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Wonder Woman's Outfit Looks SUPER Familiar! Like Xena: Warrior Princess Familiar!!!

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wonder womans outfit looks super familiar

They say when one copies something - it's a compliment!

We wonder if Lucy Lawless is feeling that way these days!

Yesterday, we reported how Zack Synder made the Comic-Con crowd go crazy when he premiered Wonder Woman's outfit for the new Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice movie.

And subsequently the director made the world go nuts when he tweeted it out for everyone to see!

But we definitely noticed the similarities that the costume, worn by actress Gal Gadot, has with the one that Lucy Lawless wore on Xena: Warrior Princess! And we weren't the only ones!

Here are some tweets slash reactions after the costume was revealed:

Even Lucy Lawless herself commented on the controversy and it was awesome! Here's what she wrote:

We LOVE it!

Maybe the costume designer for the new Wonder Woman outfit KNEW about the controversy this would cause, and decided to go ahead with it anyway for the publicity!

If that was the case - then they did a fantastic job!

Because we're sure everyone will be talking about this up until the movie comes out! Which at this point - we can barely wait for! We want to see it so bad!

[Image via Twitter.]

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10 comments to “Wonder Woman's Outfit Looks SUPER Familiar! Like Xena: Warrior Princess Familiar!!!”

  1. BS says – reply to this


    I don't think the costume designer was thinking "I need to creat controversy" . It's a superman v batman, people will talk about it even if she wore a garbage bag. Whoever designed is an artist and they probably had a concept and worked hard on it. So please don't cheapen their work with this "controversy" BS.

  2. 2

    I do like the Eagle design part of the costume. That part was well thought out, I just do like the Actress wearing it.

  3. 3

    So in Perez's world the only way to sell a movie is to create controversy.. He's been hanging out with the Kardashians for too long.. Talent, good story , great writing, I'm sure those things can sell movies too lol.

  4. bam! says – reply to this


    SHE is NOT WONDER WOMAN. She doesn't have the look or body. I don't know what the f this is. And Wonder Woman always have boobs and she was very tone not muscular. Wish it was a little bit more ta-tas and muscle ( and BTW i am a woman). I mean since she doesn't look like it i was hoping the outfit look like the comics. The red, white, and blue. But what tops this all. She cant even act! Even fast & furious give her less lines.

  5. eRiQ says – reply to this


    In this already dull world, we need more color and keep traditions…

  6. Naomi says – reply to this


    Um what??????? I read the comics when I was a kid. She wears LOTS of outfits in the comics that look very similar to this design for the upcoming movie. So why are people surprised??? Because they didn't read them? Which doesn't make the designer stupid or ripping off anyone, he's just following source material and they are ignorant. Wonder Woman IS AN AMAZONIAN WARRIOR PRINCESS. Before she creates her alias and tones down her outfit and decides to help us helpless humans. Um so what else do you want her to look like??? She later adopts the newer costume we're used to these days, but she does wear outfits (sometimes with actual armor and sheilds etc) like this.

  7. GRS says – reply to this


    This cracks me up because while Xena was on TV, people were saying Wonder Woman's costume should be more like Xena's if they made a movie. Now that has happened and people are now complaining about it.

    EVERY superhero costume changes for the big screen, they have to change or else they look flippin ridiculous. I love this costume!

    About her physique… She looks amazing! Is she as big as Wonder Woman is in the comic books? No, but neither are most actors who portray superheroes.

  8. 8

    Now that I see her boobs won't be bouncing around on the screen…I may actually go see this movie!

  9. 9

    Hmm, i long awaited the W Woman movie was looking forward to it, don't think i'll bother now, i'll wait till it turns up on tv, crap outfit/ actress and the hair is awful, looks like she needs to give her head a scrub and use conditioner, don't get me wrong i know we have to move with the times, and i love all the superman and batman movies but their outfits got better, this looks like electra/xena, i'd love to see xena back to, something to do with the face, she just doesn't look like wonder woman, how depressing after all this time!

  10. Rolande says – reply to this


    Don't they know that almost everything about Xena was based on Wonder Woman, especially the costume?