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13 comments to “facebook-hey-yall-so-if-you-missed-the”

  1. tempe says – reply to this


    You really really REALLY have a mouth like an ape.

  2. keyth says – reply to this


    my my what talent this must take to do this. lol You will ALWAYS be Z list

  3. adblockplys says – reply to this


    You throw shade hourly at people but now you want people to "support" you ????????????????

  4. john stanas says – reply to this


    Ugly ass face haha. Keep telling yourself you're attractive you molerat looking man-child!

  5. 5

    Best neanderthal pictures on the net.

  6. 6

    whyyy :l

  7. Joe says – reply to this


    KILL IT, kill it will fire. My god you have a freaking head. That poor kid your mom is raising.

  8. Anna says – reply to this


    GEEZO, PEOPLE! Making rude, negative comments makes you no better than the person you are commenting against! It puts you in exactly the same group!! Why does nobody realize this??? PEREZ - you look awesome - keep being a good daddy and keep expanding your horizons!! I only wish I could have half the fun and opportunities for travel, meeting people etc etc that you have!

  9. rod says – reply to this


    Re: Anna – Mario should be burned alive

  10. robin says – reply to this


    @anna the reason people are being rude is because he is a DISGUSTING HUMAN BEING who has profited for years off of other peoples misery…he SHOVES his crappy politics down peoples throats and deserves the hatred he receives on this site….on top of of all of that this man is now a father and doesnt need to be posting nasty images like this for the world to see…

  11. rod says – reply to this


    Re: robin – you said it exactly the way it is Mario is a peasant.

  12. Anna says – reply to this


    Re: rod – I understand what you are saying - but I do think he has cleaned up his act A BIT in the last couple of years. And you know we all come to this site to get the GOSSIP, right? Plus, he's got his girly parts covered up for crying out loud - I think I even see a hint of underwear of some type peeking out. We have all seen much more revealing pictures on more so-called "wholesome" sites. Can't we at least try to play nice in this sandbox?

  13. rod says – reply to this


    Re: Anna – Mario is a disgusting homo / pedophile that should be stoned to death.