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Ariana Grande Displayed 'Monster' Like Behavior At Her Marie Claire Cover Shoot?!

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ariana marie claire diva cover shoot

This petite songstress has got one less more problem, as the press continues to attack her alleged diva behavior!

Ariana Grande is now being slammed for causing major issues at her Marie Claire cover shoot — and the story isn't flattering, to say the least!

Sources say The Way singer arrived late with her mother, treated everyone awfully and was a "monster" about her famously fickle hair!!

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Now, before we add this to the growing list of the performer's less than perfect public behavior, let it be known that a rep for the magazine shot down these allegations:

"She did not postpone the shoot and nothing about her arrival time was a surprise to us. She was professional and accommodating and she posed for photos with editor Anne Fulenwider's kids."

Well this is just confusing!!

Is she a nuisance? Or isn't she?!

We know Ari's set the record straight more was than one, but if people keep talking about her attitude, we can't help but listen!

[Image via Marie Claire.]

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34 comments to “Ariana Grande Displayed 'Monster' Like Behavior At Her Marie Claire Cover Shoot?!”

  1. C2121* says – reply to this


    Very likely that the magazine had to shoot down any rumors to avoid any conflict in the future with her, if she were to work with them again. At the end of the day it is all about what sells, especially in the magazine industry since sells are not doing well. However, at the rate in which she is going she prob won't have a career within a year or two so no magazine will want to work with her.

  2. James says – reply to this


    Don't know how true these stories are about this woman. If she is acting like diva its sort of ridiculous as she only just started making music like a year ago, so she has nowhere near earned her stripes. She isn't Mariah Carey, and never will be. Mariah is an artist. This girl has the voice, but her music is awful.

  3. YeahOk says – reply to this


    Ouft! Tone it done! Your revenge stripes are too loud.

  4. eunice says – reply to this


    With all the negative posts on Ariana Grande - Is Perez going back to his bullying ways ?
    seems so!!

  5. bnietzsche says – reply to this


    It's so obvious he has something against her. It's pretty pathetic that he feels the need to go to such lengths to attack her character. She must have snubbed him at a public event or something.

  6. 6

    Most likely true. These stories are happening too often. Remember when the Bieber stories first came out and people were like "it's false" then months later he was blatantly a little tool? Yea a random story once in a blue moon can be called false. But not multiple ones this soon.

    A company shooting down a rumor is laughable. She's popular atm and will want top continue using her. They're protecting their 'investment'. For people so obsessed with celeb culture you guys fail.

  7. Me says – reply to this


    If it were that of a problem, why waiting so long to come with this "story" and do it just now at the sudden? Highly suspicious. This story must be made up. As usual.

  8. Tim says – reply to this


    It's becoming more and more clear that this is just a hate campaign by a number gossip magazines.

  9. Franky says – reply to this


    Nobody believes these stories anymore.

  10. Maureen says – reply to this


    A bullying campaign by Perez Hilton.

  11. 11

    Little bitch with the big attitude will be forgotten in 6 months anyway like the rest of the auto tuned record label creations, she should watch her step, she'll need a job soon

  12. P green says – reply to this


    After watching her annoying brother Frankie with his diva like attitude and behavior on Big Brother, I totally believe little Ariana is a brat! Hope both of these Grande sibs 15 minutes is over soon!

  13. @v@ says – reply to this


    Is all of this some kind of controversy P.R. blitz? Just remember, not many are keen
    on Ms. Cyrus or Ms. Lohan right now. Ariana would do well without this crap.

  14. 14

    So much for Perez Hiltons new persona about being nice… Back to bitterness. Did she refuse you an interview?!? He has run at least 2 stories per day about how he thinks this up and coming artist is a diva. She is busy living her life… BUT Perez finds the time to knock her twice a day?

  15. 15

    Re: bnietzsche – I've been suspecting Naya Rivera, Ariana does have a thing with Big Sean or w/e. I might be wrong but it would make sense, there for awhile there was some nasty gossip about Naya. Not that I like Ariana or anything.

  16. 16

    The "PRESS" is not attacking her… YOU are. every day. Did she refuse to do an interview with you? Why are you printing trashy stories EVERY DAY. You only have to report that you think she is a diva once. You dont have to re-report every story that is saying she is a diva as if its a new news story. They are all basing it off a small collection of instances… but YOU have not changed. you might not be drawing a dick on her face. but you are dicking her over.

  17. 17

    The "PRESS" is not attacking her… YOU are. every day. Did she refuse to do an interview with you? Why are you printing trashing stories EVERY DAY? Did Frankie refuse to date you? You only have to report that you think she is a diva once , then move on. You dont have to re-report every story that is saying she is a diva as if its a new news story. You might not be drawing a dick on her face. but you are dicking her over. Same old Perez

  18. Pissedofff says – reply to this


    The people calling Perez a bully need to shut up. I don't like Perez very much but in this case he's not being a bully he is just reporting celebrity gossip. So just because you LOVE Ariana and he says something semi negative about her you freak.

  19. nigella says – reply to this


    NO one will know who this nobody is in a few years, so let's save time now and just stop talking about this not even talented weirdo

  20. Bette says – reply to this


    Re: bnietzsche – It's because she rejected him after he asked to be her manager, then she sued him after he claimed she abused cocaine. He's just being the slanderous sociopathic and narcissist man-child with an agenda that he's always been.

  21. she is fugly says – reply to this


    All that twisting her face her face around is dumb looking. I think she is ok, nothing to write home about.. If that is her good side….ewww

  22. FUCK OFF says – reply to this



  23. Shutup says – reply to this


    Re: Pissedofff – You're a fucking imbecile. I'm not a fan of her at all and he is absolutely being a bully. Pull your head out of his ass, idiot.

  24. Lindsay Arvello says – reply to this


    She is ugly, whetever the fuck side of her face.. Rat face :)

  25. Emily says – reply to this


    I don't believe these diva stories anymore. It's just hate.

  26. Mike says – reply to this


    Re: Lindsay Arvello – I don't take women who say such things about other women seriously.

  27. Ona says – reply to this


    Getting tired of all these fake stories.

  28. 28

    If it's true then the mag won't ever disclose that. Either way Ariana has a great voice and pretty voice, she is yet to prove her longevity in the industry.

    Hey, get your gag items and prank stuff at "FakeaBaby"! :)

  29. Fuk Perez says – reply to this


    It's so obvious that you have it out for this girl, Perez. You're a piece of shit. Kill yourself.

  30. Nena says – reply to this


    Ariana seems to be trying to look and act more like Mariah every day. Well honey she is no Mariah.

  31. Marie says – reply to this


    She has very pretty hair.

  32. Christina says – reply to this


    She is beautiful, but that magazine cover looks heavily airbrushed. That doesn't even look like her.

  33. 33

    more is the point which friend of urs did she annoy ? my guess is miley .. just a guess ..


  34. H says – reply to this


    Her people can plant all the diva claims they want only to refute them later for 2xs the press. She'll still never happen, because she can't really sing all that well.