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19 comments to “Orlando Bloom Vs. Justin Bieber: Twitter Reacts! Find Out Who All The Celebs Are Siding With In This Feud!”

  1. 1

    Oh.. that Justin Baby is such a tough guy with his body guards. What a puke… go away already.

  2. 2

    HAHA, I love Drake Bell's hatred towards Justin Beiber, too funny.

  3. 3

    This encounter actually inspired Justin Beiber's new song "Punch goes the Weasel". The new single will drop when Just Beiber gets a clue.

  4. LateBloomer says – reply to this


    How could Justin legitimately hit Orlando back when he couldn't even hit puberty? Having said that, Orlando should be ashamed for hitting a girl.

  5. DRS says – reply to this


    Perez you call that retaliation posting a pic and deleting it. Something wrong with this boy (notice all small letters no caps in boy)

  6. ñeñeñeñeñeñeyoi says – reply to this


    Orlando Bloom is an old ass. I don't like Bieber but Orlando is too old for making this kind of show.

  7. Mitanni says – reply to this


    Bottom line. Fathers pushing 40 should not be involved in bar fights. Get help before u lose more than your wife.

  8. @v@ says – reply to this


    Justin can learn the huge value of a SINCERE apology. People don't bring the fists out for no reason.

  9. ActYourAge says – reply to this


    Re: Mitanni – That's what I'm saying! Bieber may be an immature punk, but what 37 year old tries to punch a 20 year old? AND, what 39 year old cheers the 37 year old on? *cough Leonardo DiCaprio cough* All 3 of them need to grow up. Acting like children, not men.

  10. Fred says – reply to this


    Re: ActYourAge

    Sometimes little boys need to be spanked. Justin should be glad Orlando didn't have a sword in his hand to help him hit the high notes better. Maybe next time.

  11. Bieber Douche says – reply to this


    Who else wishes bieber would just go away?

  12. 12

    Justin Wouldn't Know What To Do With A Women Like Kerr… Justin Would Blow His Load With His Pants Still On! Utto Oh Oh Ha Ho Ho Sh!!!!t… Ummm Sorry Babe I Gotta Go!

  13. 13

    Justin Wouldn't Know What To Do With A Women Like Kerr… Justin Would Blow His Load With His Pants Still On! Utto Oh Oh Ha Ho Ho Sh!!!!t… Ummm Sorry Babe I Gotta Run!

  14. chillax62 says – reply to this


    Re: ActYourAge – And leaving this kind of comment makes you more of an adult than Bloom or DiCaprio? Think again… ROFL!

  15. 15

    Everyone is desperate to find out the reason, why Orlando Punched Bieber.
    We all know the reason. Because it was Bieber. He was punching him for the world. I'm sure if everyone was listening, carefully they would have heard the world stop and everyone burst in to cheers all over the world. I mean come on people have been trying to get him sent back to Canada, so that he's their problem again. Even they don't want him back. He's ruining the world's opinion on Canadians being some of the nicest people in the world. He should spend more time being the Bieber that just won an award for his charity work with sick children. Instead of going for the cheating,lying,world's worst neighbour, egg crowing, celeb mug shot of the year and all around douch-bag. #team Orlando. Baby Bieber needs to man up and grow up. How many times can he say I was just joking around, and getting blamed for acting like a kid!! How is that an excuse for a 20 year old!!
    God he's such a part.
    I actually used to like him!! It's like since he hit puberty or something he's turned into a little BRAT. LIKE MONEY MEANS YOU HAVE A FREE PASS TO ACT LIKE A SELF-ENTITLED BRAT. the worst part is, he knows what its like to have nothing and know he thinks it's okay to act like a self-entitled BRAT. Maybe he should remember, the reason he was busking in the street to begin with. To help his mum with the bills, where did that guy go?

  16. 16

    Sorry for some of the spelling mistakes guys =)
    I hate predictive text sometimes.
    Anyway hope the general point got across.
    If he grows up he might be able to turn it back around. Hope so, he's still young. Still has time to fix the mistakes. And be the guy he is when he visits his sick fans.
    Much better person to be. I will say one thing though. He is acting exactly like most young guys I know at that age. He hasn't done anything he can't fix.

  17. haw haws says – reply to this


    Re: laura-Mcx – 4? Days to throw away all the goodwill over his charity work by once again acting like an ahole

  18. teamorlando says – reply to this


    Re: ActYourAge – if miranda did fool around with bieber then orlando's reaction was to be expected when bieber comes over and says "What's up b*tch?"

  19. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: ActYourAge – What 37 yr old does that? Erm, maybe one whose WIFE
    who was allegedly notched by a marriage disrespecting teen mag coverboy, and then said
    teen (with too much money and too many YES men & bodygaurds lined up behind him) allegedly says to Blooms face that 'she was good' or 'what's up b*tch' as though what allegedly went down was ok. Kid without a clue.