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Kim Kardashian's Selfies Are SO Popular They Need Their Own Book! Yes, You Can Pay Money For Her Selfies!

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kim kardashian selfie book cover

Did Kim Kardashian figure out we can all look at her selfies on Instagram for free??

On the latest episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim has been taking an endless amount of selfies during the Thailand getaway.

The KUWTK kameras even caught Brody Jenner walking in on one of her scandalous selfie taking sessions!

On one of their Thailand episodes, Kim explained to her mom that she needed roughly 1,200 selfies and now we finally know why she's taking so many because they're not just for Kanye West

They're for you too! For just $19.95! Seriously, we're not kidding.

Rizzoli Imprint Universe is planning on publishing a hardcover, 352-page selfie book by April 2015.

Kim explained to Brody about her selfie journey in a recent episode of KUWTK:

"It ended up turning out so cool that we came up with this idea to do a book—a selfie book. I'm going to make some like super racy. I mean, every girl takes like full like pictures of their ass in the mirror."

Huh. We wonder if those ass selfies are for Kanye's eyes only or is everyone going to get a glimpse of that bodacious bottom!

Well guys and gals, wait no longer. Because it's coming out soon to a Barnes & Nobles near you.

[Image via Rizzoli Imprint Universe.]

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15 comments to “Kim Kardashian's Selfies Are SO Popular They Need Their Own Book! Yes, You Can Pay Money For Her Selfies!”

  1. MGL says – reply to this


    This is ridiculous why is this happening? Can the day when this person and her whole family become irrelevant come sooner? I know it will happen but I'm getting impatient.

  2. LD says – reply to this


    How about no. Don't do that. We don't care!

  3. Sam says – reply to this


    God forbid she did something private just for her man. Always gotta make a profit..

  4. 4

    UMMMM if they are selfies, y does she have a photographer with her to take the pics?????????????????????????

  5. A says – reply to this


    Making money off of everything! All she cares about is money. Sad real sad.

  6. 6

    Well, there goes Rizzoli, once a fine publishing house. As for her, I'm beginning to think there's something seriously wrong.

  7. 7

    Can't blame her for wanting more money. I have to blame the stupid, idiot ppl that buy any of their crap. We the people are the ones that are keeping this vile family relevant. They are laughing all the way to the bank and on all of their luxurious vacations while we the ppl are working our butts off paying for their luxuries. (I'm retired so I don't work any longer)

  8. MichJB says – reply to this


    I'm sure there are people out there that are so stupid to pay good money for pictures of a nasty farm animal.

  9. 9

    All we can hope for is that NO ONE buys this book. The sooner they go away, the better. Perez could aid in this by taking a Kardashian break. Say one week without any posts about them..? Let's give it a try.

  10. John Campbell says – reply to this


    I am officially on the ledge in regards to these horrible people. I realize they must pay you to endlessly promote them to your fan base — but really? No talent, Mother pimps out her children, 78 day marriage, sex tape, and a butt the size of Montana (and Colorado combined) WHO CARES ???

  11. 11

    Only an die-hard Kim Kardashian would buy that book. Why waste money when you can see a lot of her selfies for free on instagram. That's more than enough.

  12. unique1 says – reply to this


    why does she make these stupid products, and more importantly, why do people spend their hard earned money buying them? how would buying a Kim K selfie book better your life? Why would you pay for her pics when you can see the same ones on instagram for free? lol

  13. riker1alpha says – reply to this


    I heard the first round of selfies will first be published on Quilted Northern. With Scott and Angel Soft soon to follow. Only $2.99 per roll.

  14. efev says – reply to this


    Re: MGL – haha me too! eventually…..

  15. allan says – reply to this


    why would anyone with a brain give money to that revolting example of womanhood I wouldn't give her the sweat off my balls or piss on her if she was on fire