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Kanye West Rushed To Hospital!

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kanye west hospital emergency melbourne australia

Oh no!

Just before his concert in Melbourne, Australia on Wednesday night, Kanye West had one heck of a health scare!

Apparently suffering a severe migraine, the Blood On The Leaves rapper was reportedly rushed to Epworth Hospital for an emergency MRI.

According to eyewitness Loraine Terry, the situation was intense– and not just for Kanye. She said:

"My daughter was having an MRI. Shortly after it began, security burst in and cleared the area. Everyone was moved out of the waiting and consulting rooms. We were the only ones left apart from doctors and nurses - we couldn't leave as the MRI wasn't finished.

Next thing we knew, Kanye was stretchered in surrounded by security. He had one side of his face covered with something white. We both knew it was him because we had seen his photo in the paper everyday and we were shocked because it looked so serious.

Everyone was massively panicked. And they were very nervous about making sure the area was completely clear. At one stage, one of his security men saw my daughter, who was lying on the MRI machine, turn her head and he insisted she had to go. We weren't even properly finished."

Eesh! We hope Kanye was OK, but did all the other patients really need to be pushed out the door? What if they had serious issues too?

Hospital spokeswoman Colleen Coghlan would not discuss Kanye's condition, but did deny that other patients were rushed out for him. She said:

"Yesterday afternoon we had 50 people in our emergency department. All were treated with respect and according to the severity of their symptoms"

We don't yet know the results of Kanye's test, but the good news is he was feeling well enough to perform as scheduled.

We hope it ends up just being a false alarm.

[Image via BauerGriffinOnline.]

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19 comments to “Kanye West Rushed To Hospital!”

  1. Fitzzz says – reply to this


    Shows the reverse of White Privilege, we keep hearing Al Sharpton, and Eric Holder bitching about

  2. erasy says – reply to this


    What a POS Kanye is.

    He and his posse of apes.

    Pushing sick people out of their MRI's - his security detail should be charged / arrested - THEY HAVE NO RIGHT. PIGS.

    I loathe and despise this creature.

    PLEASE don't go to his inane, blathering, self important concerts, or watch his fat twat wife on TV. Take a walk outside people, where beauty abounds, he and kim are the REAL plebs.

  3. 3

    I'm surprised the hospital allowed this type of behaviour!!

  4. ely says – reply to this


    If this is true… I am ABSOLUTELY disappointed if i was one of patients/ the patient's guarding.

    Sacrificing tens (im assuming the numbers) of peoples' health just for one severe migraine? America needs to get its priorities straight. The whole ward isn't HIS….. PEOPLE PAY TAXES FOR A REASON…………. I'm just too mad by this news

  5. MichJB says – reply to this


    You mean Yeezuz couldn't heal himself?

  6. 6

    Oops, this was supposed to of been listed under the who give a fuck file,

  7. 7

    Diagnosis - massive ego overload causing pressure on the brain.

  8. Hollyweid says – reply to this


    So he got a headache? Bet he was finally sick of hearing Kim's voice or maybe yet, even his own. What a tool….

  9. Hollywerd says – reply to this


    If I was there with my daughter and this tool and his entourage came in an even tried to push us out of the emergency room, they would all need to be admitted. First clown to try would have gotten anything sharp I could find jammed in to their face!

  10. 10

    severe headache, was he playing his latest cd, you know, the artistic dics, what a piece of wasted skin

  11. 11

    Make way, famous person throwing a fit over a headache. Nevermind the fact the people had to likely wait months for their MRI appointments.

  12. Kay says – reply to this


    Oh my fuck. It was a migraine. Get over yourself.

  13. april99 says – reply to this


    Maybe his ego finally got too big for his head…………..

  14. Carl says – reply to this


    The ugly black monkey should have waited his turn

  15. bildo bongo says – reply to this


    What an utter c***, got a headache listening to his waste of space wife talking shit.
    The Hospital should be ashamed for throwing out ill people for this bunch of gorillas

  16. Pork Head Cheese says – reply to this


    I heard that doctors had quite a time trying to separate his lips from his sphincter. It really sucks to be Kanye!

  17. 17

    yes then the prick was back on stage that night so all the pepple who were actually sick where probly still in er Re: rosebud99 – HAHAHAAAAAAAAAA 100/100

  18. 18

    HE WAS BACK AT HIS SHOW THAT NIGHT while all the actual sick people where probly STILL WAITING TO GET SEEN

  19. Special Effects says – reply to this


    This is not okay and what happened to begin with was his own fault. Somebody punched him, knocked him out and I guess he had seizures.

    He should really keep his big, fat mouth shut.

    He is crazy. His mother was psycho and disillusioned. And he had his mother murdered for an illuminati sacrifice. That is why he is not right in the head after her death.