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SWIFTIES — Excited For Taylor Swift's New Album? Here Are 5 Things You Need To Know Before The Big Day Comes!

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taylor swift 5 things need to know about new album 1989

There's no event like waiting for a Taylor Swift album to drop!

With the popstar's highly anticipated album on the horizon, it's impossible to think about anything else BUT 1989! Especially since Shake It Off is playing on every radio station!

Well, hopefully these little tidbits about T-Swizzle's next album will hold you over until October 27th when the album actually comes out!

So, here are five secrets about the album as told by Tay Tay herself!

1. The album is based around her New York experience and conquering the concert jungle:

"I was so intimidated by this city for so long. It's so big, with so many people. I thought I would never be able to make it here, because I wasn't something enough — bold enough, brave enough to take on this huge city in all of its blaring honesty. And then at a certain point I just thought, 'I'm ready.'"

2. Taylor reveals there's going to be a LOT of Max Martin on the album. He's the Swedish pop king who's responsible for multiple pop hits in the past 15 years!

"I used to talk about Max Martin like he was this sorcerer who lived in a castle on a hill. And then one time Scott [Borchetta, the head of her label] said to me, ‘You know…you can work with him if you want to.' I was like, What?!"

3. Taylor and Jack Antonoff of fun. are friends first, writing partners second. The two had a crazy bonding moment over an '80s pop group, so her whole album will certainly have that '80s pop vibe to it!

4. Apparently one of the songs from 1989 came straight from Taylor's journals while another one sounds like it could've been written straight from Taylor's own thoughts!

Jack dished about the song he co-wrote with Tay, Out of the Woods, and said:

"The thing I love about that song is parts of it reads like a diary, and parts of it read like something 100,000 people should be screaming all together. It's got these very big lines that everybody can relate to, which are given weight by her being really honest about personal things."

5. 1989 is essentially a mash up of the experimental pop music that came from that very year!

"It was a very experimental time in pop music. People realized songs didn't have to be this standard drums-guitar-bass-whatever. We can make a song with synths and a drum pad. We can do group vocals the entire song. We can do so many different things. And I think what you saw happening with music was also happening in our culture, where people were just wearing whatever crazy colors they wanted to, because why not? There just seemed to be this energy about endless opportunities, endless possibilities, endless ways you could live your life. And so with this record, I thought, 'There are no rules to this. I don't need to use the same musicians I've used, or the same band, or the same producers, or the same formula. I can make whatever record I want.'"

Well, with all of that being said and done we simply cannot wait for this masterpiece to make its debut!!

[Image via Pacific Coast News Online.]

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7 comments to “SWIFTIES — Excited For Taylor Swift's New Album? Here Are 5 Things You Need To Know Before The Big Day Comes!”

  1. J says – reply to this


    Who's that old lady? Laura Bush?

  2. nick says – reply to this


    Paris Hilton may not be blog worthy (but he is!) Looks like Ms Hilton, after months DJ'ing in Europe arrived in LA just yesterday and arrived to a Magazine photo shoot today and showed off her newest boys. Her Puppy Prince POM, and SUPER HOT Taylor Swift Dancer Matt McCall.
    Check out the instagram post and heres a picture to go with it.

  3. kat says – reply to this


    I swear, her eyes look exactly like the eyes of a person who has received a facelift.

  4. 4

    Re: kat – Taylor or the cat?

  5. Diabo says – reply to this


    I can't stand this girl. She comes across really fake. She also seems to be one of those girls who acts stupid, or incompetent or clutzy for attention. YOu can see it in her new video she pretends she just can't do that dance at all and falls down and tries to act cute. That is something I can't stand, girls who try ot be helpless thinking it makes them look cute. It doesn't. I tmakes them look stupid, helpless, pathetic.
    ALl her annoying candid photos of her leaving the gym after a 'workout' where she has professionally blownout hair, full face of heavy (and professionally applied) makeup, wearing 6 inch heels and a designer outfit. Most people don't exist the gym that way if they've gone to the gym for an actual workout.

    Also her annoying music sucks. Particularly that shit about "shes in a short skirt, I'm in the bleachers blah blah" as if she's better than the other girl because she's sitting in the bleachers wearing sneakers or whatever it is. It's just pandering to sexism.

    Urgh, be gone bitch.

  6. Star says – reply to this


    Its about the music for Swift. She is highly highly successful so the majority wins. Taylor is likable and talented and kind. She will devolve an edge over time. Shes young and will evolve with life experiences.

  7. sarah says – reply to this


    Re: Star
    On the dot! Very perceptive. Taylor, if anyone alludes to your wearing shorts, please try to answer that question without pointing out that you are wearing much more than others are wearing or by saying that you do not believe in stripping. How many singers strip and walk on the road all the time??? And I am sure down the years, YOU ARE GONNA STRIP AT SOME POINT AND YOUR ANSWER THEN? IT IS JUST PART OF THE GROWING PROCESS! HYPOCRITE