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Woman Finds 80 People Worth Of Human BONES in IKEA BAGS In Church Basement!!

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bag of bones found in ikea bag sweden church basement

Well this must've been a hell of a surprise!

Kicki Karlén was in a church in southern Sweden when she stumbled across something disturbing in the church basement:

Human bones shoved into those big, blue Ikea bags!!

She said:

"There were loads of skulls and bones stuffed into Ikea bags. I counted up to 80."

She found out that the bones had been sitting there since 2009!!

The bones were pulled from under the floorboards of the basement when the church was remodeling.

After they finished installing a wheelchair access ramp, the bones were supposed to be reburied… but for whatever reason, that never happened.

Ludvig Papmehl-Dufay, an archaeologist from the dig that unearthed the bones 5 years ago, said:

"Our mission was to document and rebury the bones, which may be as much as 500 years old. But the reburial was delayed and I have no idea why."

So no one knows how they ended up in the Ikea bags but apparently they're "not that bad," according to the archaeologist. He claims the bags would stop the molding process, so at least they're still pretty preserved.

The bones aren't allowed to leave church grounds so we guess they'll just have to dig up the floor again?

Better than having a basement full of skeletons. There are literally dozens of bags of nightmare fuel down there.

Just rebury the bones and let the dead rest in peace!!

[Image via Kicki Karlén Kläckeberga.]

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5 comments to “Woman Finds 80 People Worth Of Human BONES in IKEA BAGS In Church Basement!!”

  1. Karin B says – reply to this


    My husband is wondering if each bag has an allen wrench & instructions nobody understands…

  2. Strangeasitmay says – reply to this


    I've heard of this before in Scandinavia. not sure if they built these old churches over existing burial grounds, or if they actually placed them under the boards aftereward. but it happened LONG ago.

  3. 3

    Guess you have never been to Paris.

  4. 4

    They will transfer them to a cemetery. They don't have to bury them under the church.

  5. 5

    Back then, the closer you were to the altar of churches, the more likely it was that your soul would be sent to Heaven. It is why in places like Abbeys and churches, there are often elaborate tombs around the holiest of relics. So these people were placed in the foundations of the church for the same reason, there is nothing creepy about it.