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Diff'rent Strokes Actor Todd Bridges Calls Robin Williams 'Very Selfish' For Allegedly Committing Suicide

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robin williams suicide very selfish different strokes todd bridges

No, Todd Bridges. Just no.

Todd, who was on Diff'rent Strokes, called Robin Williams' alleged suicide due to asphyxiation a "very selfish act," just minutes after his death had been reported.

We cannot even begin to fathom how rude it is to pass judgement on Robin so soon after his death. Show some respect for the deceased, Todd.

Here are Todd's comments he posted on Twitter:

While we agree with his ideas that mental health should be a national priority, we think some of his words were uncalled for.

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55 comments to “Diff'rent Strokes Actor Todd Bridges Calls Robin Williams 'Very Selfish' For Allegedly Committing Suicide”

  1. sm87 says – reply to this


    This inbred clearly doesn't understand the concept of depression and how it's a disease. He was sick, he didn't just choose to commit suicide (though, the term 'commit' should be abolished, as it's not a crime…). So insensitive to blast someone like that, get a clue you idiot. By the way, who the hell is Todd Bridges anyway? Devastating news about Robin. RIP

  2. 2

    perez, your fucking timing for propagating this irrelevant bullshit is so unbelievably insensitive. Robin W has only been dead for about 10 hot minutes and you're already on the BS gossip trail Go fuck yourself.

  3. liquid kitty says – reply to this


    Todd who?

  4. Sophia says – reply to this


    while sad…it's totally true!

  5. Cyn says – reply to this


    I feel,the same way, sad but true, especially if you have children, it's horrible for them to have to live with this . Not passing judgment just stating a fact….

  6. Alyssa says – reply to this


    Im gonna need him to STFU. This man's family is still trying to deal with this news. This is not the time to be coming fwd with opinions or passing judgment. Just STFU and have some respect.

  7. Too soon says – reply to this


    Not every thought needs to be broadcasted hollyweirdos.
    True? Maybe but
    A. You know nothing about depression unless it's happening to you.
    B. The people close to him are still alive and for that reason, people should just shut their freakin gob.

  8. 8

    Re: Cyn – absolutely agree with you.

  9. 9

    You people are idiots!

  10. Disguy says – reply to this


    He's right. Suicide is a selfish act, period.

    Also, what is this crap about being rude to a dead person.
    It's the one time you can be sure they are not going to be offended or hurt by it.

  11. NN says – reply to this


    The definition of selfish, is when you take and NEVER give. If anything - we are the selfish ones.

    RIP Robin - thank you for all your years of GIVING.

    In heaven they are saying "Nanu Nanu".

  12. 12

    Go away Todd.

  13. fuckYouperez says – reply to this


    Todd Bridges is fucking right!

  14. jazzyjay says – reply to this


    Re: sm87 – - Robin who?

  15. Joe says – reply to this


    Re: sm87 – Committing is committing he's only not committing it if he is being controlled by someone to kill himself. Which he was not. The truth is no one actually wants to kill themselves no matter how many times they tell you they do. everyone wishes they had another way out, but when you hit rock bottom there's really not much you could turn to i'm sure he had family who loved him and would have supported him every step of the way and he probably can afford the best help in the world. Committing suicide is thinking of yourself b4 ur family yes, but idk if selfish is the right word for something so recent like this. The government should make it easier for people with depression to get care.

  16. kfjh says – reply to this


    Who the f#ck is Todd Bridges?

  17. Alicia says – reply to this


    Challenges he was facing…lets pray for his soul and for his family..lets show compassion…

  18. Ain't chillin says – reply to this


    The man ain't been dead a day and here is perez fucking hilton throwing deers that do not matter in such a sensitive time! Go fuck yourself

  19. keely says – reply to this


    I totally agree. Suicide is a selfish act, especially when you have family that loves you. Addiction is a bitch. He probably fell off the wagon, drank too much, felt sorry for himself(as drunks do) and hung himself. Im so sad for his family. I'm with you Todd !

  20. 20

    Todd is stupid. Robin Williams is manic depressive / bi polar. He committed suicide during his depressive state. This is a disease that is very difficult to manage. To call Robin "selfish" with this condition is dumb as I would describe Todd.

  21. Sue says – reply to this


    As much as I adore Robin, I agree with EVERY word Todd said. What I don't think is right, is the need to feed gossip at this time Perez!

  22. Phearless Phemme says – reply to this


    Dafuq? Does Mr. Bridges not understand the concept of clinical depression? When you're in that frame of mind, you think the world would be better off without you. Never judge someone who chooses to end their own life on their terms. You never know what kind of hell they're going through inside. Comments like these only further the stigma that mental illness is not as serious as physical illness.

