he is most needed? I should have listened to my mother. "dont read comics. They will make you stupid"

  3. Super Duper IQ DUUUDE says – reply to this


    Women can do anything a man can do…… except read comics.
    I spent my entire childhood watching all my sisters from many different age brackets from my dads 3 different families walk past the comic books and head straight for cosmopolitan and whatever romance novels were in vogue. I have never so much as even seen a girl reading a wonder woman comic.
    If you want women to read comics.. change the Hulk into "The Hunk". Some square jaw hunk with a persistent bulge and a the sculpted Butt of Adonis who opens doors for women and loves to cook. They will read that long before Thor .. .a super hero who is destined to be called "whore" by millions of witty boys around the world.

  4. SUPER DUPER IQ DUUUDE says – reply to this


    Speaking of "wonder woman". Why not change her from being a white female into a real actual legit true bona fide native south american AMAZONIAN woman who cusses at criminals in spanish and her native tribal tongue? A short little modern tribal woman who still packs a punch. Only the toughest women on earth could survive the amazon. Real amazonian women did it for 1000s of years while our white american sisters scream at their OWN hamsters if it scurries across the floor of dimly lit room. "EEEEEEEEEEEK!! oh… that was fluff fluff. Who let her out of the cage? Did you do that, Super duper IQ dude? I could have stepped on her. MOM!!!!!!!!!!!. Super mom is coming. You better run"…. "tee hee. I'm OFFF!" So we've now changed 2 white males into something else but zero white females into something else. THAAAAATS equality! (PC style)