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Jennifer Lopez Reminds Us She Has The Best Booty In The Business In A Brand New Teaser! Watch JLo & Iggy Shake It HERE!

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Jennifer Lopez hasn't just made a remix; she's made a reBoot!

With the help of Iggy Azalea, J.Lo's has brought her Booty back into the hearts and minds of fans everywhere!

And this video is going make that impression indelible!

Ch-ch-check out the video (above) to see the ASStonishing teaser!

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19 comments to “Jennifer Lopez Reminds Us She Has The Best Booty In The Business In A Brand New Teaser! Watch JLo & Iggy Shake It HERE!”

  1. Camilla says – reply to this


    I'm so sick of this music industry being all about women's bodies and not about anything else, ever. I always change the radio channel because I can't stand it but examples I could not escape are anacona and that wiggle song. I cannot understand how it is illegal to use racial slurs (rightfully illegal ofcourse!) while it is okay to have a song like Nasty Girl played on the radio. I remember being sixteen years old on a club for minors and feeling offended by the speakers, saying "i need you to grind like youre working for tips".
    Is no one else sick of this women hating culture? Educated answers please.

  2. femme says – reply to this



    wow, she's about the Last one to hop on the "big booty" bandwagon.

    and in so, objectifying women everywhere, JLo. Your stain on human history will be, what, twerking and taping your body parts into a dress?

    i was kind of expecting a woman of her vintage not to stoop to the low tactics of other newbie female "artists" (I use that term loosely - artist), of ass-obsessed, body objectifying women. Clearly desperate to be noticed. Thought JLo would have more experience and not hop on this 'trend'. Just because she's older, doesn't mean she knows herself.

    It's really sad to see women doing this. Why can't it be about the music, guys? (I use the term 'music' liberally, too. As 'music' would imply something with melody and someone who has devoted thousands of hours to their craft). But today, we can just shake our asses and roll around in a tub of vaseline and call ourselves empowered female artists?

    Beyonce. JLo. Iggy. Nicki. Miley. How is it I know you more for your rear end and know Nothing of your music, lyrics, or positive messages? What's happening here, ladies? Maybe you should worry less about everyone loving you, and try to love yourselves.

    You're all like a big bunch of ass-shaped, vaseline-covered, cash registers set to mind-numbing, monotone noises.

    In a word: Disappointing.

  3. femme says – reply to this


    Re: Camilla

    sing it, sister!

  4. MissLisa says – reply to this


    Why are these woman feeling the need to shake their ass like this. Its kind of tacky. I understand if you got it flaunt it. But our young girls need something more positive to listen to not do you like a big booty.

  5. pan86 says – reply to this


    OMG OMG OMG HOTNESS OVERLOAD! I knew Hype Williams would make an amazing video with Jen and Iggy! And the song is PURE ADDICTION! Such an urban banger! #SLAYAGE This will be FIRE to watch Live @ Fashion Rocks! The whole video will premiere right after btw! :) Can't wait!

    If people feel weird about seeing curvy women flaunt their butts then they should think that if it wasn't for JLo and certain female stars after her, million girls with curvy bodies would starve themselves to look like zero sized models! It's actually empowering especially for a woman in her 40s like Jen who proves that ageism is a fault of our society! Don't be narrow minded and prude… such videos are liberating and empowering for females all over the world! Also hot and FUN! :)

  6. br says – reply to this


    Re: pan86 – some ppl cant help being thin and btw its proven u will live longer on a low calorie diet soooo i think actually thinner ppl r healthier not saying curvy ppl r unhealthy but dont slam smaller ppl for being unhealthy that just ignorant

  7. br says – reply to this


    im sick of thin pretty girls getting ass implants and breast implants cuz apparently if u dont got big ones your not a real women like fuck off every body type thats healthy should be considered beautiful

  8. femme says – reply to this


    Re: pan86

    spoken like a paid chimp. or a PR rep. (same diff, right?)

    No, feeling uncomfortable as a woman watching other women subjugate themselves for cash and attention is Def OUR issue…. We should all just Lighten-up, right? because it's "hot".

    Thanks for dumbing down a very necessary DISCUSSION about this disturbing behaviour.

