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EXCLUSIVE! Linda Perry Fans! Win A Chance To Hang Out With The LEGEND In L.A.! Incredible Make Or Break Sweepstakes Here!

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Oh, do we have a treat for all of you today!

Last week, we revealed that we would be announcing a very special sweeps for the one and only Linda Perry. We're excited to reveal today the launch of an EXCLUSIVE sweepstakes for her biggest fans.

Here's what's going on:

Linda obviously inspires the biggest names in music, but how has she inspired you? We know you've been tuning in every week to Make Or Break: The Linda Perry Project, and it's a good thing too — because watching means you could win a chance to hang with Linda and to watch the finale in Los Angeles.

All you have to do is share your favorite Linda quote from the show in the comments below and explain why it meant something to you. You must use a direct quote from the show, and FYI — Linda will be reading entries herself, so make it good! The best of the best will be picked for the grand prize: a trip for one winner and one guest to LA (airfare, hotel, ground transportation included). In LA, they will join Linda Perry and her crew at her famed Kung Fu Gardens studios to watch the season finale with her.

So what are you waiting for? The sweeps starts TODAY and ends at 5pm EST on August 22, 2014, with the finale/viewing party being at Linda's place on Wednesday, September 3, 2014!! So hurry!

P.S. - CLICK HERE for all the rules and regulations associated with this sweepstakes! And good luck!

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234 comments to “EXCLUSIVE! Linda Perry Fans! Win A Chance To Hang Out With The LEGEND In L.A.! Incredible Make Or Break Sweepstakes Here!”

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  1. mar says – reply to this


    ME ME ME… so shocked I still can't think of a quotee!!

  2. Ashley says – reply to this


    "The song started writing itself, and then you stopped that process and started trying to be a lyricist." - This is the most recent quote that I love, among so many more. As a writer, I often find myself stopping creative flow to stop and shine up lyrics, ultimately losing my original train of thought. The commercial shine of a song can distract us from the original intent and soul of the art. But I still wanna sell that shit!

  3. Jean Frost says – reply to this


    'You've created a box, now invent a window and get out!' Linda said this to Gab while busking. Why it resonates with me? Because we are so quick to blame others for our place in life, but in reality we've created that place. And we ARE powerful enough to create a way out…it's like Linda channels the wisdom of the universe.

  4. Tyson J says – reply to this


    "Hunter Valentine who are you?" "Am I dealing with Joan Baez or Joan Jett?" "I need emotion" "I want the fire, I need more soul" "Music today is lacking emotion,That's why I am here" <3 Ones that I can think of off the top of my head but omg Linda you inspire me so much and I hope I can hang with you during the finale of the show :) <3 love you

  5. Aria Woods says – reply to this


    I'm scared of the interviews, … I'm scared of having to get up onstage again. I'm scared of the critique. I'm scared right now of doing this again. But that's why I have to do it, I think.

    This quote mean to me the reason why we fight with courage and to stand up for our selves! With fear comes the voice of courage too amplify throughout our entire being. For without fear there would be no courage. Love you Linda Perry!

  6. Aria Woods says – reply to this


    Re: Jean Frost – I like this one too.

  7. Derek says – reply to this


    "I need some F**king fire right now because there are far better bands then you, so how are you gonna stand out?" This was my favorite quote of Linda's because as a musician myself, it hit a nerve…I have to have that thing that will set me apart from others! There are millions of people with great voices and great talent but like Linda says, "what are you gonna do to stand out?" It's the ones that grab your attention and make you live on every lyric! This show has tought me so much and as I'm about to go to college for music business, this show is perfect!

  8. Tyson J says – reply to this


    Linda Perry inspires me because when I am down and feeling like music is leaving my soul, I watch her show and think to myself….maybe I can do this, maybe Linda can break me and whip me into shape!! Me being a troubled old soul need someone like Linda to tell me about the true meaning of music and to push me in the right direction so my love for music can grow stronger!! I play synthesizers and work on FL Studio and create melodies, Linda always inspires me to broaden my horizons and makes me think life is so much more!!! Music is the answer!! Help me Linda <3 Love you ~Tyson J.

  9. Elizabeth Galloway says – reply to this


    "I need more FIRE"…It meant passion and honesty to me.

  10. ImDaRelzSlimShady says – reply to this


    Although The Linda Perry Project is presented to be about music, I get so much more from her words that I'm able to apply to EVERYTHING I DO.

    My favorite quote that Linda says is when Linda says to the busker of the group, "Youre in it for the wrong reasons". That statement touched my soul because That message SHOULD be applied to Everything we all do in life rather its research or cleaning the toilet. If you're going to give something/anything YOUR TIME, you should give it the best effort you can muster. This is Especially true with music-art. Music isn't just playing the notes on the page, it's bringing life to the notes on the page. I can apply Linda's statement to every FACID of my life. Not just music.
    IF perfect spelling is part of this contest, I'm screwed.

  11. Mary says – reply to this


    "I want a bonfire and I'm barely getting a match." This quote sums up the emotional connection Linda is trying to infuse back into popular music. That aim has been the single most inspiring aspect of the Linda Perry Project for me. It has encouraged me to return to some of my own tracks and to ask myself if I'm really communicating honestly and fervently.

  12. Tana says – reply to this


    "Right now you aren't living because you're too afraid."-LindaPerry. I feel like this relates to all of us deep down because at many times in my life I have lived in fear and it has prevented me from doing what I love. If we all took the time to come from a place if love the universe with reward our good intentions. LP you inspire me to live each moment to the fullest and to be aware of my emotions. Thank you!

  13. Murph says – reply to this


    "You can make anything what it's supposed to be. But you have to be settled, your heart has to be there." This has been one of the most powerful and genius things I've ever heard. Linda has a gift for clarifying something that seems challenging but really what she said is so simple. So many of us struggle with trying to make something (a dream, relationships, jobs…) significant. We put so much effort into forcefully molding this thing into what we think we want it to be, when really if we just simplified our mindset and followed our heart, it would be clear that we don't genuinely 100% want whatever it is we're doing and that itself is the conflict. As long as we follow our heart, we can never be on the wrong path. Thank you Linda, for such great inspiration!

