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Lily Allen Shows Miley Cyrus Her Best Twerk During Bangerz Tour! See The Rump Shaking Realness HERE!

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Sheezus be shaking it!!

Lily Allen showed the Lord Of The Twerk herself, Miley Cyrus, some sick dance moves during their Nashville Bangerz Tour stop Thursday — and it looked like a silly fun time!

So much white girl booty - we can't!

Lil' Lil posted the (above) video to her Instagram account last night, featuring what we believe is an attempt at twerking!

The Brit performed her single Not Fair alongside Miles, and it was spicy sweet with dancing treats!

We love the idea of Miz Allen twerking, but she's going to have to turn it up many notches to compete with Mileybird's rump skills!

Just ch-ch-check out the cute girl-on-girl video for yourself!

[Video via Lily Allen/Instagram.]

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5 comments to “Lily Allen Shows Miley Cyrus Her Best Twerk During Bangerz Tour! See The Rump Shaking Realness HERE!”

  1. 1

    Miley is the best Twerker…cute try. Loved the fun video!

  2. Poppy says – reply to this


    Ugly pigs both of them. Miley cannot dance to save her stupid bun and many many others out twerk her by far. She looks like a bull dyke now. No decent guy will ever date her. Wagging her crotch at the world was unwise immature and tacky as he'll.

  3. Poppy says – reply to this


    Ugly pigs both of them. Miley can't dance to save that stupid bun wig on her head. Cracking her crotch open wide to the world is totally idiotic. Shelooks like a bull dyke on low budget drugs. Ugh!

  4. Reed says – reply to this


    Ha Ha Poppy dont like Miley. Me either. Her fans are rebellious young girls that are being misdirected by a mentally insufficient know it all empowered by Disney. Disgusting bitch. The world is sick of it.

  5. 5

    Re: Reed – LOL I'm a huge fan of this young girl and you can't go ahead and judge me. Your opinion means F**k all. I'm a 48 year old married woman with 2 sons. I love her singing and I can understand why she is rebelling. She was and is a KID still. Tons of respect to Miley. Judge me…LOL