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Miley Cyrus Could Face Detainment For Twerking On THIS Country's Flag In Concert!

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miley cyrus spank mexican flag(1)

Her butt is causing a heap of trouble!!

Miley Cyrus might be in hot water with Mexican government officials after a silly stunt she pulled at her Arena Monterey concert on Wednesday night.

A state legislature has urged the country's federal government to fine Mileybird (up to $1,200 or a 36 hour detainment) after one of her dancers whipped the singer's fake padded bum with a Mexican flag during the show…

And to make matters worse, the incident took place on their Independence Day.

Apparently, Mexican authorities are very sensitive toward any signs of contempt for national symbols — and this twerk show was a big no, no!

We doubt they'll actually detain the superstar, but after watching the (above) gif, the fine is imminent!

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15 comments to “Miley Cyrus Could Face Detainment For Twerking On THIS Country's Flag In Concert!”

  1. Fanny says – reply to this


    Degenerate sicko attention seeking thoughtless bitch. I apologize to Mexico on her behalf. She is not only shaming herself but is shaming all of America.

  2. Riley KM says – reply to this


    She insulted an entire country and Perez calls it "a silly stunt" The actions were not silly. She broke the law!!!!!!!!! Perez makes a huge deal of Grande showing her dimple and downplays the repeated demented actions of Cyrus. Pathetic.

  3. Redbone says – reply to this


    It would have been much more appropriate if she had worn that huge butt on her head.

  4. texasannie says – reply to this


    she is an absolute moron. why anyone would pay to see that crap of a performance is beyond me. she had some modest hits and used to be a cute girl. now she's just trash and really stupid. well, she was probably always stupid, but it shows now. thinks she's so adult and grown up and she's a total joke.

  5. Looky dat says – reply to this


    It would be wonderful and deserved to see Cyrus spend every second of that 36 hours in a jail in Mexico. Fingers crossed. She needs a dose of real life.

  6. allan says – reply to this


    nothing but a trashy little slut with questionable talent but look who the parents are so I suppose it comes naturally

  7. Paulina R says – reply to this


    Hi Perez, i live here in Monterrey Mexico! just want you and miley to know that "monterey" like you say is written with double R MONTERREY MEXICO! thank you!! and tell taylor swift to come and visit us!!!! PLZZZZ we need taylor in mexicooo

  8. sweet says – reply to this


    thank god she's gonna pay for what she did! Unlike Usa, Mexico really really respects their patriotic symbols, and i find this amazing.

  9. Nina J says – reply to this


    I think (secretly) Miley does antics because she is afraid of going back to long hair but with her new maturity. It's obvious that she likes fashion, but she does not want to be compared. I hope Miley solves her problems.

  10. ACTUALLYMATTERS says – reply to this


    you re a piece of shit perez. I love how you make a big deal of very small thing that are actually 'silly' but not this?
    and saying 'apparently sensitive' HOW WOULD IT NOT BE ? you are such a hypocrite ! you are just pathetic. YOU KNOW IT WAS WRONG! SO WHY don't you write THIS INSULTING STUNT! SHE KNOWS BETTER?
    you are terrible.

  11. A Lady says – reply to this


    Actually, by law, written on the Mexican constitution and on the hymn, anyone who uses the flag in a bad way, burns it, cuts it to use it as clothes or dishonours it, would face 3 days in jail or a fine!

  12. Mamma says – reply to this


    Cyrus has stated publicly that SHE and not her Producers is in full control of all creativity that takes place on her stage. The dancers are paid to follow direction. Cyrus desecrated the Mexican Flag. She should face the same consequences as any other citizen or visitor in that country.

  13. Truxie says – reply to this


    The U.S. should consider revoking her passport. Dont forget this is the second time she has broken the law of a foreign country on film. We di not need some useless pop pop dumb dumb out the intentionally provoking controversy by insulting and breaking the laws of Allies, Neighbors or other Countries for personal gain and financial profit. We need a law to stop this.

  14. Star says – reply to this


    Re: Truxie – So true. Foreign relations are of utmost importance. There is something quite disturbing about miley taking these actions on stage in public on film and for profit. She needs to be stopped. Wow.

  15. riddhiashiyani says – reply to this


    it's look ridiculas,she dont have sence