  14. Tana says – reply to this


    "Right now you aren't living because you're too afraid."-Linda Perry. I think this hits close to home for many of us because we live in fear at times. I know living in fear has prevented me from doing what I love in the past. When you come from a place of love and good intention the universe seems to reward the good at heart. Linda inspires me to live in the moment and for that I am externally grateful. Thank you LP!

  15. Samantha says – reply to this


    "I don't need to like his music, but I need to believe it."
    Though I have no talents of musicality whatsoever, I loved this quote from Linda because it just goes to show how much she really wants to find the real musician within people. Just because she may not like it, if she can believe in it, then it makes a difference. It also shows how much she wants the artists to believe in themselves and their own words they are singing to the world. It's their heart and soul, and people should be able to connect immediately to that. Linda has never hidden away from her emotions. Her music is what is in her heart and mind. It's a great thing to see a songwriter care so much for the artist and their music as a whole. She's a beautiful soul who is trying help artists find their own within themselves. It's brilliant.

  16. Nancy Pray says – reply to this


    When Linda Perry said "You aren't living." If you are not doing it because you are scared then "you aren't living." Linda said it with such bluntness and truthfulness. There was no holding back. And that straight statement "Then you aren't living" really resonated with me because there are dreams of mine that I have held back on because I was scared. I felt like Linda was talking directly to me. It had a huge impact on me. And now I am going to start living and following my dreams. No more wasting time. It is time to start living.

  17. Alison Chalmers says – reply to this


    "I want to see a bonfire and you are barely lighting a match."

  18. Christie Ebron says – reply to this


    "People think they know about the music business, but honestly they don't know shit!!"
    It meant everything because we really don't know shit!! I do know we would do anything to learn from the BEST! Christina Aguilera singing Perry's BEAUTIFUL is our favorite of all favorites!! My daughter has BEAUTIFUL tattooed on her. WE would "die" to hang with Linda Perry and watch the finale in LA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Much Love

  19. Ali Chalmers says – reply to this


    "Right now you're not living because you're too afraid." So simple yet so difficult to deal with and get over that fear…I now use that quote when I need it most! Carpe Diem!

  20. Amy Z. says – reply to this


    "I don't need to like his music, but I need to believe it".
    I'm not a musician or a singer,(although I sing all of the time no matter how horrible it is) but I love and have always loved all types of music. This quote summarizes whether I enjoy someones music or not, regardless if I even like the genre in the first place. Whether I'm listening to music on the radio or at some local artists show, if they're putting all of their emotions into what they're singing a connection is made and I can feel it too. That is what makes music attractive to me. The uninhibited emotion that you can almost see when a song is performed; no BS, just raw music.

  21. Nancy Pray says – reply to this


    Linda Perry said "I am honest, that is my gift" She inspires me to be more honest and open about everything. Even if it may hurt people would prefer honesty. Wouldn't it be a wonderful world if everyone was as honest as Linda Perry!

  22. Eliane Delage says – reply to this


    "you're not gonna go anywhere staying in your comfort zone, you've created a box, now invent a window and get out" - LP

    I had posted this quote weeks ago (and credited her, obviously) on my fb as soon as I heard it, it really shook me. This is so inspiring because Linda sees it so simply and clearly, all we need to do is invent a window and look outside, step outside and live. I feel so driven and empowered by this quote, it really helps me see the world inside myself and take on the world around me. It makes me send fear to hell and go for things I'd normally make excuses not to do. It is a blessing to hear her say that, it allows me to become a better person and a better artist, embracing all source of creation with no limitations, It is truly freeing. Thank you for being such a beautiful messenger of truth and kicking our butts in gear, Linda, Our Lady of No Bullshit!

  23. Karima Sholomir says – reply to this


    "Right now you aren't living because you're too afraid" (Lp) many people are using YouTube and there bedroom as a stage! what makes an artist grow into a musical talent is a crowd of people whether it's five or five hundred!To be out there experiencing the oneness and rawness of the music world with the energies and vibes from the audience can make a musician metaphysically grow faster and become a pro instead of hiding behind a screen this is merely practice yet the stage gives us our wings to be one with the souls that see us and hear our spirits!!! "They say life is short but,it's a journey to take slow walk through the fears and remember to let go" karima sholomir

  24. Amber Lashae' says – reply to this


    "You have to allow yourself to have an experience, have an emotion. That even if it just feels vulnerable or sad." This quote really hits close to home. As an artist sometimes the one of scariest things is finding it in yourself to just really let go and let the world into the deepest part of your soul. We are so worried about singing a wrong note or if the words will come out right that we hold back and what we are holding back is the magic. What Linda is is showing us is that in music you have to be willing to jump without knowing where or how hard you will land and do so without being afraid. I'm making it my new mission to SCRRREEEEAAAAMMMMMMM! Thanks Linda

  25. Marquis sklenar says – reply to this


    Linda Perry is the real deal guys!! Her songs speak truth. In the world today the music business is all about branding and trying to mold an artist into what a record label thinks he/she should be. It's sad because it just doesn't work!! Linda Perry brings the true artist out of talented singers. By true artist I mean what the artist needs to share with the world.. Like their experiences, fears.. It's honesty..and that's what people really relate to and want to hear. She's bringing back the real meaning behind music and I thank her so much for that!! Expecially since I live/eat/breathe music! It would be such an honor to hangout with her because she seems so down to earth, and she says it how it is! And I can't imagine what her studio looks like..heaven for a musician hello!!! My favorite quotes was when she said "your not living" if you let fear control you! It's so true we gotta use our fear to an advantage and take those risks and not listen to those who tell us not to do something because it's risky! At least your risking everything doing something you love right? Linda Perry please pick me!