    All the smily emoticons aren't going to cover the fact that they and you are condoning a culture that thinks it's ok to objectify the female form.

  9. 9

    Totally agree. She works hard to have that real booty.

  10. MichJb says – reply to this


    Having a fat ass and singing empty minded pop music isn't all that sexy.

  11. what a joke says – reply to this


    I feel so embarrASSed for her!….pun intended ;)

  12. joinSD says – reply to this


    Move on to something else Jen. You're making an ass of yourself (not trying to be funny)

  13. pan86 says – reply to this


    Re: br
    Nobody said that thin people are unhealthy but when girls STARVE on purpose to be as thin as a sick fake body image on runway then THAT'S a problem.

  14. pan86 says – reply to this


    Re: femme
    So enjoying music and beautiful women is dumbing down a discussion?! SMDH That's the problem with some feminists… trying to avoid being "objectified" you lose your own female nature. Why is a woman not allowed to feel ok with her body and show it? She shoudl feel ashamed and keep always covered? Here there are no men thowing dollars or anything! Both Iggy and JLo are too strong, powerful, independent and sexy females with curvy bodies that are ok with their sexuality! Why should women supress their sexuality and feel ashamed of their bodies??!! Do you know how many girls STARVE themselves to look thinner?! Do you have any idea how many women are bullied and called fat for having curves and big butts?! Most of them have low self esteem, don't feel ok with their bodies and this has as a result to not feel ok with their sexuality… these women need to know that women with curves can be sexy, can be desirable and that they have the right to love and be loved . . .

  15. pan86 says – reply to this


    Re: femme
    . . . *CONTINUE* such videos may seem too sexy but women like JLo single-handedly changed the Hollywood's (and the world's) perception of what a healthy body image is. Before her, Beyonce and Shakira stuffed themselves in skinny jeans… after her debut designers started using bigger sizes, more curvy actresses got serious parts in roles and in an industry that has ruthless image standards!
    Don't be narrow minded and prude… women should feel empowered to know that they can feel ok with their bodies, with their sexuality and free to be sexy without feeling ashamed or threatened!

  16. Thit says – reply to this


    I, personally, have been empowered by women like Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé, and I'm not even curvy. Their attitude is liberating, and shows that women in power can be sexy, too.
    This debate is mostly run by narrow minded people, who have their own ideal of a "real woman", and believe their view on the subject is the only right one, thus making the same mistake as the fashion and music industry, both which they are desperately trying to fight.
    So how about this: We are all different, and what we choose to watch or listen to in order to develope our self esteem is completely our own choice, and very individual at that.

  17. Camilla says – reply to this


    Re: pan86 – The promoted ideal body of the moment is not the problem. The problem is that the focus is on the female body all the time. The male musicians focus on female butts, female musicians focus on female butts. What if male and female musicians focused on men's butts and noone mentioned female butts? The thought is so surreal because of the power structures among men and women.
    Women who feel empowered by females singing about how proud they are about their big butts feel so because big butts is what society puts women's value in at the moment.
    It would be SO MUCH MORE EMPOWERING if these musicians chose to focus on attributes like knowledge, courage, compassion and determination to reach one's goals in life.

  18. pan86 says – reply to this


    Re: Camilla
    Even at this though JLo specifically started this album with "I luh ya papi" a song which, as silly and fun as it is, tried to turn the tables with the video and show to men how it is to "objectify" them instead of women. It actually started the dialogue on the subject and took a stand on the matter!
    And we must take into consideration that we live in a society with stong focus on image and beauty issues! Of course there are many other important problems to deal with but we shouldn't attack women for doing what they want and promoting a healthy body image and confidence for female sexuality. And there are many way more serious problems involved with this… girls and women all over the world are called sluts and whores and get raped just for feeling ok with their body! Maybe this oversexualised image looks a bit "too much" but it actually also makes a statement that women shouldn't be treated as objects even when they do dress sexy! It's their right to dress and act as they like and their behaviour doesn't justify any act of sexual attack… ’cause that's what many think.

  19. femme says – reply to this


    Re: pan86

    Please go educate yourself, you angry, little person. May I suggest you look up the difference between too vs two.

    Your comments don't warrant a response.