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Tom Hardy Slams The Titanic Harder Than A Glacier! Says Rose Totally Could Have Saved Jack!

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tom hardy slam titanic

Looks like Tom Hardy really believes that Rose should have never let go!

In a recent interview, Tom not only admitted to crying during a viewing of The Titanic, he also confessed that he had some beef with the ending:

"…I cried during The Titanic movie…I would avoid that movie for a long time…I ended up watching it…I'd never tell [Leo]. He's never going to find out. Yeah, I cried. There was enough room on that door. Really, realistically it was kind of off. If she loved him, she would have moved over, right?"

Wow. Well, expect the full retribution of James Cameron after that remark, Tom. We'd be on the lookout for Terminators or Aliens, if we were you.

While we definitely wished Rose would have shared the door, who can say how any of us would act under such arctic conditions?

What an icy cold remark!

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7 comments to “Tom Hardy Slams The Titanic Harder Than A Glacier! Says Rose Totally Could Have Saved Jack!”

  1. Ana says – reply to this


    Maybe that moron should go back to school? The door thing is about physics, not room. It could not sustain the weight of two people and would have sunk, killing both of them.

  2. Cherish says – reply to this


    Too bad the whole story of that night has been wasted on so many.

  3. sophia. says – reply to this


    i think he saved her life by not climbing on. cuz i think they both would have fell in the water then. but it would have be nice if they had shown that in the movie, that he tried to climb on. so he decided to let her live…

  4. 4

    Uh, duh. As if he's the FIRST person to ever mention this. He's a day late and a dollar short. People have speculated this for YEARS! Anyway, I believe the Mythbusters busted the theory of the two being able to share the door.

    Well, they said it may be plausible if they had used the life jacket (underneath the door) for more buoyancy to help them stay afloat. Otherwise the door would have slipped under the water too much with the weight of both of them on it and allowed too much freezing water on ultimately freezing/killing them.

  5. Stacey says – reply to this


    Yeah, sharing the door won't work. Gotta accept the fact that it made Titanic even tastier.

    Hey, get your gag items and pregnancy prank stuff at “FakeaBaby” :)

  6. martin says – reply to this


    My partner got upset with me because I started whingeing at the end because the film became totally unreal. For goodness sake, the ship's sinking, it's getting increasing vertical and the couple go for a stroll and chat with the lost souls. I think it was my laughter of disbelief.

  7. Andrea says – reply to this


    This is old news.. we all know he could have fit on the door! This experiment was done on Myth Busters a few months ago!! But James Cameron said.. the story was written that Jack dies, so Jack had to die!!