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Sandra Bullock Is Ready To Move Outside Los Angeles Because Of Her Scary Stalker Encounter - But Where To??

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sandra moving

Is this starlet on the run from her terrifying stalker??

Sandra Bullock is reportedly ready to put her Beverly Hills mansion up for sale — after it was breached by intruder Joshua Corbett in June, following the Spike TV Awards.

Insiders from the National Enquirer have discovered that Sandy's supposed next move is Austin, Texas…

Where she believes she and Louis will be super safe!

A source close to the situation confessed that once the actress found out what her stalker had in his possession, she started to make arrangements to leave town:

"Finding out Corbett had a machine gun filled Sandra with dread. She wants out – now!"

A friend added that Sandra was in disbelief Joshua could even get on to her property, considering the tough security system:

"Sandra couldn't believe the guy was able to get into her house. She has 12-foot-high fences topped by barbed wire and state-of-the-art surveillance."

Miz Bullock has a lot going on around El Lay, including a supposed relationship with Chris Evans and budding friendship with Jennifer Aniston, but we just want her to feel safe!

We love you, Sandy! Make whatever move is best!

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6 comments to “Sandra Bullock Is Ready To Move Outside Los Angeles Because Of Her Scary Stalker Encounter - But Where To??”

  1. Ludiusvox says – reply to this


    Sandra Bullock, a lot of things have to do with architecture. I am getting really mad at the law, because I got in an arguement with my ex-girlfriend, and I had a knife in my truck locked up in a case on the street, and I sat out-side and smoked a cigarette waiting for her to come out; But then she just turned on me like a traitor and totally betrayed my trust tbh when we were cool for a long time; So I head for the hills.

    Your cases are more extreme, plus southern architecture is different. They cannot make the same penalty for me argueing with my girlfriend who is not rich and super famous, and a SAG-AFRA employee. I just see the difference of specific coverage because it's rediculous right now I am going back east over paranoid women who are full of themselves.

  2. 2

    Right now California is on a 500 year drought from the lawyers and unusual amounts of rainfall, excessive amounts of violence.

    Back east is peaceful, and there is 6 shootings a year. I don't understand what's up with people attacking people. Weapons possession in my state is nothing, honestly the police tried the same setup on me with what just happened right here. I just stayed silent, wait until my brother picked me up, drilled oil for a year until someone shut down permits and went back east.

    NC/SC and AL is still the most peaceful place to live tbh. Florida is too much humidity and crazy people.

  3. 3

    Like right now I am going to stay in NC; Right now I think that non actors and non-moviestars and non-musicians should not be entitled to the same penalties of law as the famous people;

    Right now famous people somehow have all these people intending to murder people, and I just knock on my girlfriends front door and take the same penalty. I am going back to my Church group honestly because I cannot go out with the urban women anymore, I have more fun with the girls back east than my ex-girlfriend tbh.

  4. 4

    Sandra Bullock. Something is wrong with the southwest, there is this angel out there that messed with me also; It messed with me so hard even I had to go to psychiatric treatment, I started thinking stupid stuff just like that guy who was an intruder in your house;

    It's some kind of desire demon that is used, like some kind of enchantment, because I haven't had the issue since I started to recognize it's cause; I think it may be smoking or something I am not sure.

    That Duke University ran brain experiment with the telepathy on two rats on in Brazil and one in North Carolina, is proof of this.

    I just shield myself now, and quit going outside and stay in University; I haven't been able to make a complete shielding from that thing, but honestly, there is these masks at university that are some kind of ghosts in it from Africa. I am not sure but I think the place is warded, I can feel it.

  5. kushal kumar says – reply to this


    I am kushal kumar , a Vedic astrology writer from India known internationally. I thought readers would like to read my analysis of birth chart of world renowned US actress, Sandra Bullock published in Summer 2014 issue of The Astrologer's Notebook by Joseph Polansky from North Port, Florida. Sum and substance of predictions about her is here. Some health concerns relating to mild weakening of the system having something to do with water and cough or digestive system may possibly manifest unless proper dietary care is taken. Some circumstances of distancing from loved ones could perhaps arise causing appeal to spiritual or divine life. The current year 2014 and the following year 2015 appear to be relevant for these influences.
    I can be reached via kushal1948@gmail.com. I wish I could wish Sandra better.

  6. Alien says – reply to this


    How about not telling everyone where she is moving so she can have a little peace from her stalker. You help him stalk her by telling everyone. How about putting her safety before your news?