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Duck Dynasty Star Phil Robertson Knows 'People Hate Me' — But Has That Changed Him?

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duck dynasty star phil robertson people hate me quote interview

Get your outrage out, because Phil Robertson is speaking once again!

In fact, the Duck Dynasty dad has written an entire book!

unPHILtered: The Way I See It is sure to have more of the interesting viewpoints, let's just call it hatespeech, for which Phil has become infamous.

But Phil says he doesn't care what people think. In fact, he says he understands how people feel about him! He says:

"I don't worry too much about people hating or insulting me. I'm a sinful man, and I've made a lot of mistakes. People have reason to hate me."

Huh. that was unexpected. Does he feel bad about the mistakes?

Well, maybe, but it seems Phil doesn't consider comparing homosexuality to bestiality one of his "sins." He says:

"All I did was quote a passage of scripture from antiquity. They're mad at me, but I'm really just quoting what God said, so He's the one they have a problem with."


Oh well. We guess part of being ignorant is that by definition you don't know you're being ignorant. And some people will never learn.

[Image via A&E.]

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2 comments to “Duck Dynasty Star Phil Robertson Knows 'People Hate Me' — But Has That Changed Him?”

  1. Pig Pulpit Sex says – reply to this


    Jeez Piggy, don't you see the similarity between your insincere cya video yesterday and his last gasp at selling his 'clarifying' book? You of all hypocrites, should just STFU.

  2. The_J's_ Momma says – reply to this


    It will always be easier to go with the crowd then to stand on your 2 feet and stand up for some morals. Gay marriage is a sin. Simple as that, as much of a sin as premarital sex, and lying, and killing. A sin is a sin. But as long as you always treat people the way you people should be treated then no one should have anything to say about it. I LOVE PHIL!!! Not many real people in the world anymore, most people can be bought by money!