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Eminem Accused Of Lip Synching On Tour With Rihanna By Los Angeles Media! OUCH!!

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eminem accuse lip synch concert tour

Eminem might not exactly be losing himself in the moment.

According to one concertgoer's account, the Eminem and Rihanna concert at the Rose Bowl amounted to "two hours and a half hours of lip synching."

Although they appreciated his fervor, this member the LA media was not buying the "live" part of his concert performance:

"Sure, he let the backing track do the vast, vast majority of the heavy lifting last night. He was only actually, audibly rapping on a handful of songs, including slower ones like 'Stan.' His lip-synching was especially obvious because he's so animated, constantly gesticulating in a way that pulls the mic away from his mouth, mid-lyric."

Well, that's not good to hear.

To be fair, apparently Rihanna lip synched a whole lot less:

"[S]he was actually singing on that one, and in general you could hear her live voice much more often than his"

Wow, if all this is true, we'd be a little disappointed! These two are so musically talented, they should be doing the whole entire show live.

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62 comments to “Eminem Accused Of Lip Synching On Tour With Rihanna By Los Angeles Media! OUCH!!”

  1. Jj says – reply to this


    Rihanna isn't much better either. She lip syncs a lot, and even when she sings live, she's painfully out of tune. I miss the days of real concerts!

  2. @v@ says – reply to this


    Live is always better, even if it's not 'perfect.' It's the only way to those in the zone nights and special new delivery twist moments. It's how an artist stretches and grows, and solidifies their sound. Suits know product and marketing. Artists know soulful delivery.

  3. @v@ says – reply to this


    Artists should never allow suits to determine their show. Ever. The artist has the say and is the golden goose.

  4. Ray says – reply to this


    So? Could it be his voice was tired and he didn't want fans to be disapointed when it have out half way through the concert ? Jeeze. These people are not super humans for crying out loud.

  5. please says – reply to this


    have you even HEARD some of his raps? his songs? the speed of his vocals are impossible to execute live and hyped in concert. besides, his artistry and the mere iconic-ness of eminem gives him any damn pass he wants when it comes to his tours.

  6. Babs says – reply to this


    At least his songs have substance. I'd rather hear lip-synced songs about things that matter instead of live songs that are shit. Anyone can sing "cake, cake, cake, cake, cake" live.

  7. Z says – reply to this


    I don't think someone who worisphs Spears and Madonna the way you do Perez is allowed to be be "disappointed" by artist not singing live

  8. Skye218 says – reply to this


    Not true Eminem did not lip sync. He uses a backing track because he stacks his vocals in his songs, especially on the hooks. He raps live it's so obvious to anyone that actually went to his concerts. Bogus article.

  9. Paul says – reply to this


    I was there Thursday, he did lipsync on few tracks, but overall he was good. Better than Rihanna who looked bored

  10. Suzy says – reply to this


    He most definately did NOT lip sync. I was there, and it was flawless. His backing track was nothing.

  11. um.. ok? says – reply to this


    The guy has to perform 20 songs or maybe more every night so give him a break. He's only human

  12. adriana says – reply to this


    Re: Z – sorry, but don't lump Madonna in with Britney. Madonna sings live about 98% of the time, when she doesn't, its usually a highly choreographed performance of Vogue. But besides that, Madonna sings every song, even if she sounds bad. Rihanna is just lazy.

  13. Stu says – reply to this


    He was nothing short of a beast at Wembley however.

  14. Devin says – reply to this


    for someone that supports Britney Spears and Madonna, you can't be talking about Eminem lip syncing. and I was at the concert and I knew he was rapping live as well as rihanna. those artist have background tracks because they layer their music, but they sing on top on it. I have so much respect for eminem and its so pathetic when people try to make them look bad. the concert was amazing and both artist were on point.

  15. 15

    Re: Babs – ok. um, rihanna has more songs that have different lyrics than cake cake cake cake. you just picked the song that has the least interesting lyrics to just talk shit about her.

  16. Yvette says – reply to this


    I was at the concert on the 7th and I completely disagree. I thought Rihanna danced more than she sang and she liped synced way too much and eminem hardly lip synced at all. But the article does say its according to ONE CONCERTGOER. so ehh…

  17. JZ says – reply to this


    The "LA Media member" was full of shit and probably some at home rapper. Eminem was a beast and Rihanna was amazing…and they both sang LIVE.

