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Ariana Grande Gives Her Fans Everything They've Ever Wanted! Get A Sneak Listen To FOUR Tracks From Her New Album HERE!

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ariana grande my everything sneak peek four tracks

The time is almost here!

Ariana Grande has a pretty big week ahead of her!

Not only is the starlet is gearing up for her MTV VMAs, she's also getting ready for her sophomore album to drop!

We're sure she's not the only one excited about the release of My Everything!

For those who just COULDN'T wait another week for the album to drop, Ari gave her fans the perfect summer gift — a preview of FOUR tracks from her unreleased album!

These songs definitely have much more of a mature sound than her previous album!

Get excited, Arianators! We have a feeling this next one is going to be a hit just like the last!

Listen to the tracks (below)!!

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7 comments to “Ariana Grande Gives Her Fans Everything They've Ever Wanted! Get A Sneak Listen To FOUR Tracks From Her New Album HERE!”

  1. Timmy says – reply to this


    Is this girl working 14 hours a day?
    Where does she find the time for all she's doing?

  2. Calvin says – reply to this


    All her music is very middle of the road. It's very much a copy of what's already out there. 'Why Not' sounds so much like that Cher Lloyd song out at the moment. Also I've noticed how they've asked her to tone down the 'Mariahism' but it's just made her singing boring. These songs sound more like demos, they have no personality or emotion or anything.

  3. Tamzin says – reply to this


    Re: Calvin
    So why are people buying her music if it's so bad and boring? Are all these people crazy?

    And by the way, what's wrong with middle of the road music? It's perhap not your cup of tea but what does that say?

  4. Peter says – reply to this


    Re: Calvin
    Nothing new. I'm already a bit older and I remember there were exactly the same complaints about Mariah Carey when she started: cheap, commercial trash by a as such talented singer.

  5. Calvin says – reply to this


    Re: PeterRe: Tamzin – Difference is, Mariah was making $$$ and having number ones left, right and centre. This ^ does not bring anything to the table, whereas Mariah is one the originals (I'm aware of the Whitney comparisons at the start of her career but after that first album she set into her own). Ariana isn't really reaching out to that many people. Sure, Problem was a hit and her album will do well in first week sales, but she's hardly a big pop contender. Her sales versus all the people that don't buy her music. Your argument is rather silly Tamzin.

  6. Peter says – reply to this


    I understand your arguments and also in other reviews you read that it's too much middle of the road, faceless and riskless and that Ariana could make much "better" music with her singing abilities. However I don't think it's that easy.

    The comparison with Mariahs path is anyhow difficult because she started in a different timeframe (less visually oriented) and without a history of a teenstar. Ariana must take into account that she has a large fanbase of teens that she doesn't want to get rid off. And those teens will for the time being be more open to middle-of-the road music than for instance to an album full of more serious Mariah-like ballads.

    Next to that a sophomore album in general decides whether you are a one-hit wonder or here to stay. So avoiding risks is perhaps not that stupid.

    What you can debate is whether it's a good idea of Scooter Braun to push her in the direction of a popstar carreer like Madonna/Britney/Miley/Selena or that she could better concentrate on a carreer of more serious singing like Mariah, Whitney, etc. Probably her management has concluded it's better to go for the first path, keeping in mind that the latter path is always possible later on. She's only 21.

    Finally I think she should stop with all the featuring (unlike it's for music only like with Zedd) and concentrate more on her own singing. The featuring is more hampering her more than that it helps her.

  7. Tamzin says – reply to this


    Re: Calvin
    She has this week three others songs in the top 6 of the Billboard Hot100, so you why is my argument silly? Look, you're fully free no to like her music but I don't think it's fair to call her irrelevant. Whatever you may think of her, she worked her way up from a singing nobody to the top of charts in just 15 months next to a nearly fulltime job at Nickelodeon so I think she deserves a little bit more respect for that.