  26. Crystal says – reply to this


    "You're not letting anybody in, and you're not letting anything out. In life were gonna get hurt,and from that hurt were gonna grow. Do you understand? We have to go through all these emotions. That's life, that's the beauty of it. Right now,you're not living at all because you're too afraid." When Linda says this to McKenzie, it really struck a chord with me because, I too have had a problem letting myself go in front of others. I am confident in my ability, but my fear of rejection has always stood in my way. I was rejected through my childhood, hell even into adulthood,and it took me a long time and a lot of hurt to grow and realize that not everyone's going to like you and that's okay. I've learned to accept criticism as lessons and advice and used it to be better. If you find your passion, give it your energy. If you love what you do,and you are true to and love yourself, be youself. With that, self confidence grows. To me this this quote means to turn hurt into strength. Break down that wall of fear and put yourself out there. Your positivity,confidence and energy projects and others take notice and they will embrace you.

  27. Kathy Repp says – reply to this


    I really love the show and it would be an honor to meet the great lady who created this show. My favorite quote is LET IT OUT!!! SCREAM AND LET YOU FEELINGS OUT!! :)

  28. 28

    2 quotes I keep close to me while pursuing my dream of being a singer/songwriter. When she spoke with Mackenize she said “you aren’t living” that stung me. Bc I felt like that for sometime. The passing of my father several years ago singing really lost a place in my heart, though the songwriting is what saved me . My father was my great supporter.. It was like who was I singing for now. Over time I found the answer.That would be I would still be singing for my dad but I’m also singing to someone like me out there in the world. I had a moment where the universe spoke to me. In the form of Janet Jackson 2010 American Idol Where she surprised the audience with a performance. She sung “again” that was the last song my father ever heard me sing at a show. It was the way the Universe and my Dad saying you cant give up. Idol announced that night auditions will be held close to home. I auditioned got great compliments on my voice yet since I didn’t fit their profile of what a star looked like I was let go. Those no’s only fueled my quest of a yes. Started found myself in places I could never imagine. Songwriting class, a meeting at Sony, a Clive Davis party, finally having a song recorded (That done with little or no money) Another that strikes me is “there’s no soul in music” it was as if she was reading my mind. Because I feel today music is nothing but autotune and stripper moves.

  29. Elisa K says – reply to this


    "What just happened right now is about as much work as we should do to make music. It should be just that easy, that simple, but it's a matter of how open are you. Don't think about it, just have fun."
    (This is what Linda said to Hunter Valentine after they had a blast jamming together).
    This quote encapsulates the heart of the create process. When I create music, I feel as if a living entity was inside of me seeking a way out. Pure self-expression allows for its release. The instrument, the voice, the lyrics are mediums to channel this energy. It is fun, joyful, peaceful, intense, and cathartic. It's like being a child playing creatively without a care in the world, allowing whatever needs to be expressed to come through however it wants to, no ego, no thoughts. Completely surrendering to the process, to the moment, that's when the magic happens. You can craft the song later, flesh it out, but the essence of creativity is visceral and raw. —Elisa K

  30. Louis Cario says – reply to this


    Favorite quote "It's not about spinning chairs and picking people out of a line up. It's about hard work in the studio." And Linda Perry inspires because she finds stuff in people and brings in out and maybe I should explore that stuff inside me.

  31. Lindsey Hargett says – reply to this


    "Heart is where it actually starts. There's not enough heart in music today, we're missing a connection. I was in a band called 4 non blondes…I lost my heart. I lost myself somehow." -linda perry "I'm honest, that's my gift." Mama Perry inspired me the moment I heard this. She made me feel that from a crappy guitar player(myself) who adores all genres of music and understands the power of profound lyrics and sincere soul…to know that someone who is exceptional at music could feel the same way, it humbled me and made me feel very special. I immediately had respect for her candor and was so pleased to know that being the honest one in the room doesn't mean you necessarily will finish last. She's one of a kind and embraces her strengths(no matter the cost). "How are you truly living your life if you're holding back a major piece of it" (LP) …being a gay woman who has spent her entire life in the bible belt of the south…to hear that. It made me feel not only proud of being gay, but truly not giving a crap what anyone thinks about me, be it based on my sexuality or my soft sincere nature(I will not be afraid to have the soft heart full of genuine love for all people that I do, no matter how many times people try to shatter it or take advantage(). Music is magic and absolutely necessary. LP is the Badassery Queen. Take Care.

  32. christina Sirera says – reply to this


    "Once they have that emotional break through, that's when the magic happens."-Linda Perry
    Love this quote bc the emotional break through that frequently we aquire through previous breakdowns pave the road to something bigger than us. When I heard that, I understood how different your music or your "craft"; be it what it is, can go from good to great.

  33. christina Sirera says – reply to this


    Just scream from your soul, just let it out. Stop controlling. - Linda Perry
    Love this- its clear , its say go for it. you got it, no fear just let go and see what happens. So simple but brilliant. If you can't so this, then you just can't do it. Not now.

  34. Ashli A. says – reply to this


    "Heart is where it actually starts. There's not enough heart in music today, we're missing a connection." Growing up I've always listened to songs about emotion and soul and now that I'm older I'm searching for it more and more. As I'm starting to write my own songs I try to pour out my soul and emotion, but I've always doubted myself about what's playing on the radio rather than what I truly want to say. Actually being a music industry major in college I strive to find the songs that have the emotion and heart. Learning more about the music industry makes me want to get away from the radio and go out and find that heart. Watching this show makes me more excited to work in the music industry in the next couple of years.

  35. Keely French says – reply to this


    I need more fire! Don't we all need a little more fire in all aspects of our lives. Music is what makes life beautiful. LINDA is amazing and it would be a trip of a life time. Bless me

  36. Mezzo says – reply to this


    "Jesus,Joseph,or Mary.You gotta make your own spot". Courtney said this. It realy jumped out at me. Nothing is giving in this world.You gotta work hard and fight for what you want and need. Mary was the mother of Jesus, but yet they told her there was no room. However she still was able to find someplace where she could deliver her child.

