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Lionel Richie SLAMS Justin Bieber And Miley Cyrus! See What The Legendary Singer Had To Say HERE!

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This legend is NOT a fan of these two artists!

Lionel Richie is definitely one of the greats, and thus deserves to have his opinion taken very seriously!

And the music artist thinks that Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus have made amateur music acceptable in the mainstream!

He also believes their songs will NOT stand the test of time!

And Lionel says these new kids on the block ain't got nothing when compared to the stars in his prime including Madonna and Michael Jackson!

Here's what he said:

"The beautiful part of where we were - we had shock value. But what came with shock value was hit after hit after hit. Madonna was outrageous - but she had a catalog of music that was unbelievable. At the end of all the theatrics with Michael (Jackson), he had nothing but the most fabulous catalog. Now, we've got a lot of theatrics… but where's the song that is going to stick around forever?… Twenty years from now, let's take anybody - where's the body of work? I'm going to judge you not by your popularity but by your longevity, your staying records. I'm thinking about Miley, Justin Bieber. We've made amateur music mainstream. There's a difference between a stylist and a singer. Everybody can sing! Go to karaoke, there are some guys seriously singing their a**es off! But do they have a unique voice, or distinct voice?"

We definitely think Lionel has a BIG point!

Although Justin and Miley's songs can be fun to listen to now - in the moment- will we be able to say the same twenty years from now???

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That's a good question, and one no one will be able to definitively answer for a few years!

There's a lot of time thought between then and now for Miley and Justin to make new music and potentially make something worth remembering!!!

[Image via Apega/WENN.]

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48 comments to “Lionel Richie SLAMS Justin Bieber And Miley Cyrus! See What The Legendary Singer Had To Say HERE!”

  1. Tingler says – reply to this


    Finally someone in the music industry is honest. Always did love Lionel Ritchie. His music came out and bam bam bam it was classic hit after classic hit. There are some new classics but very few in my opinion. Its not about quality music or real talent any longer.

  2. namers says – reply to this


    A "catalog," exactly! You can put Gaga in that mix as well. I good voice but a crappy songwriter/arranger.

  3. Andries Nijboer says – reply to this


    Are the little spider and her little dreamer making clues yet?

  4. Jack says – reply to this


    Lionel Richie wouldn't dare crush the hopes and dreams of any young African American singer, songwriter. With white people, he doesn't hold the same standard of conduct.

  5. Guyz says – reply to this


    Please tell me a Lionel Richie song that will stand the test of time.

  6. Anni says – reply to this


    Re: Guyz – Lionel Richie-Hello.

  7. Michael says – reply to this


    Re: Guyz – Just knew that a mad Beiber fan would comment.

  8. 8

    Miley will be remembered for her tongue and acting like a slut and Justin will be remembered for all of his stupidity and him trying to grow facial hair but failing miserably.

  9. MB says – reply to this


    Lionel Richie is %100 correct, and yeah if you're a fan his music or not, you do take his opinion seriously when it comes to pop music.

  10. rosie says – reply to this


    He's so right. There's no soul left in music anymore - it's all a manufactured flash in the pan.

  11. 11

    Re: Guyz – you're a fucking moron. Almost all his songs are hit classics jerk off.

    FINALLY, someone who is RESPECTED in the music industry, calling out these talentless assholes.

  12. k-ainmé says – reply to this


    Re: Guyz – Lionel Richie - 'All night Long' CLASSIC!

  13. JC says – reply to this


    Re: Guyz – [re=6736454]
    "Please tell me a Lionel Richie song that will stand the test of time."

    There's no "will." They already HAVE stood the test of time.

  14. 14

    Re: Jack – I wouldn't accuse him of being racist just because he only mentioned two white kids. But it wouldn't have hurt if he had mentioned Nicki Minaj as well.

  15. * says – reply to this


    Not much of a slam, but more of a commentary. And he's right. I read about Justin Bieber everyday, but I couldn't name one of his songs.

  16. Marz says – reply to this


    but thats music in general…miley & justin just contribute to it..

  17. Dion says – reply to this


    Perhaps he should look a little closer to home.
    Raising Nicole who had to kids before marriage by Hilary Duff's boyfriend is nothing to crow about.

  18. Huh says – reply to this


    Apparently he is not listening to the songs of the hasbeen Z-list musician his daughter Nicole is married to lmao.
    Good Charlotte has disbanded and the Madden twins singing solo is not exactly a rousing success.

  19. JoJo says – reply to this


    Am i the only one who has seen the pictures of Lionel playing to almost empty houses? ?? He seems desperate for some publicity.

  20. Yikes says – reply to this


    Lionel Richie is gallavanting around the world with his girlfriend and his mansion is up for sale. Methinks he is trying to earn more money because he is running short.
    Divorces and kids can deplete a fortune quickly.

  21. OYAREIMA says – reply to this


    Don't mention family matters in this context, we are talking about REAL MUSIC…

    And all he said is TRUE AND MORE…can YOU think even averse of the songs of those two
    out of your mind now?????right away???? DON'T THINK SO…..

  22. LOL says – reply to this


    Just STFU Lionel and retire.
    Oh wait, you can't afford to do that.

  23. @v@ says – reply to this


    We haven't made it mainstream. The industry has, (that's what we're fed) because that way they can control profits. When it's manufactured, you don't get those organic true hits from real musicians who've been improving their writing skills for a few years by performing their way up a circuit, sharpening all of their skills.
    Idol finds raw talent, Simon signs them, writers give them a tune, into a studio they go, airplay picks it up.

