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Rihanna Flips Out & Takes Frustration Out On Fan! Watch For Yourself & Decide If She Was Justified!

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Don't bother Rihanna when she's finding her way through an airport!

Otherwise, you just might be the target of her snap attack!

While making her way through JFK Airport in New York City, the singer straight up flipped on a fan asking for an autograph.

We get she was trying to find her way out, but ouch! That snap had to burrrn!

Considering her loyal fandom, we're guessing this was just a slip and not her normal attitude toward her Navy.

But what do you think after watching the dramz go down??

Do you think Rihanna was rude or justified?

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Do you think Rihanna was rude or justified?

  • So justified! She's just trying find her way out! (34%)
  • Totally not cool! Rude! (66%)

Total Votes: 6,998

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[Video via Splash News.]

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31 comments to “Rihanna Flips Out & Takes Frustration Out On Fan! Watch For Yourself & Decide If She Was Justified!”

  1. Queenabby says – reply to this


    Fuck that overrated bitch! She's untalented and the only reason she's famous is because she gets naked at the drop of a hat. All she has are her fans and this isn't the first time she's treated them like shit. I say good riddance to this bitch on to the next one.

  2. 2

    I would fucking snap too if I couldnt even get out of an airport with all that shit happening

  3. 3

    Rude. Would it have killed her to at least give the guy a smile?

  4. 4

    A bit rude perhaps but I'd hardly call that flipping out. I see both sides. Celebrities are humans too who have their bad days but I think they should remember it's the fans that have made them who they are and one day it'll all be gone and to appreciate it while it's lasts, the good the bad and the ugly but…

  5. 5

    Re: sophie58 – then don't become famous ya know.

  6. Eh says – reply to this


    Another of many proof she couldn't care less about her fans. Just another ungrateful, shallow, self-centered celebrity..

  7. noradel says – reply to this


    Those are not fans; they are autograph scalpers. Anyone who has worked in the industry or even lived in LA knows that these guys with photos and pens show up with the paparazzi looking to get quick autographs and sell them for profit. Certainly, you know this, Perez. She was reacting as anyone would with randoms following her everywhere trying to make a buck.

  8. Calvin says – reply to this


    Talk about biting the hand that feeds you! one thing I will say about mariah is that in her 24 years in the industry she has never been rude to fans (although present day Mariah will charge you $$$ for a concert and then sing badly/mime).

  9. IM_15 says – reply to this


    I think she apologized to him towards the middle of the video. I could be wrong, but it looks like she grabs his arm and says sorry, hard to hear with the paps yelling.

  10. Alicat says – reply to this


    Re: Calvin – You are absolutely correct Rihanna said so herself in a private dm to a fan!

  11. Alicat says – reply to this


    Re: noradel – You are absolutely correct Rihanna said so herself in a private dm to a fan!

  12. Me says – reply to this


    While it was rude to snap like that, it looks like she grabbed his arm and apologized and then he says "I love you so much"

  13. Destiney says – reply to this


    She didn't even flip out… She just stayed quiet. Damn rumors

  14. me says – reply to this


    She did not even flip out or say or do anything all she did was wave her hand so her bodyguard would intercept, and really can you blame her she is just trying to get through he airport and tons of people are in her way tripping over themselves shes only human everyone has a right to a bad day stars more than others due to what they have to go through just to do normal things

  15. Ani says – reply to this


    i mean really, who is she and what has she contributed to society and today's youth? Blah, shes a stupid B. She's washed up, never hear anything about her today.

  16. 16

    Re: snoopysniffsairplaneglue
    LOL dont plan on it

  17. Lisa says – reply to this


    I dont blame her to be honest, it would be difficult sometimes when they are in your face all the time. She has had 9 years of persistant press and cameras in her face - some days you just wouldnt be feeling it!

  18. Lisa says – reply to this


    Re: AlicatRe: Alicat – Yep you're right she does apologise. People are so quick to judge and condemn aren't they.

  19. Anonymous says – reply to this


    He was shoving that pen and paper in her face while she was being snapped everywhere by paps. She was probably in a hurry.

  20. Pearl says – reply to this


    He was annoying following her, if she wanted to give him an autograph she would've in the first place, he didn't have to stick to her like deodorant.

  21. E6897 says – reply to this


    She said afterwards that this guy she flipped at always shows up at the airports and get her to sign stuff and then he sells it on ebay, he's not even a fan he just uses her for a profit.

  22. E6897 says – reply to this


    Re: Queenabby – when you have as many fans, as much money and fame and talent as her THEN you can start talking.

  23. 23

    Re: Eh – dude, you have NO idea how out of the way she goes for her fans. she talks to her fans every day and sometimes when some fans cant get into her show or want to see her after shows she sends her bodyguard Ben for them waiting and brings them back VIP. Have you ever considered that the girl was having a bad day? is she not allowed to have one?

  24. Chillax62 says – reply to this


    For once I m taking Riri's side on this one. She's a human being like everyone else and deserves to be able to walk through an airport without hordes of paps and desperate fans wanting to snag an autograph or a picture. Jeez she's a human being… I repeat, she's a human being!

  25. Alex says – reply to this


    At least Miley signs autographs, even when she's cussing out the paps.

  26. dannielle says – reply to this


    Please.. this chick is an asshole. What do you expect from someone who cyberbullies their own fans?

  27. dannielle says – reply to this

  28. allan says – reply to this


    that skank should go back to whatever street corner she was found turning tricks on

  29. nyx says – reply to this


    I do NOT see why the drama she snapped under a stressful situation and at the end she apologized to the fan and it seems he accepted it so why you people bitching it wasn't you. I bet you snapped at least once at your parents and they made you shouldn't that be worst.

  30. kat says – reply to this


    "Give me a minute!..All right!?.. Jesus Christ!…" - Rihanna
    " I'm sorry" - the guy
    & then
    " I love you so much.." - Rihanna
    And for what I saw.. It was some fucktard "stalkers" who pestered an arrogant and angry woman, who apologized later to one of them.
    Geee! She is a saint!! Me, I would have surely snapped and asked to one of my bodyguard of hitting some of them ^^!

  31. Sandra says – reply to this


    I met that guy on NYC this summer when I was outside's Daniel Radcliffe's play and he was the most annoying guy ever. He thought he knew everything about how to get autographs and was rude to Dan's security guards. Then when Dan came out he wanted him to sign like 20 photos! Crazy! And the guard told him to go since he's there every sigle night! I guess the only thing he does is stalk celebrities