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33 comments to “Miley Cyrus Goes On A Twitter Rant After Her Homeless Friend's Shady Past Is Revealed”

  1. Terry says – reply to this


    Wow. This is the first time I've ever agreed with Miley. I'm a little shaken lol.

  2. GabbyJohnson says – reply to this


    This young man being homeless has absolutely nothing to do with his outstanding legal problems. The fact is, no matter who you are in this country, you can not out run the long arm of the law. (unless you are Justin Bieber…because apparently, he can do whatever he wants and never faces any ramificatons)

    And maybe if you had spent 5 minutes talking to this kid before you drug him in front of TV cameras with the sole purpose of making yourself look better, you would have found out that he has outstanding warrants.

    Next time, if you feel like helping the homeless, donate some of your millions and millions of dollars instead. Your "mission" to get the country talking about the homeless youth failed.

    You made things worse. The last thing the homeless youth of this country needs is to be associated with Miley Cyrus.

  3. 3

    I am so pissed off at all these entertainment and news stories bashing the homeless kid. Stop trying to destroy a great story! I knew Miley was a sweetheart! Proof…and she is right! We have all done shady shit! IF you didn't - you were one lucky kid.

  4. Nah says – reply to this


    I actually agree with Perez. She grew up in the spotlight and should've known how the media is. She is not that naive. She should tak a more mature approach, not rant but admit the ugliness and ignore media hate and focus on your cause. And put focus on people that also understands your cause not the ones that are just gossip wh*res.. This just shows she still needs some growing up to do, emotionally.

  5. 5

    Re: GabbyJohnson – I agree. It's a great cause, but exposing this kid also exposes Miley. She picked a good looking spokesperson to make HERSELF look better - that's her primary goal. And if a worthy cause benefits, well that's just a side effect. This kid is as fake as Miley's tears on the side of the stage.

  6. 6

    She's right! The media will suck every negative thing out of your life, then purge it in America's face!

  7. harleymutt says – reply to this


    He is NOT fucking homeless, he left his home to be a model, he can go back anytime he chooses to, he has a family and a house to go back to, stupid bitch saw a pretty face and called him "homeless" doesn't make it so, quit calli9ng this lying wanna be model homeless!

  8. @v@ says – reply to this


    Sometimes poor problem solving skills like not properly cleaning up past business contributes to why people are homeless. Donating to help the homeless is still a decent thing, because it could also enable free counselling to help assist the homeless with some of those poor problem solving skills.

  9. @v@ says – reply to this


    As soon as he accepted the award, you've got to know that his background will be vetted.
    The media isn't 'disappointing,' it's what journalists are supposed to do, establish credibility.
    I mean, he could have even been an actor instead of homeless. It is what it is.

  10. Peg says – reply to this


    Miley used this guy as a prop. She called him a hero. The press told the truth. What is her spoiled brat problem? The boy made a mistake, broke the law, ran away from his responsibilities to "become a star". This kid is no hero. Miley is a young fool that thinks she is powerful. Its all too weird.

  11. Peg says – reply to this


    The boy was obviously homeless by choice. He didnt tell Miley the truth. The prop used Miley better than she did him. He wants to "be a star" remember?

  12. Peg says – reply to this


    Makes one wonder if the organization that Miley wants you to blindly send your money to has been properly checked out thoroughly. She is such a dense little little drugged out no nothing that I doubt it. Please folks, double and triple check an organization before you send your hard earned money. Dont just follow Miley like lemmings.

  13. 13

    No, Miley chose some cutie homeless kid, instead of choosing a REAL fucking homeless person with no family. The kid was apparently arrested at his mothers house??? FUCK HIM!! and fuck Miley for hand picking some surfer looking dude who can GET A FUCKING JOB instead of a real stink ass desperate homeless person who no one will give a job to. Fuck you Miley. That's what you get, girlfriend.

  14. 14

    Miley, if you care SO MUCH why don't you donate millions to the cause, you fucking hypocrite,

  15. Wren says – reply to this


    Miley doesnt want to be a role model and should not be. FACT - She is too easy to make fun of. The runt (spelled correctly) is too easy to make fun of. Can you imagine her in that rasty red jump suit pulled up to her ears holding that beer can to her crotch asking Terry Richardson to make a donation?

