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Sharon Osbourne Did WHAT To Prove Her Love To Ozzy Osbourne! This Confession Is SCARY!

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sharon osbourne confession

The Talk's Secret Week is full of confessions that just keep getting more and more unbelievable.

This is a secret she hasn't even told her kids, but Sharon Osbourne is telling us!

Sharon revealed she once drunkenly slit her wrists to prove her love for her rocker hubby, Ozzy Osbourne.

We saw their passionate romance on The Osbournes, but we had no idea it was THIS emotional!!!

Hear her heart-stopping story (below)!

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12 comments to “Sharon Osbourne Did WHAT To Prove Her Love To Ozzy Osbourne! This Confession Is SCARY!”

  1. Purple says – reply to this


    A secret better kept. Its horrifying. Even worse to think that some may follow this grotesque act. I always kinda liked this woman but no longer have any respect for her what so ever. Sick sick sick!!!!!

  2. Chris says – reply to this


    Re: Purple – You no longer have respect for her because of one mistake she made when she was young and in love and acting irrationally? Or you no longer have respect forher because she publicly confessed to her mistake, in order to try to help people who may relate to her? She even states in the video that no one should do it.
    Newsflash, there are kids out there that are depressed and who do struggle with self harm and cutting..and hearing this may very well help them.
    Stop being so judgemental.

  3. 3

    She stayed with her jackass husband after he ate the head off a dove during an interview (google it - it's true and I watched a biography on him) plus a bat on stage…

    I liked Ozzy, but after watching his biography — he is a fuck'n moron and so is she –

  4. Amber says – reply to this


    Re: Purple – you're judgmental! Something shared has the ability to bring light to darkness. She did not condone it, she expressed she regretted it. I can respect anyone willing to put their self out there to help others, which telling someone I regret my mistakes, I warn you not to make them, is putting her self out there

  5. robin says – reply to this


    obviously she doesnt love him that much - she's still alive.

  6. starlitkate says – reply to this


    Re: Purple – Till you are in that situation then don't judge!

  7. brokentenchi says – reply to this


    Re: starlitkate – I HAVE been in her position and struggled with it for more than 7 years. I was horrified and about threw up when I saw her confess to this. The hand motion she made was HIGHLY inappropriate and uncessary plus very triggering. And telling people who do it to "just grow up" isn't helping them for future reference. And yes she did say that. Self harm isn't a joke and she just made it into one with her bullshit. I hated her before and had very little respect and now I have absoulutely none.

  8. Aqua says – reply to this


    Re: brokentenchi – She didn't mean self harm was disgusting or that people that do it should grow up, she was talking to her 27 year old self that decided to inflect pain on herself just to prove her love for someone else, saying that she was reckless "Grow up" was meant for her, as in she was young and stupid for trying to hurt herself to prove some point. As for the triggering motion, the description clearly says: "Sharon revealed she once drunkenly slit her wrists to prove her love for her rocker hubby", anyone thats easily triggered, or has had problems with self harm in the past shouldn't watch this. You're in charge of what you do and what you view.

  9. Purple says – reply to this


    Re: starlitkate – I dont huge ger at all for the sick situation. Obviously she was mentally ill at the time. Its her choice of presenting the option of slitting wrists to please a man. Suicidal women and abusive men (or vica versa ) dont need ideas from Sharon. Plus she divulged this info for ratings on a stupid talk show. PROFESSIONALS should have veen present to protect everyone. Still no respect for this sad woman.

  10. Petco says – reply to this


    Re: Aqua – Exactly right. Anyone with suicidal or self harm tendencies could take this concept and run with it. A professional should have provided clear information and guidance. Sharon's revelation could be quite harmful to others and yes, she obviously did this for ratings.

  11. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    Gawd ! WHAT a bunch of immature assholes ! NO WONDER THE KIDS ARE ALL SO F*CKED UP ! With parents like theSE, i AM ALMOST BEGINNING TO HAVE A SYMPATHY FOR THE fat kELLY, ETC. ETC . ….

  12. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    Gawd is she ugly ! ! ! She prolly craps plastic she has had so much work done ! She looks old ! Her work ain't working ! LOL ! What is she, like 70 ? Woof !