  37. Laurie says – reply to this


    The quote I chose from Linda is "I wanted to see heart and risk". Isn't that what life is all about! No matter what your doing music, art, anything creative it's all about HEART & RISK!!!!!

  38. 38

    Favorite Quote, Linda said as a producer she would never do this to an artist. That is a wonderful way to look a musicians/singer/songwriters that pour their hearts into creating music.
    I love the way Linda pulls out the music in the artist that is hiding in their spirit. Best Regards The Original Rocker, @ Theoriginalrocker.com

  39. MaddyCross says – reply to this


    "Without it running through your bloodstream nothing else matters" Linda inspires me to push my myself harder, to be hungry and pursue my dreams, to not be afraid, She is just a great role model with the character,attitude, and the strength that all of us musicians need.

  40. jane says – reply to this


    "I am honest. That is my gift." showed much insight into who Linda Perry is and what is important for her spirit.

  41. Kalli says – reply to this


    When she says in this weeks episode . "I am about to say somethings that are going to piss some of you off.but it doesn't matter." The reason this touchedme is because she is truly mentoring them and telling them things that will ultimately make them stronger…u can't break down the walls when u aren't aware they are standing…

  42. Tina madden says – reply to this


    "I am about to say somethings that are going to piss some of you off but it doesn't matter"
    Hell yes to that. For so many years I kept my mouth shut, buried my feelings. Insecure die to abuse, loss and weight gain, so scared that I would lose people by speaking truths. Hid in silence. Now I'm single, healthy and happy!! I speak my mind in all situations but am open to have those same truths spoken back to me. Fly high, live free and rock on…

  43. Tina madden says – reply to this


    Re: Tina madden – due not die. Oops..

  44. Kathy says – reply to this


    "I'm looking for tomorrow, I'm looking for something to fulfill my soul…" I am not a musician in practicality but music has always provided me with solace beginning with my earliest memories in life. It has protected me in times of fear, offered me comfort during grief, motivated me during hard times, hugged me when feeling alone, danced with me in times of happiness, yelled with me when angry but I lost my way and lost me. I stumbled across Make or Break: The Linda Perry Project show while surfing the channels and wondering how I would get through the night only to face another day. Linda's words spoke to me on such a deep level. I consciously felt my sleeping soul feel awake again for a moment and said to myself I want to look for tomorrow, I want to find something to fulfill my soul. Thank you Linda for making me want again. Your show may be about music and bringing back the heart, soul and honesty to it but for me it goes even deeper than that. Thank you for touching me so deeply. THANK YOU!

  45. Louis says – reply to this


    my favorite quote "It's not about spinning chairs and picking people out of a line up. It's about hard work in the studio." And Linda Perry inspires because she finds stuff in people and brings in out and maybe I should explore that stuff inside me.

  46. Cyndie S says – reply to this


    "There’s no emotion in music anymore!", Linda Perry

    This quote stays with me and I'm reminded of it every time I turn on the radio! It's sad how music has changed through the years. No substance…just fluff. No, I'm not a musician….but I love music and everything Linda Perry stands for….she's one amazing woman…I started watching the show because my fave band is on Hunter Valentine (Kiyomi & Laura)!! And I winded up becoming a fan of Linda's! Pick me, pick me!! #thelindaperryproject #hvallday

  47. Rashida Bryant says – reply to this


    "I just want you, that's what I want. What I'm looking for is you". This quote is SO important because as artists we are constantly battling with our insecurities. We ask ourselves, Am I good enough? Will anyone like my music? Is the music I'm making reflective of who I am as an artist? Does anyone even give a shit? What is so tremendous about this show and Linda especially, is that she has a way of piercing straight through to the heart of everyone she comes into contact with. Then she holds up a mirror to them and says, Yes, you are good enough. Not only are you good enough, more importantly, you're great! Now that you know that, believe it, because if you don't believe in yourself no one else will. What this quote really means to me as an artist, and as a human being is that I should never be afraid to be me. The world needs to hear my voice, and my music. I can't be afraid to share that, otherwise the world will miss out on who I am. Let go of you insecurities and show up as yourself. Ultimately that is what makes you a star!

  48. Dave says – reply to this


    "I'm bored of seeing the same fucking thing."

    This inspires me to continue writing, recording, and performing, even though I don't look like or sound like what's on the TV these days, because music, hell, pop culture, has become a repetitive cycle of "buy, buy, buy", rather then "inspire, entertain, motivate". Repetition is safe, and who the hell really wants that?

  49. Margie says – reply to this


    "Stop dicking around!" Love how they don't edit that word. lol. I'm no musician or lyricist by far but those words are inspiring so to speak because it applies to everything in life. You, Linda are by far the realist musician/singer/writer on TV right now! Finally a show that I can enjoy and know it's not set up for tv. xoxo

  50. 50

    "you can't stick with something if there's no passion..why bother?"
    After watching VH1 behind the music and hearing what she went through with her brother and how she turned all of that pain and emotion in to into greatness, truly inspired me. I was sexual abused by an older cousin for year as a child and have battled the daemons for years. After seeing her Behind the Music and watching The Linda Perry Project I began writing and it has been so therapeutic and helpful for me. For the first time in my life I am finally on the right path to closure and inner peace. I can't express enough how much Linda Perry had truly inspired and and is one of my Heroes!

  51. Nicholas says – reply to this


    i'm deeply conected with everything that linda ever says from the start of her carier til today cause i just trust her.. i could risk my life if i had too make a choice and she told me to do it but if i had too choose from her show i will pick ”Right now you aren't living because you're too afraid”…. this quote isn't just a quote.. it's a whole life in few words, as gay as i am in a very close society around me, as because my parents they droped me out of the house and just because i want to be singer and do it with lindas perry way because it's in my o pinion is the right way but 'm afraid cause as i say before i leaving in this stubid close minded society where if you are singing its wrong, for all those reasson and for that you help me understand and fynaly now i'm trying too folow my dream with no fears, i'm trying and killing all my demons that they keep in the past. i can say that your words, your quotes and especial this one it's my life change point. it dosen't matter if you don't pick me(i will cry for the whole week).but it;s just more importad for me too know that you had read this, i just wanted you to see my words and let you know what you do into my life without know it.. thank u linda. all i can say is thank you. i could whrigt for you for days.. i love you.. keep going.. and be happy.. i want you to be happy :) )

  52. Andrea C. says – reply to this


    I don't like what im hearing, I need Soul in your music, Music should come from your soul!!