    Robin Williams survived 63 years of depression and many years of substance abuse. That makes him a SURVIVOR rather than someone who selfishly took the coward's way out like some people claim.

  23. Phearless Phemme says – reply to this


    Re: NN – - No, expecting someone to go on living when their every waking moment is full of suffering is selfish. We want him here so he can continue entertaining us–that's selfish.

  24. MichJB says – reply to this


    Unless you are Robin Williams, you have no clue as to what he was feeling. You are not entitled to analyze or criticize him for his actions. I do feel badly for his family and friends and I will miss his amazing talent. By the way Todd, STFU, no one has cared what you have had to say for years.

  25. Why not says – reply to this


    Nobody should ever take their own life..when its your time..trust me you will go..this is only that mans opinion that nobody really cares about..but i do agree with him..how can you take your own life and not think about your family..friends..etc..no excuse

  26. ? says – reply to this


    Re: sm87 – ummm he did choose..im confused..HE KILLED HIMSELF

  27. Sarah says – reply to this


    This guy is a prick! People who commit suicide DO think of their families, friends, and children. That alone is what keeps some people here. However, those who are truly suicidal are so tortured by their own demons find that death is the only means of escape. Don't fucking judge.

  28. Tony says – reply to this


    Ignorant, sanctimonious jerk!

  29. racezx9 says – reply to this


    I totally get what Todd is saying, I lost my best friend to suicide last year….you go through the stages of sadness, guilt, anger, acceptance and love. You get so angry at what they have done for leaving you and not look for help….and you feel the guilt for missing signs or not doing more…..the hardship and the aftermath the family and friends have to deal with is immense. No one can know or will know and can comment on those feelings, unless you live through it… I still remember him today and cry sometimes and I still get pissed off at him and myself, that's because I miss him and I wish he is still with us.

  30. annainparis says – reply to this


    Robin Williams has left an undelible legacy behind, based on three decades of work, commitment and dedication, the selfish self is the bastard who walks in the shadow…selfishly not attaining greatness for the family name

  31. The_J's_ Momma says – reply to this


    Take Robin Williams out out of the picture and there is nothing at all to disagree with. He was on point with everything. Regardless if you know who Todd Briders is or not doesn't make his statement more or less true.
    Do you know how many questions his children will probably have for their lives? The depression that they may now have to know what their father has done. Suicide is selfish to ones who love that person the most!
    I get depression is a sickness but still so many things are!

  32. Michele says – reply to this


    I don't think anyone had the right to judge someone else's pain. When someone is so very depressed to do such an act, they are not in rational state of mind, they just want the pain to go away. Just like I wish this idiot Todd whoever would crawl back into the woodwork. RIP Robin Williams.

  33. Caramel96 says – reply to this


    STFU Todd. You went through some things too and you shouldn't Judge anyone. R.I.P. Robin Williams. You will not be forgotten..

  34. Kim says – reply to this


    We all grieve differently and Todd is grieving too. Unfair to judge him as well.

  35. KimLK says – reply to this


    I take Todd's side on this one, 100%

  36. Annelise says – reply to this


    Who's give a shit! He's dead! Y'all making him like a god and he ain't funny! None of his movie is funny he sucks! Thank goodness he is gone! Good riddance I say! If you don't like it go fuck yourself! Preach on todd bridges! Fuck robin Williams

  37. Chantal says – reply to this


    I have a feeling Robin would agree with Todd.
    So tragic, nonetheless.

  38. Bill Bobaggins says – reply to this


    Like Todd Bridges said, Suicide is a selfish act.

    However, the person who is the one considering suicide can't fathom it like that. They see it as an only solution. They see the world as better off without them. And if that were really true would it still be considered selfish or selfless? Giving your life up for a better life for the ones you love?

    Unless you have or have had depression you really can't understand the thoughts that creak inside, whispering about everything you've done wrong. Things you couldn't help. People you'd like to see again that have passed on. Everything becomes negative. Everything leads you down that long dark tunnel that leaves you feeling as though there is no light at the end.

    Depression makes you think in black and white. But life is not all Black and White. There is lots of gray and, maybe, if your lucky, some splashes of color.

    So if you're considering suicide, or are in a deep depression, PLEASE get help and PLEASE don't be afraid to talk to someone about it.

    If you know someone that is depressed, or suffers from depression, please don't tell them that "Life is tough, get over it!" or "It's all in your head!", try to help them if you can or, at least, try to understand what they are going through and why they are going through it.

