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9 comments to “Rob Schneider Blames Robin Williams' Suicide On Prescription Drugs - Calls Out Drug Companies”

  1. jimmyd says – reply to this


    Sadly,Robin was a long time booze and drug abuser,very easy to just say it was his prescription meds,Rob will say anything to get in the news………go call your gas company up and finish making your payment arrangements on junes bill,then phone,tv,car………a true midget deek

  2. Marie says – reply to this


    I totally agree. I'll bet he was on Ambien. And I'll bet Jr. Seau, Elliot Rodger, etc were as well. My kind, gentle, and intelligent Dad turned into an angry, belligerent, and violent man, especially at night, when prescribed Ambien due to his Parkinsons Disease. Anyone on meds needs to read PHARMAGEDDON, by Dr Healy for a clear picture of why many of these drugs are so dangerous. I wish my Dad's MD had read it. Maybe she would have prescribed Mg and morning sun to help his seratonin issues…

  3. Chicken says – reply to this


    sounds like Robin needed to smoke a joint, you know, the thing Dr. Perez frowns upon… prescriptions meds and booze are raking in dough while ppl shrivel back into dust they came from

  4. Klara says – reply to this


    Every pharmaceutical pills are just placebos used to block the brain from sending messages that something's wrong. It's a cog in the money-making machine of lab-coated quacks.

  5. kat says – reply to this


    If this is true then all this is really outrageous and regardless of which comes this information. The important thing here is that the facts would be known and authentic!

  6. 6

    Re: jimmyd – Robbin was sober for MANY YEARS. Only RObin knows why he did what he did. It is irresponsible to guess at his reasons or blame people/medications/failed shows…..

  7. Mitanni says – reply to this


    Addictive Mind altering mood altering substances are marketed daily. Guns are marketed…all are billion dollar industries. Drivers or those with guns on mind altering mood altering substances do untold damage to their own and other families every year. The results are devastating. These billion dollar industries should not be allowed to lobby the government to advertise. Greed is killing our children and destroying families. Kudos Rob Sneider…and expect backlash…

  8. Mitanni says – reply to this


    Re: Marie – Effexor and Valium, oxy condone are dirty drugs with all kinds of side effects that alcoholics are given in rehab. A friend of mines father went into rehab an alcoholic and came out a violent drug addict. Beware the rehabs that are subsidized or sponsored in any way by drug companies…pharmaceuticals are not street drugs but make no mistake they are DRUGS. Make sure the benefits outweigh the risks and beware of addictive pharmaceuticals (money makers)

  9. Nick says – reply to this


    Re: jimmyd – you are a fantastic human being.. Because this is about Rob Schneiders air time and bills?? Fuck it sucks knowing youre probably a grown up and what youre lacking in your personal life, youll never gain..