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Second Girl In The Slender Man Case Is Ruled Incompetent To Stand Trial

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girls slender man stabbing one ruled not competent stand trial

That’s two for two.

Last month, one of the girls in the case of the Slender Man stabbings was ruled not competent to take the stand at trial. On Friday, the second defendant, Morgan Geyser, was also found to be not competent, after two evaluations.

Both 12-year-old Wisconsin girls are charged with first degree attempted murder after they stabbed their friend 19 times to please the fictional character Slender Man.

Dr. Brooke Lundbohm explained that Morgan’s behavior was unusual, and that she was nearly hysterically laughing inappropriately. She also talked about her belief in unicorns, and the Harry Potter character Voldemort He Who Shall Not Be Named, whom she calls ‘Voldy,’ as she explained that he “gives her direction.” On top of that, Morgan also said she’s got Vulcan Mind Control.

However, with Dr. Kenneth Robbins, Morgan didn’t want to talk about Slender Man because she said he’d hurt her family. Though, she did tell the second doctor that she and the fictional character talk telepathically.

And what’s more, when the judge asked Morgan if she could assist her attorneys, she just shrugged, and played with her hair during the proceedings.

As for the other defendant, Anissa Weier, she hasn’t undergone any mental evaluations yet, at the non-request of her attorneys.

The good news is that their 12-year-old victim is doing a-okay and making a recovery. In fact, she’s been volunteering in an animal shelter all summer!

We’ll keep you posted with any more developments in this sad, sad case.

[Image via ABC News.]

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5 comments to “Second Girl In The Slender Man Case Is Ruled Incompetent To Stand Trial”

  1. 1

    What is amazing is that the parents of both of these girls never saw or heard any of this foolish talk before the stabbings? Their daughters never said anything or did anything to show them that they had mental problems? That is why it's hard for me to believe that they are not competent for trial. If they were competent to stab another human being 19 times they are competent to go directly to jail without a pass.

  2. catie says – reply to this


    Re: goldenyearsgal – I agree 100% I hope they don't get off easy because of their age either.

  3. Heather says – reply to this


    This article doesn't make sense and clearly wasn't proofread. It starts off saying the second girl is found not competent after the first was found not competent last month. Then later says the first girl hasn't undergone any mental evaluation yet, so how could she have already been determined not competent???? It is. Actually the same girl who has now undergone 2 separate mental evaluations, both of which have determined she is not competent to stand trial.

  4. 4

    Re: catie

    I agree with both of you but am nearly sure this is a typical case of parents just looking away.

  5. tacogirl says – reply to this


    What, they are gonna walk?…..Everyone is a bit Incompetent when they commit
    a crime like that…they planned it!..how can they say incompetent.
    I'd wish someone would stab these two girls to death, like they did to that
    poor girl. An eye for an eye. Whatever happens, they will get off Easy.
    5 years probation or something….some people are just bad People, Some people
    are good, these two are Bad. So be it and treat them as such.