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Awkward! Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev Lock Lips For A Vampire Diaries Scene And She Is NOT Having It! Watch It All Go Down HERE!

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These people are HIGHlarious and we are LOVING their vocal warm ups!

The Vampire Diaries has gifted us with a beautiful present: the bloopers from season five!

That's right hours minutes of AH-Mazing footage from the fifth season and it's pretty much the best thing ever to watch!

Anyone catch that awkward moment between Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev when they had to retake a kiss on set? She was DEFINITELY not having it at all!


Watch the blooper footage from the previous season (above)!!

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13 comments to “Awkward! Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev Lock Lips For A Vampire Diaries Scene And She Is NOT Having It! Watch It All Go Down HERE!”

  1. 1

    Really Perez? Stop stirring the pot and creating more drama by writing about non-existent awkward moments on a blooper reel. There are plenty of other celebrities in Holloywood you can dish on. Let it go man!

  2. 2

    "I'm not"???? LOL NINA. WHY ALL THE POSTINGS AND ACTIONS since IAN is with NIK fron Twilight? LOL. UR sooo mad at him.. YOU don even look hot at the red carpet U look sad. #biggest mistake of ur life and U know IT

  3. Lillie says – reply to this


    Uff those TVD bloppers are so boring. Ian is the only good Thing about the show.oh and Perez: Nian is OUT, Somereed ( Ian and Nikki) is IN <3

  4. ellen says – reply to this


    Re: Lillie – I agree , Ian is the reason I got hooked on the show and the only reason I know still hang in there for. also pretty u much the only funny one in these bloopers to.

  5. Jralla says – reply to this


    Nina dobrev needs to grow up you little brat… Thank you behind the scene people for taking a show I never missed an episode of and ruining it so that I won't be watching it. Although above normal age bracket for this show you turned nobodies into vp stars and most of them became spoiled brats. Get new writers and some actors that care more about acting than throwing temper tantrums. Goodbye vp!!!

  6. Isha says – reply to this


    Those Nian&Dobrevics&delena fans will still believe that Nina is the queen&Ian has to force marry her&save the fairytale Nian..LMAO

    Nina clearly does not want anything to do with Ian..but these hater fans want to put all the blame on Ian's shoulders&wait forever pining&crying for the diva queen to come back to him after she has had all the fun in the world..these nian fans..someone detox them please!

  7. Leah says – reply to this


    They have moved on and feel free to mock and joke around as seen at the PCAs this year. It's the fans and media who haven't moved on. They seem to think Ian and Nina's universe still revolve around each other. It doesn't. Open your eyes. Stop making drama. I think I've seen about half of Ian fans wishing he would leave just TVD to escape the "Nian" entrapment.

  8. Tamara says – reply to this


    Don't worry. You won't have to put up with Damon much longer Nina/Nian stans who rave on and on about PR, get back to old self, famewhore, disgusting, old, bore etc etc, Michael Malarkey is being groomed to steal viewers hearts next season. Ian's gone. Obvious much?

  9. Helen says – reply to this


    Re: Tamara – except for one Problem, He will never replace Damon/Ian. Some Viewers like him but, not as replacement for Damon, or will he ever carry the Show like ian. without Damon there will be no VD.

  10. veronica1 says – reply to this


    I think all you little stupid brats that think that Ian is better with Nikki rather than Nina need to SHUT UP! Nina and Ian were the cutest couple ever, and im not gonna let a pathetic blonde skank from Twilight ruin a beautiful couple. Think for a second people, Nikki Reed is known for being a women who rushes into relationships too quickly, and her husband already filed a divorce on her. The woman can't keep a steady relationship with ANYONE! Her first husband left her, gee, i wonder why? Ian is just another boy toy for Nikki, who has already moved onto him too fast. NINA AND IAN FOREVER!!!!!

  11. elenor says – reply to this


    Re: veronica1 – lol! first of all you don't have anything to say about who ian loves, goes out with marries. The last I checked Nina dumped Ian 18 months ago and moves on a few weeks later with numerous Guys and flaunted them all over the place, so I would be careful who I call a skank.. Nikki legally separated from her husband last year , The widespread Belief was because he was cheating, She and filed for Divorce this Spring. The divorce was amicable. If ever a Woman was in Love with a Man , you can see how much Nikki is in Love with Him and he with her, and who would not be in love with this wonderful gorgeous Man. She is a compassionate, beautiful Women and talented Women that has a few movies coming up, a new Album Release and so on. The only ones that are little Brats are the little Nian Shippers.

  12. Lily says – reply to this


    I totally agree with NYC1988 JUST STOP!

    What you manage to do is create so much hate against these actors, GTFU!!!!!!

  13. lol says – reply to this


    Lemme clarify one thing. All true TVD fans will recall that this scene was shooted way before the whole NikkixIanxNina drama/scandal started. They were both laughing, and it seemed to be just a joke. This is the power of media and gossip sites that twist everything to sell more. Nikki is famous? Please? Her husband Paul is the talented one. I've heard from intern sources of the Twilight cast that Nikki caused a lot of trouble, calling in paps, and getting herself involved with Robert Patz, and because of other things she was almost kicked out from the cast, and the only reason she stayed was because her father had dated the fisrt director the saga hired. She's a C/D actress list, and gets a lot of paps in LA, while other much more famous celebrities don't get so papped as her. Also. in this couple of months Ian and Nikki started making to the headlines, Ian got more photos with her than in the whole three years he dated Nina. Nina Dobrev can have all her flaws, but one thing she said right. Private live means to be private. That's what every celebrity must do if they want to survive on the media.