  53. KALEIDOSCOPIA says – reply to this


    "I know when people break through self doubt and push through their vulnerabilities and embrace the insecurities, magic happens" When I heard those words something awoke within me and I realized I'd been holding myself back through my own self doubt and insecurities. Now the magic IS happening for me I'm writing the best songs ever in the 13 years I've been a songwriter! Linda, so many of your words have moved and inspired me, I have been so disillusioned with the industry, thank you for helping to put back some heart and soul into music and for being yourself! I could say so much more but the comment box won't let me :) Much love! xXx

  54. Mitch Esparza says – reply to this


    "I'm going to say some stupid shit. But I might say one thing that's completely awesome."

    I genuinely like the way she's throwing all of these free-form and underground philosophies into a totally "pop" setting… I will be sincerely dissapointed if she doesn't pick Omar…
    I'm kind of biased though.
    I met Omar for the first time on LSD and mushrooms. Needless to say I was blown away.
    We were playing a show together for the first time… We'd never met, and Nick let me leave all of my gear at his house. I LOVE THEM.

    Linda's choice has inspired me.
    Her ways are a bit socratic, but whatever weeds out bullshit is valid, I suppose.

  55. Erika B says – reply to this


    “I just want to get right to the emotion, because that’s where I feel music comes from. It comes from that raw emotion. But getting there isn’t always easy.”

    Getting there isn’t ever easy. Getting there means living through heaven and hell, through being alone, young and vulnerable, through tedium, exhaustion and numbness, through people beating you down and using you. Getting there is having a heart that’s been broken and a mind that’s been screwed up. Getting there is reckoning with the great human pain of loss and emptiness. But getting there is also experiencing the great warmth of hearts together, the great power of standing on your own ground, and the great pleasure of making creative fire. Life always keeps dealing us another round. I love this show & Linda because she reminds us that it is ALL a gift. That we can use it ALL to express ourselves and connect to others, heart to heart. What is your story? Linda wants us to have the courage to face our own emotional worlds, get in touch with who we are, and then project that out there. That is how a great artist or anyone for that matter touches another person's heart, and that connection is the magic of being alive. Viva Linda!

  56. Laura A. says – reply to this


    It's hard to choose just one quote, everything Linda says is exactly what I always need to hear, but the one that has touched me the most is " RIGHT NOW YOU'RE NOT LIVING BECAUSE YOU'RE TOO AFRAID". This quote means so much to me… and it '"woke me up".
    The truth is i do live a life in fear, fear of loving, of being loved, of failure, of letting people in, of speaking my truth… fear of being ME. Linda personifies everything I wish I was, and no, i'm not talking about money or fame, she is a fighter, true to herself and her craft, she may be afraid of some of the same things i am but she does not let those fears paralize her or stop her from living a life of truth to herself and those she loves. She speaks her mind, tells it like it is, if you like her good, if not your loss kind of attitude. I admire all of her. To tell you the truth, when I started writing this, i started off writing what I thought would get me the most chances of winning this contest, but then I erased it all and started over, not writing what i thought people might want to read, or what sounded good, but writing what i really felt, and this is it… I hope it means something to Linda, to read some of the ways her life, words and actions impact the people around her, those she knows and those she's never met. I'm not a musician, or a writer, but I am a music lover, and a huge fan of her.

    Laura Saturansky

  57. Emily Bradley-Lathrop says – reply to this


    "I'm bored of seeing the same fucking thing."

    There's been a lot of "new genres" of music coming out. Everyone is trying to be original. From dubstep, to indie, to alternative rock. People are trying to stand out, such as Lady Gaga, to make a point that they aren't the same fucking thing. But instead of changing the genre or wearing an outfit out of the Hunger Games, try thinking about what you want the listener to feel when they hear your music. Music is getting seriously repetitive. You hear the same 4 chord song over and over again. That's what Linda is fucking bored about. But the songs that you hear that stick with you…The songs that you can listen to over and over again comes from passion in the singer. It comes within. It's a raw, pure energy. It's about being vulnerable. And people can hear that in the music. I think Linda is right. I'm bored and tired of seeing the same fucking thing in music. Fuck catchy. I want to feel what the singer is feeling when they're singing every single time. I want that emotion. Music is supposed to move you. Seeing the same fucking thing happen all the time is not music. New and upcoming artists need to take a look at this quote, and think about what made you love music in the first place, think of that passion, and it won't be the same fucking thing as everyone else, no matter the genre or chord progression.

  58. Mike Ford says – reply to this


    I'm old and forgetful, and the episode is no longer available for viewing, so I'll probably fuck this up. But in the first or second episode, Linda asked Noah something like, "Do you want 300 people to hear your music, or do you want 3 million people to hear it?" He of course missed the point completely and choose quantity over quality, when I think what she was really asking was, "Do you want to make music that matters or music that makes you popular?" I'm not a musician, I'm a writer, but I've been doing this for a really long time, and like many of the people on the show, have struggled with what "making it" means. There's always the pressure to sell a million copies of a book, when really it's okay to sell 1 copy of that book if it's sold to a person who really gets it and whose life is changed by it. But that's not always something you understand when you're trying to measure "success." Especially when you're young and the world tries to define success for you. Anyway, I've been thinking about that question a lot since Linda asked it, and trying to redefine what success is for me.

  59. KALEIDOSCOPIA says – reply to this


    Linda and the program inspired me to write this..


  60. Kathy Repp says – reply to this


    Try to follow what I am trying to show you.

