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Beyoncè & Jay Z’s Marriage Is Crumbling So Fast They Might Not Finish Their Tour! The Couple Is Staying In SEPARATE Hotels!

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beyonce and jay z marriage nearly over may cancel tour

We do NOT like the sound of this!

Beyoncè and Jay Z’s marriage has been a big source of speculation in the media, as the couple continues with their On The Run tour. Just days before their show in Los Angeles, things nearly came to a head in a meeting on Thursday that included Bey, Jay, Live Nation execs, HBO’s people, and at least four lawyers!

In fact, things are SO bad that the execs wanted to just put out a statement then and there, but the power couple didn’t want that to happen because they wanted it to say different things!

A source revealed that Controlling Hova is the reason behind the “inevitable” split, explaining:

“They’re not just staying in different hotel rooms, but they have booked separate hotels, and they arrive separately to each show… They’ve had discussions lately about the inevitable sit-down interview when they finally do split, and Jay’s been adamant that he doesn’t want Beyoncé sitting down with Barbara Walters or Oprah Winfrey pretending to be the victim.”

No! We can’t believe that their breakup is THIS serious!

But it’s time to start believing it because the source revealed that the couple might not even make it to San Francisco for their two shows there, which start on Monday. And as for their Paris finale, which will be broadcast on HBO in September, the source said:

“I’m definitely not sure that they’ll make it to Paris.”

As for the lawyers who are now traveling with the power couple, the insider explained:

“There are lawyers that have now joined the tour, and they’re not here just to see them perform. They are here to help hash things out… From what I know, there’s no prenup.”

Hopefully Bey and Jay can at least work things out enough to finish the tour, because their fans have been waiting YEARS for this to happen! And when it finally does, the couple can’t seem to keep it together.


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38 comments to “Beyoncè & Jay Z’s Marriage Is Crumbling So Fast They Might Not Finish Their Tour! The Couple Is Staying In SEPARATE Hotels!”

  1. Dannielle says – reply to this


    If anyone believes this, I also have a bridge to sell you here in Brooklyn

  2. 2

    Re: Dannielle – You're right. It is almost impossible to believe anything you read about these two. Their image is so tightly controlled we will never know what is real and what is calculated image.

  3. Megan says – reply to this


    If this is true, this is such as bad news as I love this couple. :(

    "Hey, buy your pregnancy gag items and and other prank stuff at Fake a Baby! :) "

  4. Francoise says – reply to this


    I Hope this isn't true!
    Them breaking up is bad for them, bad for music, bad for Hollywood, bad for pop culture, bad for the institution of marriage, need I go on???
    If it is true they are living for themselves and not for all of us so if they no longer want to be together, thats none of our business. Personally i would stick it out for the child - plus there marriage is good for business lol!
    GOSH!! At the beginning of this year they were untouchable and now?? Is there not ONE breakable couple in show business?!

  5. Special Effects says – reply to this


    This is true. And people says things like oh they are for real, oh they are such a good couple.
    Give me break. There marriage is like a business deal. And Beyoncé was never pregnant and neither was Kim.

  6. Special Effects says – reply to this


    This is true. And people says things like oh they are for real, oh they are such a good couple.

    Give me break. There marriage is like a business deal. And Beyoncé was never pregnant and neither was Kim.

  7. 7

    Not much about this couple seems very legit. All for publicity and tour promo: the drama, the elevator fight, the smiling selfies. Why, you'd almost think they were being managed by Kris K. Same kind of fake crap.

  8. peech says – reply to this


    Whoever this "source" is needs to get their facts right. Bey and Jay def have a prenup and if someone cared to scour perez beyonce feed theyd find it. I'll believe a divorce when I see it. And if it happens it'll definitely be AFTER Paris. Since when have Bey or Jay NOT been about their money. NEVER. They've always known how to put on a straight face and keep it moving on to the next one.facts is we don't know what will happen until it does and if they do get divorced well Shit. it happens.

  9. Jake says – reply to this


    They are as fake as her folding pregnancy belly! Beyoncé is pretentious and dumb. She's so claims he hired a surrogate to carry their kid! JaySleaze is nothing but a phony money maker. Can't wait till they are exposed for the fakes they are. Her grinding him on stage is repulsive and phony!

  10. lacroix says – reply to this


    I know I should feel sorry for queen Bey because of the cheating but being married to someone so dumb must be exhausting…sure she's pretty to look at but homegurl doesn't even know how to speak. I would want her to do an interview either…

  11. DinoDinoDino says – reply to this


    Well, the devil always takes his due. Never make a pact with him.

  12. fer says – reply to this


    Re: Special Effects – I do agree. i dont actually believe bey was really pregnant. but Kim? she appeared so many times with hey gigantic belly and was so fat at that time. she was the classic pregnant. why do you think she was not? anything i havent heard yet?

  13. fer says – reply to this


    Re: Special Effects – i agrre. beys pregnancy was so fake. But Kims… she was the classic pregnant woman. Won so much weight and we saw her in so many different situatuons with her big belle exposed. why do u think kims pregnacy was fake?