  18. Josh Royal says – reply to this


    SO WHAT? He's a rapper, they usually do that so fans can hear the verses, they play it louder. This is a retarded post, its not like he's a singer that's way different

  19. shayden2kz says – reply to this


    Re: Skye218
    I completely agree! People have been accusing him of lip syncing for years cuz he always stacks his vocals with back up track!!

  20. XXX says – reply to this


    Re: adriana – Madonna does deserve to be lumped in there with Britney, as many free passes Perez gives them while he self-righteously condemns everyone else for doing exactly what those two get away with. And that includes lip-synching. And 98% is far too generous.

  21. Andy says – reply to this


    Last time on SNL Eminem was accused of the same thing, it's the same fucking shit all over again. The critics just wants to take him down.

  22. eazy524 says – reply to this


    Lol wow trippin over lip syncing? Some artists do that cuz it is tiring to perform. Sometimes they need to breathe?

  23. vitalis says – reply to this


    Eminem Sync-hing? What a Dick-In-The-Head Article. I am not born in America, but I can do the song Stan without a mistake not talk-less of the owner Emi…Put this article in my dog's toilet let the Alligator living in there use it as a tooth-pick. Put on some better article and stop picking on the world best rapper just to made fame…..

  24. jay says – reply to this


    Re: XXX – Sorry but Madonna does NOT deserve to be lumped in with Briney in anyway. You are wrong, all you've done is just proven that you've never attended a Madonna concert. If you had you would not be saying this. Madonna occasionally sing with a backing track /vocal that's not the same as lip synching. However The rare time's she has lip synching its usually because she is to caught up in the choreography panned for that particular song. Your just being a hater.

  25. Mantikore says – reply to this


    AHh please shut up! I saw Eminem live twice within less than a year and both times I was at the front and he spitted everything live BUT the choruses which is understandable! The man has so much energy! I as a performer can tell when someone is actually doing a set LIVE and when someone is lip syncing! Stop bashing on him! He sounds amazing live, if he was lip syncing he wouldnt have a hype man to help him do his raps! Fuck off! He is one of the best live performers I know!

  26. Erica says – reply to this


    I saw Eminem Thursday night - HE DIDN'T lip sync! But by the end of the concert his voice was horse so Friday he may have. Scheduling back to back isnt a good idea for someone who doesn't normally tour and use his voice a lot like that

  27. Dudebro says – reply to this


    that is why rock concerts are so much better then this shit.

  28. XXX says – reply to this


    Re: jay – Excuses, excuses. Madonna does deserve to be lumped in with Britney. They're both talentless hacks marketed to f@gs like you. And it's "you're a hater." If you're going to address me, address me properly.

  29. Nancy says – reply to this


    Who cares? Britney Spears did it in Vegas too. Suckers will still pay.

  30. @v@ says – reply to this


    After reading the comments from people, it could be a false story. Em is the baumb, and I can totally see him spitting over backing tracks.

  31. jay says – reply to this


    Re: XXX – Your so transparent, all you just did is prove me right. It's ok not to like someone but don't expect to sit here and spew crap and not be called out on your bull**hit lies. Calling someone you don't even know a gay derogatory term just really shows how immature and emotionally handicapped you are.

  32. raven Flower says – reply to this


    i Think em and Eminem are friends with benefits or F-ing buddies I think they both lost their Music is terrible =(

  33. youdumb says – reply to this


    I was there even if it was lip syncing I don't care I would pay just to see him stand there and listen to his own rap together I was there in person on his first Rose bowl concert pit 2 amazing !!!

  34. Alec says – reply to this


    People act like they know how tiring and voice-consuming performing around 20+ songs, of course they need to lip-sync.

  35. anthony says – reply to this


    perez hilton, shut up. youre just a crappy blog that will do anything to get a few views on your blog. yes i was one of the idiots who succumbed to your crappy headline, just so that i could see that what your posting is absolute fucking bogus. internet would be a lot better without you.