  61. Paige Moore says – reply to this


    "there is no heart in music today." I use to be a songwriter. I fell in love, got married and had a son. I forgot all about my dreams because I was trying to make someone else happy. 4 months ago, at 24 years old, I had a cardiac arrest. I was on life support and in coma. I woke up a week later and remembered my dream. I too hate that music today has no heart. I decided I would not let life pass me by again. Now with my improved heart, I am writing again. Linda Perry has been my biggest inspiration.

  62. Lorena Cardenas says – reply to this


    My favorite quote so far (and there are so many as she is the lovliest lady on earh - senorita Linda P) when she finishes with 1st time in studio with Hunter Valentine and she gets the girls to "step away from themselves"…but right after the 3 girls and Linda all jam together, Linda has a huge grin that shows her inner child so Happy and she says "Wasn't that F—- Fun"…The smile on her face is angelic.

  63. Logan says – reply to this


    "It's about hard work in the studio." because fuck divas!

  64. Kiana Gomillion says – reply to this


    You are clean, you are so clean i could change my babies' diapers on you. We rough you up, you gotta get some soul". This quote was very profound for me because when people hear me sing, they say that i have a lot of soul, my voice sounds much older than i am. I had a vocal coach tell me that i sound Venetta Fields

  65. Kev says – reply to this


    "Its like, ya know, telling uh.. motorhead, sing me a karen carpenter song. Its a major change". Plain and simple, I would pay to see motorhead cover "We've only just begun". I wouldn't say this quote inspires me or plays a huge part in my life, I just like what I took from that quote. I love change, moved around a lot as a kid, I go on a lot of road trips, I always go on the UK section of iTunes and buy random singles to see what the sound is like over there. If change was a bad thing, we would all still be using skin color segregated water fountains. Change is good and you'll never know until you try.

  66. Stephen Jones says – reply to this


    She said"There's not enough emotion and there's not enough passion in music today"
    This inspired me to dig up the box of old songs and poems that I wrote in the 90's and I've rediscovered the best parts of who I am,thank you Linda:)
    Stephen Jones

  67. Stephen Jones says – reply to this


    She said"There's not enough emotion and there's not enough passion in music today"
    This inspired me to dig up the box of old songs and poems that I wrote in the 90's and I've rediscovered the best parts of who I am and I'm hard at work writing again,thank you Linda:)
    Stephen Jones

    Read more:

  68. Susan M says – reply to this


    " I feel there is a really big void in music today. There's not enough emotion, there's not enough passion, and i am really good at getting artists to break through and pull that emotion out of them." - I this is my favorite quote because it's the truth about music! today there is very few artists people can relate to and feel what the artists are trying to say. Most music today is just for sales and that's not what it should be about… it should be about hard work and expressing yourself in ways that may make you uncomfortable but by doing that maybe make the artist feel relieved and make life easier for them! No matter if it's just a few people that can relate to the music or the whole world if they are adding feeling and expressing themselves through the music, and having the satisfaction of making points that matter, not just for the money and fame it brings then it will be REAL MUSIC!!!! So no matter what happens if I win or not I will have the satisfaction of EXPRESSING HOW I FEEL!! You are a wonderful creative person and I thank you for making a show like this! :)

  69. Sicili says – reply to this


    "Hunter Valentine who are you?" "Am I dealing with Joan Baez or Joan Jett?" "I need emotion" "I want the fire, I need more soul" "Music today is lacking emotion,That's why I am here" Definitely this is what I have been thinking before starting write any lyrics to a song, coz to me personally, songwriting is an outlet and a cure to my own sickness. It has to save you from pain and works as the only outlet that ultimately solve my problems. XOXOXO Love Linda.(I'm a lesbian too)

  70. Ana Moth says – reply to this


    "It's just You. What I'm looking for is you."
    For me that;s like the spirit of creativity speaking. I'm a song writer/ performance artist too and I think I get confused sometimes about what the spirit of creativity is asking for. Really it's just that you tell your truth. Don't be afraid to be ugly or boring or hurt. Don't try to be smart just be vulnerable. So good. Thank you Linda Perry you're the s***. But you know that.

  71. Katja B says – reply to this


    Don't write the song, let the song write itself. That is a life sentence for me. Don't try to write or control my life. Let what is to happen, happen and enjoy or learn by it.

  72. L. Cario says – reply to this


    Favorite quote "It's not about spinning chairs and picking people out of a line up. It's about hard work in the studio." Linda Perry inspires because she finds stuff in people and brings in out and maybe I should explore that stuff inside me.

  73. Asiris says – reply to this


    once they have that emotional breakthrough, ..that's when the magic happens. - Linda Perry
    When you write a song with heart, you give a piece of your soul every time because it comes from a such a deep and complex place. I try to accomplish this every time I write a song and at the end i find myself amazed with what I've written. That is one of the reason, why this quote has stuck with me since the first day. Without emotion and passion, we'd truly be dead.

  74. Jace says – reply to this


    "Don't stop to think, just hear the words and just go." What I love and admire most about Linda is definitely that she is no holds barred. She doesn't try and soften anything up and you always know that what she's telling you is one hundred percent truthful. If she's giving a compliment you know she means it. I think that it's something that's missing not only in music, but in life overall. We've become so distilled as a society, so afraid to be truthful; afraid that we might hurt someone's feelings so we try and soften the blow. I'm not saying we should be running around saying rude things or being mean for no reason, but we should definitely take a page from Linda's book and just fucking say it, do it, live!

  75. Jennifer Hillebrand says – reply to this


    "You're not gonna go anywhere staying in your comfort zone, you've created a box, now invent a window and get out"-Linda Perry
    We convince ourselves living life can be less difficult and less complicated inside our comfort zone where the water is warm, the landscape is familiar, and security is almost a guarantee! What Linda has so eloquently conveyed is by allowing yourself to step outside the box and allowing yourself to be vulnerable to your own emotions, you're actually allowing yourself to walk through doors that you never knew existed!
    My biggest insecurity and fear in life is my dyslexia. I've been afraid my whole life that if people discover that I have a learning disability they would think that I was not good enough or not smart enough! That's a huge burden to live with everyday! Linda has made me see that our differences are what makes us unique. Realizing that by living behind the wall that I've carefully constructed around myself, I'm limiting my potential out of fear. Giving others a chance to love and except me, instead of giving in to the fear of rejection was such an invaluable lesson! I'm realizing I have some pretty awesome qualities and I'm finding courage in quantities I never thought possible!
    Linda, thank you so much for creating a show that is so relevant, sincere, full of heart and helping people like myself realize their full potential!