  14. say says – reply to this


    I do like this…she needs to leave him…why should she allow that ugly man to cheat on her? Women have more pride than this and if she is the feminist that she claims to be (although she lets the hubby sing about ho's and bitches), she should dump him and have some pride…end of topic and period.

  15. so so says – reply to this


    Re: Francoise – it is good for women for her to break up with him…so many of you must think men cheating is ok…despicable and sexist and distrespectful…what if the person cheating was Beyonce? I bet she would be called a ho and everything else…she deserves better or just be alone..she has her own money…

  16. Keep It Real says – reply to this


    If they managed to keep their marriage and their pregnancy secret until they wanted to reveal it, then how do you expect anyone to know about something this serious? Who are these "sources" that are saying this, because Beyonce's team has a confidentiality contract and so does Jay Z's. So are these sources really sources or just bitter people claiming to be sources?

  17. Pfff says – reply to this


    The correct term is "The couple ARE staying in separate hotels".

  18. annainparis says – reply to this


    I think Beyoncé is fed up to pretend. Rule number one: don't fucking entertain a relationship (that everyone knows of, Rihanna) with your protegee, nothing worse and insulting than having a double life when you are married..fuck the secretary, the assistant for a period then PERIOD, move on!!! Rule number two: don't be afraid to ask those who master the art of cheating (Beckham!!!), Jay Z is a bully…nothing worse than a NEW RICH bully…buy yourself a little class man and keep your zipper up!
    Not so happy in my suit and tie shit!! And get real, Beyonce is not flawless…so my question now is; Did Woncé cheat on him too? With Mr. President?

  19. ILoveTacoBell says – reply to this


    Did I mention I had cursed them in the past? Ok, It was simply to know!

  20. Webslinga says – reply to this


    Side eyes all the way around

  21. Kara says – reply to this


    Few days ago Perez Claimed that these two are solid, now he is saying they are seperate…

    PEREZ you are a p i e c e of Unreliable S H I T

    all fake

    get your facts straight you d O W N syndrome sperm donor

  22. RealTalk says – reply to this


    Beyonce is a joke and she has to keep calling herself Queen because she doesn’t believe it! If she were as hot as she thinks she would be able to keep her mans attention, instead she tolerates his infidelities. Plus the whole im so drunk and crazy in love is getting so played out, like she is begging the guy to love her besides she ‘just wanna be the kinda girl you like’! Guess what_ after 10 plus years if you are still tryin to be that B he like, U Aint The Kinda B He Like! From the looks of it the kinda B he like must be really confident, prolly some sexy ex-stripper because looks like B is trying to morph into one. A (albeit tired) stripper. She needs to move on, start writing her own music instead of stealing it and stop begging some kat to stay with you when he’s shown you he’d rather stray from you! You ain’t hard and definitely aint fkn gangsta. Youza prankster n a halfme ;d

  23. makena808 says – reply to this


    there are just too many rumors and there has to be some truth to this.

    hopefully, jay-z will step up to the plate to save this.

    it seems they are in a downward spiral.

    the writing is on the wall.

  24. Mitanni says – reply to this


    Does anyone recall…Beyonce went on vaca. with recently conscious uncoupled…Gwyneth ? That said all…

  25. James says – reply to this


    Perez, this source is trying to start drama, on something that is not even there. Let them do them, trust me they could care less about these rumors. And if they are so….let them work it out in private. Perez, you are the worst singer ever.

  26. Paul says – reply to this


    If true not surprised. Her dad was super controlling and she went and married dad.

  27. Market strategy says – reply to this


    perhaps Just Maybey She Does Not Want Her kids Come out Looking Like That Any more ….

  28. Moving UP In the world says – reply to this


    They Will be Talking Divorce Settelment by Christmas From seperate locations by Then ..

  29. Mo Money says – reply to this


    This Gurl Gonna Go For the Most paypa, With Full on Exclusive At Barbara Walters,Soon right after Going For Some Flava, On primeTime T.v Interview Oprah Winfrey , And Then, The Typewriter at the Attourneys Office will break récords Writing All kinds Things Bout Jay z so She can Take The Kid Before Messi Hollywood Divorce

  30. Blair says – reply to this


    Stupid rumor, when in Winnipeg I watched them pull up TOGETHER. Leave them alone.

  31. Leave Bey alone!! says – reply to this


    LIES!!! a few of Bey's back up dancers took to social media to shut down these divorce rumors and lash out at blogs who post these false stories!! They lawyers where prob hired to sue all the media outlets for spreading lies and untruth!

  32. Perez I.n.c says – reply to this


    IF ´´ She Wants the best Out this Deal , Rebuild Her life & Free Her Self From That Golden Cage ,She´s About To lose The Perfect Oportunity !

  33. Get that money. says – reply to this


    Is Old news every body knows that…. Divorce is imminent !

  34. Shuddering says – reply to this


    Re: Special Effects – I am sorry but Kim K. flaunted her huge baby belly plenty enough in bikini's so I know she was pregnant

  35. Karah says – reply to this


    They should of never gotten married. They seemed perfectly happy living a life of sin when she was just his girlfriend..😁

  36. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Dannielle – Helluva way to sell tickets if it's spin. OoO.

  37. PHAEDRA says – reply to this



  38. karen says – reply to this


    She should have left him a long time ago