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Ariana Grande's Obsession With Her 'Good Side' Seems To Be Because Of One Little Thing! Her Diva Ways Come Down To THIS!

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ariana grande left side explained

Mystery solved? Possibly…

Ariana Grande has been accused lately of being a diva. Mostly, this comes from the many accusations that she demands to be photographed and filmed from the left side. Not only did a photographer recently accuse her of diva antics, but E!'s Giuliana Rancic revealed that Ariana's team asked her to switch sides so Ari could film showing her left side!

But why so picky???

Well, we know EVERYONE has a good side, and that seems to be the case here. Ariana seems to clearly be favoring her left side (just check out all the pics above, although we did find one snapped on her right side!), but her situation just might be a little more complicated.

It is sure starting to seem like the pint-sized singer is being so strict about her left side because of that one little dimple she's got on it! Obvi, that's the only difference between the left side of her face and the right!

You see, she doesn't have one on her right side, and she's definitely spoken out in the past about loving the little addition on her face:

"My best feature is probably my dimple."

Well, that would explain why she'd want to show it off so much!

But we sure don't think she should be changing up things like red carpet interviews just to please her dimple!

On E! last night, Giuliana dished out more deets about their red carpet incident and confirmed the E! team checked the footage and Ari's team DID ask for Giuliana to switch from her usual side to accommodate Ariana, but the TV show host now says it wasn't as harsh as she first let on.

We just hope Ari doesn't let her dimple do her in! It's not worth it!

Ch-ch-check out Giuliana explaining more about what happened on the red carpet (below)!

[Image via WENN.]

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14 comments to “Ariana Grande's Obsession With Her 'Good Side' Seems To Be Because Of One Little Thing! Her Diva Ways Come Down To THIS!”

  1. bnietzsche says – reply to this


    The more you shade her, the more I love her <3

  2. jimmyd says – reply to this


    great body but a face like a mouse,face has no sex appeal at al just like jessica alba,great tight body but a dead looking face

  3. 3

    With the number of pictures she has floating around media, etc. - who fucking cares if her dimple is showing? You can't expect all the photogs and paparazzi to accommodate her dimple 24/7. Diva indeed - she needs a healthy slap of reality

  4. Mariah copycat says – reply to this


    This trick is stealing her ride to fame right out of the Mariah Carey book. In the 90s, it was mentioned millions of times that Mariah could only be photographed from one side of her face as well, that's how Tommy M. wanted it to
    be done. Trick please go get an original idea

  5. Taylor says – reply to this


    Obviously they were contacted by her publicist…

  6. Cheryl says – reply to this


    I think it's because it seems like she kinda has a (slightly) lazy eye on her right side. If she's constantly looking to her left then her pupil is in the corner of that eye and you can't really tell. If you watch her in videos or see her face straight on you can see it. It's slight. Also, in her break free video there are a couple of quick shots of her right side and it looks like she has a dimple on that side too.

  7. lol says – reply to this


    Re: Mariah copycat – amen. A MEN. coat-tail-shawty.

  8. angela says – reply to this


    so obvious ariana's manager or publicity team called the interviewers and wanted them to tell to the public that ariana did not shove her and is not a diva or whatever -_- just like how they did to the blog post about her horrible M&G

  9. angela says – reply to this


    Re: Taylor – exactly

  10. me says – reply to this


    Great singer but is that seriously the reason she always looks constipated in her photos

  11. Cat says – reply to this


    Re: Cheryl
    All the photos of her that look like they are on the right side have actually just been flipped. If you look at full front faced photos of her, her dimple is only on the left. When they want to capture her right side, they take a photo of her left and flip it so it looks like the right.

  12. Snidely says – reply to this


    I'll give 2:1 that she has a complete meltdown a la Britney before the end of 2016.

  13. Marvin says – reply to this


    Having a dimple is rare, HAVING a single dimple on one cheek is a rare phenomenon. It is a dominate trait and is only passed down in genetics, what she has is special, I have one on my left side too. Not many have single dimples and she should be allowed to express it. It's UNIQUE

  14. kat says – reply to this


    Bitch please… she only wants photos from the left because she has a stupid lazy eye, and it isn't as noticeable at that angle. Hooker, get over yourself.