  76. Julie says – reply to this


    "You guys need to stop dicking around!" - because it was true. love it or leave it.

  77. MimzzYo says – reply to this


    "I just want you, That's what I want." "What I'm looking for is you." That for me was a captivating moment in the show. When Anjuli put down those head phones and said she didn't want to talk about it anymore.. I was shocked! Had I been blessed with an opportunity like her with a gift as she has been born with I would NOT have thrown that moment away. Linda is musical genius in her own right and in that situation I would have given it my all even if I sucked! To me, you fail in life when you don't even try. You cannot be afraid to hold back in this life and that is one thing that truly inspires me about Linda. She has proven that women have a voice and we should not be afraid to use it! She stands tall and proud and for what she believes in and that is why Linda Perry has inspired me in my everyday life and continues to do so ever since I was 13 years old!

  78. Angie Bruyere says – reply to this


    "I don't have to like their music, but I have to believe it. " I can't begin to tell you how much these words have resonated with me. I'm just finishing up recording my second album, and there's really nothing more important to me than being real, and I couldn't have agreed more with that statement. Linda's a bad ass, and she knows her shit. She knows what's real. I've learned more than I expected to from watching this show and from Linda's process. Thanks so much for that. Now off to the studio.

  79. Santiago García says – reply to this


    I´m Santiago García, an architecture student and Colombian baritone. Music has always been part of me, and I have to admit that I´m insecure about my self.
    I believe that been a great singer is not about having the heights vocal range, It´s about founding who you are and what you got and make these work together. I´ve found hard to find my voice, baritones are not very popular these days.
    As a designer I´m a very graphic person and I have many ideas and thought that I love to write hoping one day the hole world can hear them, but It´s not easy to structure the to make a great song.

    I´ve never seen Linda´s project, but the few interviews and short clips seen, make me feel she is a humanist and I´m sure she understands what I thing.

    That I´m sure there´s many talented people out there wishing to win a trip to meet Linda, but I know I have the potential and I´m ready to be develop. I know there are things to improve and I´m ready to work hard.

  80. DEBOROCK says – reply to this




  81. Tina Slaughter says – reply to this


    If my expectations are to high I don't give a f*** That's where I think all of you deserve to be

    She (Mckenzie) don't have what I need I will not except anything less then that … I don't want
    filler I want a hit record.

    The first comments is when McKenzie was sent home. Linda is very inspirational. Her talent is crazy. Her honesty is pure!! she knows who she is and where she is going and where she has been. You can either man up and join
    her or get out of her way. She is
    very confident person with out
    being cocky!!! She is amazing I love everything there is about her.

  82. Lorena Cardenas says – reply to this


    My favborite quote so far is "Quit Dicking Around" as Linda tells Valentine Hunter as 3members are falling apart. Linda is a beautiful woman inside and out. Her dark brown eyes are piercing and think it's cool she hangs w/ C. Love as many have dismissed Courtney in Hollyweird and such. But not Linda. She is loyal to her people and that's why I love and admire her loyality and her compassion towards those she respects. Linda is like a Fine Wine……..better w/ Time. She looks AMAZING.I watched episode 5 last night via On Demand. It would be an honor an privilage to meet her!! I have similar childhood background as hers (too similar) and right now enjoying songs like "shame", "success", "fly Away", The Garden…list goes on. She speaks to my wounds and childhood trauma….me sad :(

  83. Jill fried says – reply to this


    Heart is where it starts.

  84. Jill fried says – reply to this


    When your in the streets of life you have to project your energy more

  85. Jill fried says – reply to this


    Brighten it up, change your shit up

  86. 86

    "I lost my heart, I lost myself somehow". Fitting that it's at the start of the show. As did I. Perez wrote about me back in June. I am the 40 year old singer that sang in The P!NK tribute band and got sued for $10,000,000 for a $75 show.. I have been a working musician for 20 years and now I must deal with over 100 media sources that refer to me as "old and ugly" despite the fact that there is nothing even remotely old nor ugly about me! I started playing it safe in my music a few years ago because I got so tortured by what critics would write about me when I was bearing my soul. So I stopped digging deep.This whole experience from the P!NK cover band has taught me that your passion for music simply does not die just because of a birthday. Nor does your value as an artist. And no musician should ever be ashamed of their age or feel compelled to lie about it. And you have to take that passion for the music, wrap yourself in it like a blanket and create from within. This is something that I am just really grasping 20 years into the game. Better late then never! This experience I am going through is both traumatizing and beautiful at the same time. I am experiencing the very worst of what the music industry can throw at you and yet I STILL WANT TO CREATE. I made it a point to mention my age when I was interviewed in The New York Post because I love my age. Artists my age should have more visibility. Linda, thank you for your show, it's what I need right now.

  87. 87

    "you're not gonna go anywhere staying in your comfort zone, you've created a box, now invent a window and get out" - LP.

    I sold my telecaster and bought a one way ticket São Paulo to NY in 93, I had What’s Up playing on my sony walkman at take off, I was 23, it was the first time I flew and I wanted it to be special, I was terrified and exploding of joy at the same time, I was heading over to “the dream” and the stream of power coming through my headphones was so intense, it charged my whole my body, my mind, my soul, rewind, rewind, rewind… I was so driven and loved riding that wave of possibilities, it was a tangible piece of reality I’d created by dreaming and believing I could do something about it.
    That feeling still exists, always has and always will, thing is, it’s dormant at times and gets overshadowed by daily bull shit, fear… A few people in my life have the power to remind me of how real and strong this feeling really is, I want to thank you for that, Linda, Thank you for striking this dissonant chord in my core I want to resolve, thank you for propelling turbulent feelings in song form that have been pouring out.

