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Only In Florida! Man Allegedly Shoots At Guy Who Cuts Him Off With His Car!

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man cut off car

Oh, Florida…you never cease to amaze us!

Usually when someone cuts you off, you hit the horn, not pull a trigger.

An 83-year-old man named Mario Perez-Tano allegedly got so pissed off at driver that cut him off that he shot off two rounds at the motorist, Miguel Garcia!

First off, what's an 83-year old doing behind the wheel?

What's even crazier is that apparently one of those bullets hit a tire, and the other went through the passenger window!

Now Mario's being charged with attempted murder.

How can anyone think that shooting someone is the appropriate response to the mild inconvenience of getting cut off?

Mario was brought into custody by the Miami Police Department!

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6 comments to “Only In Florida! Man Allegedly Shoots At Guy Who Cuts Him Off With His Car!”

  1. 1

    I absolutely hate bad drivers or people who are careless while sharing the road with their fellow neighbors. I believe that a more responsible approach to a careless driver (who has cut you off which almost or did make someone wreck) is to call the police but shooting at someone is taking the wrong step in the fast lane lol! And a man is being arrested at 83 years old and being charged with attempted murder while isn't funny but rather shocking. I am not sure if the man has a previous record of violence but the man waits until he is knocking on death's door himself before trying to commit murder for childish reasons…. I am so shocked at this post!!

  2. chichimagee says – reply to this


    I don't know who is writing for Perez anymore but that soooooo doesn't sound like him. So many of the new comments are insipid. And honey LA is where we shoot people from our cars!

  3. BlueNote says – reply to this


    This insipid story couldn't have been writen by Prez. You know L.A. freeways are a shooting range and have been for years. There is nothing wrong with an 83 year old man driving. Rather have them on the road than drugged out teens with their "legal" Mary Jane. Fire the underling who wrote this POS story and shame on you for publishing it without editing it,

  4. MJ says – reply to this


    Florida is full of dumb azz people it's to be expected with a dumb azz Govenor.

  5. 5

    #! - there is NOTHING wrong with an 83 year old person, or older, driving as long as they have their faculties about them. (Apparently this man has anger management issues). My grandfather drove until he was 90 and his health started to fail. You can be a good/bad driver at any age. At least an 80+ year old is probably not trying to text, apply makeup, talk on the phone or change cd's while driving! I'll take an 80 year old behind the wheel over someone 16-20.

    #2 why is he "at death's door" just because of his age?! My great grandparents and grandparents all lived to almost 100.

    Age-ist much?

  6. ok says – reply to this


    Okay, well over here in Arizona a man shot a 9 year old girl the other day due to road rage. Sad, sad world.