  39. betty says – reply to this


    todd brisges - your a bigger idiot than i previously thought..when you live in a a\dark hole like depressed people do your not thinking of your kids or your family , your thinking of how the stop the pain your feeling…you really should not commen t on things you know nothing about…you shoudl be ashamed of yourself..and yes people do get treatment and soemnthimes it is not enough just like the drug addicts liek urself who go in and out of treatments and it does not work, you of all people should understand this…your a disgrace

  40. 40

    Re: SophiaRe: CynRe: DisguyRe: fuckYouperezRe: keelyRe: keely – you have never suffered with mental illness have you? HOW CAN A MAN BE SELFISH WHEN HE WAS SO DERANGED IN THE HEAD HE PROBABLY DIDNT EVEN KNOW WHAT THE WORD MEANT?! having your brain being taken over by a mental illness means you are irrational. if he was stable and healthy HE WOULD NOT HAVE COMMITTED SUICIDE , how do people NOT GET THAT? thats part of being ill, you do things you normally wouldnt. mental illness gets so bad for some people, in order for the illness to stop, the pain to stop,in the moment, they have to end their life.they do it on impulse. ts out of their control. I know people who have tried to commit suicide when they were at their sickest, ended up pulling through and at first they are upset they didnt succeed because they are unstable still but after a recovery and their mental state has stabilized , they are thanking god that their attempt failed. Its all about state of mind, the illness takes over. He doesnt choose it. learn about it. be compassionate, not ignorant.

  41. 3HEADEDMONSTAH says – reply to this



  42. Marguerite says – reply to this


    Fuck robin Williams thank goodness he's dead! I agree with todd bridges!

  43. Kristalynn says – reply to this


    Amen Todd Bridges, I totally agree with his comment. We have ALL been there. No one is immune to depression but the way out is definitely not suicide. Calling out to God is the ONLY WAY. I suffered with depression for over 5 years and grew worse after losing three of my children but I am still alive and standing strong on the word of God. I cried out to Him and he has filled me with an overwhelming joy that made the spirit of depression run!!! It can be overcome but only by the power of Jesus Christ.

  44. peacemaker says – reply to this


    I always enjoyed watching Robin Williams I felt that he was a very warm sensitive man inside and that showed through in his acting. Suicide is so sad but sometimes a person just feels that they can not find and answers and all they want is peace. Robin is at peace now.

  45. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    …Is Todd on drugs, again ….? WHAT a douchebag ! Let the man rest in peace, ya TWIT ! Now, go quickly to your job as a grocery bagger @ Albertsons…..you are late ! ! !

  46. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    …Did ole Todd say the same about Dana Plato, who offed herself a few years back … ? The TWIT ! ! !

  47. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    Well…maybe I SHOULD be giving ole Todd his due….he IS the only one of the three kids who survived the CURSE of Diff'rnt Strokes .. ! LOLOLOLOLOL !

  48. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    …..Wish these G-List celebutards (! ) would STFU when it comes to these things…does anyone REALLY give a f*ck as to their opinions….? ? ?

  49. tacogirl says – reply to this


    Of course it was selfish. A Very selfish act. But when you are in that darkness
    and it's too painful to live, you don't really have a choice. I'm sure the last
    thing he wanted was for his kids to live with this. When you're in that pain
    you can't think rationally..

  50. Angela says – reply to this


    I had much to say about Todd what's-his-name's comments, but really, he is coming from a place of pure and simple ignorance, bordering on stupidity. Get educated on the subject you speak of. Seriously, because you sound like a fool. RIP Robin.

  51. NJSTAR21 says – reply to this


    Really Todd!!! Are you serious?? You should be the last person to judge anyone. To Robin I will not judge your action today nor tomorrow. I will pray for you and your family. I pray the rest will be kind to you and your family. We are no one to judge you. Thank you for tha many years of laughter. You will always be special to me. Rest in peace Mr Williams…You will never be forgotten… <3

  52. denise willette says – reply to this


    I think Todd Bridges is a loser. He is clueless about what depression is all about and the daily struggle we go though. Yes we think about our friends and family…. but that is not the point.. we are so deep in pain that we can not see anything but an end. so Todd go crawl back under your rock and shut your mouth, you clueless has been!

  53. lpr says – reply to this


    Oh shut up Todd. Nobody cares what you think.

  54. kelly carlson says – reply to this


    I don't think you get it a man was suffering and he felt like he couldn't go on….he was sick just like you were when you were in your addiction. it is a sickness depression is an illness that takes lives and leaves loved ones grieving and so sad. it is hurtful to say he was a coward or selfish…he was ill and it is a terrible loss for his family. he wasn't running from money problems or other messes he was ill with depression and addiction

  55. jarmes says – reply to this


    a lot of what he says is right but lets be real; if this was paris hilton or linsdey lohan that did this no one would care, but Robin Williams was well loved and that's why the outrage. Americans worship their celebrities and want no dirt on them