  88. christina sirera says – reply to this


    "I can give you all the advice, the criticism, but without it running through your veins; NONE of It Matters." -Linda Perry
    I like this because it hits home in a way that is direct and honest. It tells me that I can be helped but if I don't have the passion and the eyes to see it and the ears to hear it…its irrelevant and I stay where I am. It makes you have to decide.

  89. christina sirera says – reply to this


    "Someone else Hungrier is going to knock you out of the way." -Linda Perry
    This gets the fireburning and its where I see you have to decide that if you want it go for it… put gasoline of n the fire and do what you need to do.

  90. Christina Sirera says – reply to this


    "by the time you get used to everything, my eye and my mind is going to be off of you." -Linda Perry
    I understand that she says this is your chance and act now or lose it because if you can't do what you need to do, someone else will. And in the entertainment industry that's just how it is. ON that Note, I need to meet Linda Perry Because I would love her collaboration on a Broadway show that is being written. I believe she can take it to the next level by helping tap into every emotional moment that makes this show a powerhouse not yet seen.

  91. Jeannen says – reply to this


    "Quit Dicking Around" Spot On….It is easier to play the victim and place the blame on someone else as to why you are not where you want to be in life. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity where someone else is allowing a safe place for you to step out and just let go……I am thoroughly enjoying the creative process that is involved in writing a song. Thank you Linda for a behind the scenes, and back stage show. I feel like I have a VIP pass when I watch this show. Well done.

  92. Cario, Louis says – reply to this


    Favorite quote is "It's not about spinning chairs and picking people out of a line up. It's about hard work in the studio." And Linda Perry inspires because she finds stuff in people and brings in out and maybe I should explore that stuff inside me.

  93. Lori erdley says – reply to this


    Words of wisdom= "I want to hear you…let go"
    I love that quote because in music and life I'd love to here everyone Let go - feel the real deal. The raw emotion the stuff that matters -
    Linda inspires me with her music - voice- I lover her on the piano - it shoots right through my soul Love n light LORI.

  94. Jessica Jean Sinkule says – reply to this


    "There's not enought emotion in music today" - LP
    I have stuggled thru main streem music producers and radio stations, all of them tell me I'm "too raw" or my words are great, but they're arn't what the raido wants to hear. For a long time I was depressed over the whole situation. I will never stop making music, but it makes me feel so very good to know I'm not alone in the frustration of the battle of the bland. Linda, Mrs. Perry, you are a true inspiration to real artists and musicians full of emotion and creation. You help us keep going. (and I don't mean you keep us living a social life… You keep us living.) I would love to meet you and your crew that produced this fantastic show "Make Or Break".

  95. Penny says – reply to this


    "Heart is where it actually starts, there not enough heart in music today". -Linda Perry

    She had me at heart.- Pennyoffilth

  96. Lilian says – reply to this


    First off, thank you Perez Hilton & Linda Perry for running this sweepstake!

    Forgive me for being a bit of a rebel, but honestly, how can I just give you ONE favorite quote when so many of them have impacted me?! They truly demonstrate why Linda is such a musical genius and a true inspiration.

    “They have to write, you know, a hundred songs to find five, it just doesn’t make any sense to me. Just write 10 great ones! Why waste the time with the 95 bad songs, I just don’t understand that process.”
    Thank you for confirming what I have been thinking. Lately I have been writing in Nashville with other co-writers and have been told over and over again that I have to write 100 songs before I go in the studio to record. I always felt that was insane and a waste of time so believe me, your quote, is music to my ears!

    “It’s not about spinning chairs and picking people out of a line up, it’s about fuckin hard work in the studio”
    Thank you Linda because I started thinking that my only road to get discovered any more is these talent shows. Now I know my gut was right not to go down that road and to continue the hard work I’m doing in the studio and on the road with my band!

    Having the opportunity to watch the Finale at Kung Fu Studios with Linda would be incredible. Here’s to hoping you pick me.


  97. Amanda Fox says – reply to this


    My favorite quote of Linda's would have to be "You're not gonna go anywhere staying in your comfort zone, you've created a box, now invent a window and get out." As someone whose life has been a constant battle with defeats and victories over numerous things this quote sums up freedom. You know, if you keep doing what you've always done you'll keep getting what you've always got. Success (or progress) comes only when we step out of our comfort zone and start fighting for what we really want. Change stems from mental stability and great determination. It's when we know who we are, and not let the negativity of others direct us in the wrong direction that determines how far we go. And, to be honest, I wouldn't be here today if it weren't for making my own windows to break out of. The quote is real, honest, and also great advice (that many should consider taking).

  98. Jaclyn says – reply to this


    My Favorite Linda Perry Quote "Stop dicking around"
    I was watching the show thinking what I should do with my life. When I heard Linda Say "Stop dicking around" I just thought she is right. I need to move forward. I've been moving forward and not looking back since.

  99. Mariah Williams says – reply to this


    "Come on!!!!"

    I know it's simple and she says it a lot but this is my favorite quote from Linda. I love it when she jumps up and screams to the artists to break out and break free when performing. This kind of blunt motivation is what everyone needs and it was this kind of blunt motivation that broke me out of my shell.

  100. Tyler Holbrook says – reply to this


    The whole intro connects me to her every time I hear it I agree with it to the extreme. "Heart is where it actually starts. Theres not enough heart in music today. We're missing a connection. Artists come to me and try to get people to feel because I'm honest thats my gift. I nurture talent and take it to the next level. Its not just a music thing its a human thing. I want to empower people. Once you make that emotional breakthrough thats when the magic happens." its perfect they had her put this at the begiining of each show it sums up who Linda Perry is and what she is passionate about. Music to me is passion, emotion, connection, honesty, heart, soul, strength, preference, seriousness, LIFE and SO MUCH MORE! It would be so killer to meet my idol Linda Perry she is the real deal.

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