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11 comments to “Django Unchained Actress Handcuffed By Police For PDA With Her Boyfriend — But It's The Despicable Reason Why That Everyone Is Talking About!”

  1. 1

    I don't understand why people don't show there id when the police ask to see it. It never turns out good.

  2. 2

    go to t……..z……..m to read to REAL story

  3. 3

    The reason people called was because she was having sex with her boyfriend in the car. a lot of people called on her. I can say the police did this and this and all of it can be untrue.

  4. wow says – reply to this


    wow, your integrity as a journalist never seems to astound me. If you actually research the incident and what occurred you would realize everything that you are preaching to be "racist" is in fact completely off base. the police were called on them because they were having public sex in their car in the middle of the day. if you listen to the audio, she was the one being completely disrespectful and aggressive with police and threw the "do you know who I am?" card along with the race card. You, Perez, are the problem with this country today. All you do is spew hate and judgment about things you know NOTHING about. The negativity making it's way through the country is because of people like you, claiming that all negativity is based on racism and homophobia. Get a freaking clue and cut the victim shit out. Be a man.

  5. kmartinez says – reply to this


    If you listened the audio, you might not be so horrified! She only cried after the race and fame card didn't work. If it didn't work for Reese Witherspoon, it sure isn't going to work for this girl. BTW calling your Daddy on the mean police doesn't work either.

  6. 6

    Yes go to T….Z….M for the real story and police audio,you need to hear this.

  7. JB says – reply to this


    Wrong. She was caught having sex I the car, with the car door open. Them she played the race card to no avail. Then the fame card.

    Throw the book at this girl for the disgusting accusations. She should be ashamed. I a, so sick of people going to the race card even when they are wrong.

    And Perez You should take it to this girl for lying and then making you look like the fool. Spend as much time fixing it and letting her know it's not OK to do this garbage.

  8. Pico del Gate says – reply to this


    This was a report about her having SEX with her BF-not her RACE…it's the blacks that ALWAYS bring up the race card. It's a diversion from the facts-she needs to own up that she was doing something illegal in public and get over herself.

  9. Glosttttar says – reply to this


    I heard she pulled the race card and was totally un-cooperative for no reason.

  10. audra says – reply to this


    This article is a joke! Do your research. Here is the link to the whole police audio. She pulls the race and celebrity card for no reason! Grow up.

  11. Pics are proof says – reply to this


    Now that there are PICTURES clearly showing that she was doing more than kissing, You should apologize for taking CELEBRITY side in a matter you know nothing about!!! Be RESPONSIBLEfor what you POST.