  24. Jenny says – reply to this


    PREACH IT, Lionel! Very well said and very true!

    And by the way, Lionel Richie's songs Hello, Endless Love, Say You Say Me, etc., are classics!

  25. Maggie O says – reply to this


    He sounds like he's a RACIST

  26. harleymutt says – reply to this


    I*can not stand slutty Cyrus but if you are going to slam her then you have to slam Madoona because her career was not built on her voice orher music it was built on her tits and ass, her lyrics are not memorable nor was her voice, she was a pop singer who took her clothes off at the drop of a pin just like cyrus so there is nothing empowering or much to be respected there for women she took the easy way by getting naked.

  27. 27

    Madonna the "QUEEN" He is correct.

  28. Shame on Richie says – reply to this


    When celebs run down other celebs they are usually desperately trying to sell something, often themselves.

  29. Jenny says – reply to this


    Lionel Richie is so right. However, Miley had been in showbiz for ages since 11 and she would always be remembered as Hana Montana. People had grown with her. The funny cute girl who went wild and slutty. Her songs may not be legendary but she would surely be remembered but everyone and world.

  30. thebutlerdidit says – reply to this


    Re: Maggie O – It's tacky as hell to be a legend and then bash a 20 & 21 yr old for attention for your new music. I'm old, and I can tell you most young ppl don't give a crap about his music nor do most old ppl. He should be above this. His catalogue wasn't huge at 21, neither was Madonna's. Michael before Off The Wall came out, was considered kinda as a joke.

  31. annainparis says – reply to this


    Too bad he didn't transmit such high morals to his daughter who started off in a farm serie (half naked) and kept getting known for starving herself….to not being known at all! Keep your children in check and then start talking about other kids….what Miley does for her age, at her age is incredible and wrecking ball and we can't stop are just as popular as what 'say you say me or dancing in the ceiling' were back in the days. Criticize the behavior, fashion….but respect the talent and Miley is one hell of a talented gal.

  32. char says – reply to this


    Right on Lionel, these stars are making trash, nothing lasting, half dressed women with weak voices, "using the N word, using B word, F word, talking no singing, TRASH"

  33. Marion says – reply to this


    Lionel talks like an Old Man and I m almost 50 so I know the deal ! I find Miley and Justin extremely talented, creative and I still love their first songs as much as their latest work,😜😘

  34. Carl says – reply to this


    Re: pollopicu
    I love your posts! Keep'm coming!

  35. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: pollopicu – If they didn't act like social reprobates, (depraved, unprincipled or wicked persons) no one would be calling them out. Lionel's right on the musical body of work thing; show me the musical beef. I don't want to see your nekkid body parts or read about another arrest, charge or stupidity. I don't really care who you are or aren't dating. Weird outfits don't impress me much. If you have a great tune, I'm in. Thriller flew off the shelves and turned MJ into a phenomenon because that album was otherworldly phenomenal.

  36. K says – reply to this


    Re: thebutlerdidit – How is it bashing? He didn't say anything about their personal lives. He kept it in context with how the industry works, and he isn't the only one saying it.

  37. Hello? says – reply to this


    Re: thebutlerdidit – Lionel had a #1 Platinum album just a mere 2 years ago. I think your assessment that no one gives a crap about his music is a bit off.

  38. Starlitkate says – reply to this


    I loved Miley's Wrecking Ball but she is trash. They are both young with a early start and tons of money so they aren't being serious. They both do have a voice and are talented but they choose to throw it all away.

  39. allan says – reply to this


    He is absolutely correct no one will remember any of their so called music in a few years

  40. stephanie says – reply to this


    lol i love this so much! Yeah Lionel!!! Wooo!!! Mind u, I still listen to their music but I agree. Be viable. And use your platform wisely, cautiously, positively. So many youngsters watching.

  41. Mitanni says – reply to this


    Wow…always good to mentor young ppl. I would say Miley and Justin have wonderful music with great lyrics for today's audience. Has Lionel listened to the monotone porn rap out there ? I get that Miley has ruined her reputation with her filthy/pornographic stage antics but let's face it…JLo, Justin Bieber, Gaga, JRDN, Madonna, ..they all have rhythm and can dance…Miley can't dance so what does the girl have to offer the stage ?

  42. Deborah says – reply to this


    He is telling the truth. Wrecking Ball and The Climb are the only two songs of Miley's that most people will remember twenty years from now unless she makes much better music in the future than she has already made. Who will remember any of Justin's songs ten years from now? I can not list even one of his songs right now, and I keep up with what's hot in mainstream music, so that says a lot about his "catalog".

  43. Happy Gay American says – reply to this


    You can add Jennifer Lopez to that list. We all know that she sings and dances, but not many people can tell me the title of any of her songs, but folks sure do know a lot about her seemingly dysfunctional love life, thanks to the media.

  44. Rosalyn says – reply to this


    Beyonce is the only current female star that I know of whose music will stand the test of time to be classic someday.

  45. brooke says – reply to this


    if you were grew up in Rich's generation a question not going to like what Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber sings. In my opinion I think he should have just seen it up because a lot of African Americans that out there that too in my opinion. Also he's older so why are you bashing on to people that are younger than you way way younger than you

  46. brooke says – reply to this


    I think that if you grow up in Richie's generation then of course you're not going to like the kind of music that Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber sings. In my opinion he should not single them out.

  47. chanel says – reply to this


    Are you serious? How about Hello, Easy, dancing on the ceiling, Lionel Richie was one of The Commodores you've never heard Brick House?

  48. Elina says – reply to this


    Who is he again?