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This Star Wars Episode VII Plot Rumor Is Crazzzzy! PLUS Get Your First Look At A New X-Wing HERE!

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star wars episode vii movie plot details rumor lightsaber

Yes, looking for info on Star Wars now is kind of like sneaking a peek in the closet at Christmas presents in October, but come on!

Can you blame us?

Well, it's possible that someone found the right box in the back of the closet, because we heard an unconfirmed rumor about the plot of the next chapter, and it's pretty darn cool- if it's true.

And if U want to skip the spoiler-y speculation, we also have another video (below) from J.J. Abrams giving an update on the charity fundraiser that will give one person the chance to see the movie WAY early- and another a chance to BE IN IT!

Here we go! Again, we don't know if this is true, but SPOILER ALERT anyway! Episode VII opens with the usual scrawl of text letting us know what's been going on in the galaxy.

Then the usual pan up to space- but this time rather than a ship floating through space, it's…

a lightsaber! With a hand gripping it!

The lightsaber lands on a planet where it's found by new young characters played by Daisy Ridley and John Boyega.

They leave their planet with the dangerous Jedi weapon and meet Han Solo who tells them that it belongs to Luke Skywalker!

Then they journey across the galaxy to return it to its rightful owner!

Interesting? Total crap? What do U think?

Anyway, potential SPOILERS OVER! Now get a very real look at a life-size X-wing thanks to the man himself! Take it away, J.J.!

[Image via Twentieth Century Fox.]

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12 comments to “This Star Wars Episode VII Plot Rumor Is Crazzzzy! PLUS Get Your First Look At A New X-Wing HERE!”

  1. D. Carter says – reply to this


    If you like Star Wars and Hip Hop, check this out:

  2. LastCallAgain says – reply to this


    Sounds more like the plot of an after school special to me.

  3. pnut166 says – reply to this


    Wasn`t that the plot of Dumb & Dumber ?

  4. JackBurton says – reply to this


    That might be the dumbest rumor I've heard, yet. "Hey, check it out…we found this weird weapon that fell out of space. You know what THAT means…ROAD TRIP!" Hilarity ensues?


  5. Stephen says – reply to this


    Sounds like a Disney plot to me.

  6. Dufus McGee says – reply to this


    At least try to come up valid "leaked story"… Luke lost his hand on Bespin, a gas giant planet, not in space. Gas giants have no solid surface for it to fall to. Might as well say that the plot involves a young Vader, travelling the galaxy with the Doctor, in a Viper Mk II, battling Vulcans, until they crash land on the Forbidden Planet and get eaten by zombie Predators… only to be resurrected by Vorlons.

  7. dave says – reply to this


    its a z-wing retard.

  8. Wendell says – reply to this


    Wouldn't Luke's hand and lightsaber burn up on entering the planet's atmosphere? I'm voting "Total Crap" if this is indeed true; but it does sound like the sort of nonsense that J.J. Abrams would come up with. J.J. Abrams is the man who destroyed the Enterprise, and now he will destroy the Millenium Falcon! Darth Vader and the Klingons could take lessons from this guy.

  9. questioneverything says – reply to this


    TOTAL CRAP! and besides if i remember correctly in the Star Wars The Last Command by Timothy Zahn the story goes that the villain Dark Jedi C'baoth goes to Cloud City and gets the hand and Lightsaber and makes a clone called Luuke Skywalker.
    Here is hoping that this Dumb and Dumber idea is false!

  10. Luu says – reply to this



  11. Nick says – reply to this


    Re: dave – hahahahaha my day has been made. but true enough!!

  12. John Kelly563 says – reply to this


    Re: Wendell – God, I could actually see this happening… It's The Christmas Special All Over Again.