  36. XXX says – reply to this


    Re: jay – The only transparency showing is how boring you are. Prove you right? But you didn't prove anything. And again, it's "you're," not "your." And you're the one who's handicapped if you can't handle a word thrown at you. If the shoe fits…

  37. **OO(( says – reply to this


    One question, why would a rapper lip-sync

  38. Ali says – reply to this


    Good way to attract traffic to a shitty website! Writing a bullshit post about somebody famous/ popular and talking shit about them! Eminem rocks. Period.

  39. karol says – reply to this


    i dont care, i mean, he made a ton of songs that changed music and peoples lifes, plus he has a lot of material to go over im sure over hour or 2 of concert requires that due to lack of oxygen, hes still the best in my eyes

  40. Scott says – reply to this


    I love Eminem but lip syncing is pathetic and lame.

    Real rock bands actually play live.

  41. anonym says – reply to this


    you people are crazy……do you think its so easy to do live shows……cut them some slack please…..atleast we know they have got the talent.

  42. amelia says – reply to this


    I was there Thursday and rihanna lip synced the entire time. Maybe that's how she had energy for Fridays show?? What a joke!!

  43. Chris Messenger says – reply to this


    Thanks for upping the ante for their next stop. NEW JERSEY!

  44. JLahmani says – reply to this


    We were front row both nights!! Em killed it and was NOT lip syncing! We could hear his vocals over the MIC! Keep hating as you know he killed it! Great show Em!!

  45. Debbie says – reply to this


    If I am going to pay the price that its costs to go HEAR and see them I want to HEAR them. What the the hell are they lip syncing for anyhow? Isn't a concert to sing and entertain too? Here I am waiting for them to come to where I am and I will not pay the expensive prices that those tickets cost to just watch them move their lips. I want to hear them sing. I love music and hearing them is what brings me there!! I love them and they are great!! Lip syncing? That is just stupid!! Why have a concert to sing if your just going to let the track play and just move your lips? Lame!!

  46. Cheri O says – reply to this


    Re: Erica – I was there!! AND HE DID lip sync!!!! I was sooooooo pissed!!! He's become a total fraud.

  47. happyrockafellaha says – reply to this


    He did lip sync!! Eminem has always been a poseur. FRAUD.

  48. Brandi says – reply to this


    It's probably harder to rap live when you re a clone.

  49. Fuck u says – reply to this


    Thanx for ruining my morning with this irritating, moronic, stupidest shit I've ever read post. Good for you to make an article based on one miserable fucktard's opinion. You're really going places you dumb irrelevant fuck!

  50. montehunt says – reply to this


    And the problem is? It's not like he's out there hitting high notes. He's rapping. Give me a break.

  51. Nine says – reply to this


    Was his hype man (Denon) there?

  52. Jake says – reply to this


    They both lip synced a bit, which is normal at a pop concert like that. You still don't like to see it though. Rhianna did lip sync more than Eminem however. I saw them on Friday.

  53. ethan says – reply to this


    Is this all you could come up with? this is Silly, like to see you stand there and do every one of his songs one after the other… idiot

  54. t says – reply to this


    Re: please
    Watch hi cyphers it's not impossible

  55. Chloe says – reply to this


    Bullshit, bullshit, oh and more BULLSHIT. I was there, very front row, and I can tell you, he was not lip synching at all. I remember, I could clearly see the veins in his throat popping out during the whole time he was on stage. And it is fairly obvious to tell if a performer is lip synching.

  56. Brandon says – reply to this


    I was there at the concert. Eminem didn't lip sync once. But rianna kept pulling mic from face. Either tho great show. I. Know eminems music and I can hear the difference. He didn't lip sync.

  57. cindy says – reply to this


    Re: Paul – i agree i was there….

  58. stephanie says – reply to this


    I was there for Friday's concert and it was quite the opposite. Rhianna lip synched most of her songs (sung 2 live) and Eminem sang all live! I am more of a Rhianna fan :/ very disappointed.

  59. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Alec – Bwahahahahaha, surely you jest. I do know, did 48 tunes and sometimes three times a day at say, a fair, morning, noon and from 9 to 1:00 a.m at another venue…for 10 days straight. All live. Mind you, spitting is different from singing.

  60. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Alec – That's 48 tunes X 3 = or 144 tunes a day times 10 days. We did that fair every year for five years.

  61. abe says – reply to this


    I went to their concert last night in metlife.Acoustics were horrible in first half of the concert. It only got little better in second half.

  62. troy says – reply to this


    fuck ya