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WOW! Amber Heard Must REALLY Love Johnny Depp If She's Fine Being Seen With Him Looking Like THIS!

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amber heard holds hands johnny depp on set black mass

WOW! We're pretty sure that Amber Heard really does love Johnny Depp for all you naysayers out there!


Well, clearly she can see past the creepy costume he has to wear for filming Black Mass!

Because, let's be real that disguise is just not the most flattering. We MUCH prefer him as Captain Jack Sparrow!

Even Edward Scissorhands would be better than the creepy old mobster! LOLz!

But the happy couple were spotted holding hands and sneaking in kisses during the last day of filming!

Thank gosh too, because this means we don't have to see Johnny like this until the movie is released!

Oh, happy day!

P.S. Don't forget to CLICK HERE to see who else may have loved Johnny dressed like this!

[Image via Patriot Pics/FameFlyNet.]

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27 comments to “WOW! Amber Heard Must REALLY Love Johnny Depp If She's Fine Being Seen With Him Looking Like THIS!”

  1. Me says – reply to this


    I bet she kissed Tonto too…Whitey isn't that bad compared to Tonto, really!!

  2. minnie1 says – reply to this


    Me: Ever heard the expression "Close your eyes and think of England"????

  3. M says – reply to this


    Her hair isn't as dark as the person dining with Lily Rose in LA the other day. I call BS that it was Amber there now.

  4. NASCAR says – reply to this


    Re: M – Hard to tell. The pics from Aerosmith concert show her hair a little darker than this picture and that photo with LR was even before the concert. Could be that she dyed her hair since the picture with LR.

  5. paty says – reply to this


    Re: NASCAR – I dont think.The girl in the picture is brunette and thinner than Amber.She is fat now and very white skin

  6. M says – reply to this


    Re: NASCAR – I only saw a black and white photo of Amber at the Aerosmith concert. Even in B&W you could see the blond in Amber's hair. The woman with Lily has none.

  7. CJ says – reply to this


    The only thing I see is the Kung fu grip Mr & Mrs Heard have on each other. Those two little mishkas are in love.

  8. eric says – reply to this


    I heard it thru the grape vine that Amber was "visiting" her ex lady Tasya Van Ree on the DL. Perez you must be slippin but I love ya still.

  9. scrambled eggs says – reply to this


    She looks like a groupie. A repulsive try-hard groupie.

  10. Demi says – reply to this


    OMG, Amber is more and more beautiful day by day. She looks so happy with Johnny Depp and she must be really in love with him because she follows him everywhere and takes care of him and of his children when they're with him. She’s very devoted to him far more than Vanessa was because she finds time to spend with him and she travels a lot when she’s working to visit him when they’re far because of their work and this is really cute from her! …And about the fact that she’s still friend with Tasya Van Ree, her ex girlfriend, well, it isn’t a news this one because they remained friends since they broke up and kept seeing each other sometimes soon after the split. Last year Amber was also papped with Tasya in Melrose and also in 2012 they were often papped together several times. Not all the couples who split decide to not seeing each other anymore. Many of them remain good friends because as Amber herself explained she had a good break up with Tasya and the proof is that they kept seeing each other soon after the split indeed, but for fans who still hope for them to come back together as a couple it would be better if they tried to get a reason that they won’t because Amber has been dating her super-rich very famous actor Johnny Depp for almost 3 years now while Tasya found love and a family with Amanda Chantal Bacon since almost a year already. Everyone of them started a new life with other mates and their fans should get a reason about it.

  11. oh says – reply to this


    Re: Demi – Ha ha ha ha aha …..Are you kiding me,Right? ¿its irony? amber looks every day more old and fat. She was beauty when she was young,now noooooooooooooooo

  12. Demi says – reply to this


    Re: oh – You're only envious that Amber is perfect and a walking beauty.

  13. Loulou says – reply to this


    I thing she only puts up well with an alcoholic. She needs to make her self a name, so if she stays with him for a while that will do.
    But be careful dear, his popularity is going down the drain. Since 2011 not a single one of his films worked - not even the one you worked with him… It was called Rhum Express.

  14. Chow says – reply to this


    You ate absolutely right. Shr really needs to make herself a name. How else can someone put up with him!,,,,,,

  15. not love, it's lust.. says – reply to this


    Re: Demi – Sounds like SOMEONE is trying hard to convince everyone that this relationship is going to work LOL cute. If a relationship is based on lust? it's doomed when the butterflies go away. I bet ole johnny boy has his eyes on a more mature woman with whom he has common interests with ;-) Grow up darling heard, get your head out of the clouds. You don't belong in his world. hugs & kisses :-)

  16. Me says – reply to this


    No, jealous creature, you're wrong! Johnny and Amber's relationship IS working, since three years ago, and with NO pregnancy to force it to happen! That means: it's NOT lust, it's love, and no matter if people like you does like it or not! And Amber IS mature despite her age, and has the common interests with him!