  16. Poppy says – reply to this


    Our youth are important. They are a valuable asset. They are the future of mankind. Education is the answer. Miley knows nothing. The cause should seek out more appropriate people to represent them.

  17. Becky says – reply to this


    GabbyJohnson is right. Miley made things worse. The homeless youth deserve quality representation and Miley should put her money where her mouth is.

  18. sickofstupidpeople says – reply to this


    She picked him because he was camera ready, not because he represented homeless people. She could have picked ANYONE else. She didn't do her homework and while I am not advocating that he should be homeless, he did a crime and should be man enough to do the time for it. So, if she wanted people to be aware, she should have stopped thinking with her vag and pick someone or even a family who REALLY represents what she was talking about. She doesn't do anyone any justice by not checking into his past. It just hurts the cause.

  19. atmosphere says – reply to this


    Wow - you really nailed it! No need to read on, this is all that is needed on this subject!

  20. Poppy says – reply to this


    Miley is immature and drugged up. Good thing she has money.

  21. Abe says – reply to this


    Miley is not familiar with dealing with the truth.

  22. Ringo says – reply to this


    That obnoxious imp was kissing all over that guy. Wonder if she shagged him. Bedbugs anyone?

  23. 23

    22 year old Jesse has a home and he says he's going home to his mom, who he says he missed.

    And it appears he went to LA to get work as a model. Now, if you want to move to a major city away from your own home, without money, that is your choice.

    But when you have a parent you miss and a home don't tell us you are one of the needy homeless.

    And Miley….you are a rotten role model for the homeless with your very ostentatious lifestyle, partying, and singing about drugs.

    And where do you get off….just jumping into this issue suddenly and trying to portray yourself as the angel of light for the homeless on the VMAs?? Didn't hear a word about that for all the months you have been on a world tour. Suddenly there you are and expecting everyone to jump to your tune and do it your way because you are the expert. Grow up and find another gimmick to improve your pathetic image.

  24. cinner says – reply to this


    Totally agree. She did this to make herself look good and she was fake crying. Re: rosebud99

  25. dee says – reply to this


    Why doesn't smiley open up ten shelters for homeless teens in the California area,she can afford it.She's asking people who are living paycheck to paycheck to give.

  26. Wow says – reply to this


    She's insanely stupid. HES NOT HOMELESS MILEY. Just because he loves pot like you doesn't mean he's cool. He's a lazy asshole who left his home to avoid paying for his crimes. Stupid bitch

  27. Miamivic says – reply to this


    I agree she should not have used this guy now he's in hiding from the police & the media will follow through with this one.

  28. Bette says – reply to this


    I'm betting that ol Miley is throwing one ginormous temper tantrum over all this.

  29. @v@ says – reply to this


    Forgettabout Miley. She just wants to contribute somehow, and the homeless sure need it.
    This guy happens to be homeless because things obviously weren't going well. He still needs
    a leg up, as do all homeless regardless of how they got there. Good mission, Miley.

  30. Tank says – reply to this


    Miley can send her own darn millions. Why should I send my hard earned dollars? Her hero broke into someone's home and than ran from responsibility. I give food and money to the needy when I can when I choose. Miley is obviously unqualified to try to lead this cause.

  31. natalie says – reply to this


    i think again everyone is missing the point- i dont think miley is upset about the fact that his "legal issues" have been exposed but rather the fact that while theres a larger issue at hand, people focus on the judgement of an individual as oppose to recognizing the issue and taking a stand. she was making a statement, homeless people are ordinary people too.

  32. grannyD says – reply to this


    She should concentrate on adult entertainment (porn) since that's where her talents are. She's disgusting and needs to disappear from the general public's eyes.

  33. @v@ says – reply to this


    If she has a small hand in pointing this young guy's life in a good direction, then that's all that matters. Plenty of early 20's struggle due to external or internal issues, but most mature and get it together in time on their own when the light goes on and they figure out that what they're doing isn't working along with looking around and noting what does work for others. He'll just turn around faster with a little help.