  17. Elvisa says – reply to this


    Re: not love, it's lust – Sorry to intrude, but the one who needs to grow up is only you that are jealous of people's happiness you don't even know in real life. Do you personally know them to say it won't work? Nobody knows when it's gonna last because even with Vanessa things finished at some point but as someone here already said, it's not lust between him and Amber because it's 3 years they've been dating and they're going to marry. Lust doesn't last so much and doesn't get marriage. Maybe it was lust with Kate Moss that he dated without never marry her and even with Vanessa Paradis was true love because we all know that he didn't love her enough to want to tie the knot with her and we all know that if he lived with her all this time was just for the children they had together. Johnny evem told in a interview once that he came back with Vanessa after a first breakup because he had to for his child… Amber is not Vanessa. She didn't trap him with a child. She didn't need such a trick to win him. She won him making him fall for her in turn, that's it. Don't be jealous and get a mate for yourself because I guess you're a frustrated single.

  18. Scrambled eggs says – reply to this


    Re: oh – Yes, every little thing about them is an amazing real-life fairy tale. Are you 14, my dear?

  19. Tina says – reply to this


    Re: Elvisa – you are crazy ¿the 99% is jealous? get up,Amber is disturbing for all people

  20. Tina says – reply to this


    Re: Elvisa – How you know she didn't need such a trick to win him? she is DOING all for win him.

  21. Elvisa says – reply to this


    Re: Tina – You're an idiot. It's not true that 99% is jealous. Amber and Johnny have already many fans that support them, get informed you jealous troll. There are pages dedicated to them on fa-ce-bo-ok and on tumb-lr that have thousands of followers. And on Johnny Depp zone most fans of him like her. Haters who dislike her without even know her aren't really fans of him, they're only jealous that she got Johnny and they got nothing but an empty life as single people maybe. Grow up and getv well informed before let your poissoned mouth speak.

  22. Elvisa says – reply to this


    Re: Tina – Doing all what? Just explain what this all means…. she didn't get pregnant to win him… she won him with her devotion and love for him and this is not using tricks. She's always dedicating him lot of time following him everywhere because she knows that he doesn't like to be alone for too long as Vanessa used to leave him, so if this is using tricks you're just a troll. You know better than me that she won him with her devotion for him. Devotion that the ugly and selfish Vanessa didn't have for him since the beginning because she wanted it all only in France but Amber tries to be with him everywhere he has to go. This is love my dear and not trick. Get a reason. She loves him and he loves her. Even people magazine wrote an article recently to tell about how much they look in love according to witnesses and Johnny is about to marry her not because he got her pregnant but only because he wants to be with her while he never married Vanessa because he didn't love her enough and he probably never proposed to her because he felt trapped with her since the beginning because they had a child together and he thought the best choice was to be with her and have a family with her. He tried hard with her to be happy and he tried hard to make things work with her but it never worked and the proof is that he probably cheated on her many times because he didn't want to be with her for real and his mind was somewhere else.

  23. Tina says – reply to this


    Re: Elvisa – You don't understand nothing.You are stupid like all Amber's fan Bye

  24. Elvisa says – reply to this


    Re: Tina – Hahahaha! I can only laugh to your stupidity! You’re the classic childish troll who starts to insult others when doesn’t have any logic answer. You denigrate others just because you don’t wanna admit they’re right. Grow up child and get a reason that Johnny is marrying Amber because he wanna be with her. He is not marrying her because he feels trapped. This time there’s no child that makes him think that be with her is the rightest thing as it happened with Vanessa, just admit it, you know better than me that it’s true because there’s evidence of this. In an old interview he did after a while that his first child was born, (you can read it here: w w w .j oh n ny de p p fa n.c o m / in t e rv i ew s/av an tg ar de .h t m so I’m also providing the proof of what I said while you have no proof to support your theory) he explained that they split for a while in that period and that then they came back together because they had to because they had a child together. Are these the words of someone who is really in love? No way! These are the words of someone who feels trapped by the situation and that thinks that being with the mother of his child was the rightest choice and a duty while with Amber nothing and nobody forces him to keep having her in his life also marrying her. He wants to be with her like he never wanted to be with Vanessa.

  25. Oh my God says – reply to this


    Sorry to intrude the conversation, I'm pretty neutral about Johnny, Amber and Vanessa, but, I have to say this time that Elvisa isn't entirely wrong saying that Vanessa wasn’t Johnny’s first choice and that the baby contributed to make him work out such a decision as well as it’s true that since the beginning Johnny never was the faithfulness prince. I know for a fact that he already cheated on Vanessa when she was expecting their first baby and he used to tell his friends that he didn’t know if Vanessa was the right one and yes, they split for a while before reconciling again because of his betrayal and insecurity. Things never worked well for him and Paradis couple anyway, trust me, they often used to live bad moments, but with Amber even if you believe it or not, it’s working really great since they got engaged. The real difference is that Amber knows how to treat him and also how to handle what he wants and needs.

  26. Ivy says – reply to this


    Re: Tina – Clap, clap, clap! Wonderful comments! I agree 100% with all your words!

  27. Ivy says – reply to this


    Re: Elvisa – Sorry, something went wrong here. My words are for you, ELVISA. It's YOU the one who I 100% agree with, not that stupid Tina!