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Lindsay Lohan Is On The Road To Reclaiming Her Glory Days — Looking To 'Gain Back' Everyone's Respect!

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Lindsay Lohan

We're so excited!

It seems as though Lindsay Lohan might be back in her prime.

That's because the 28-year-old actress is taking her role in David Mamet's Speed-the-Plow very seriously, and we couldn't be more proud!

Lindsay opened up to Time Out Magazine about how she's hoping her time in London will positively affect her career, saying:

"I've done things, but people grow up and they change. I'm willing to work hard to gain back the respect that I once had and have lost.

I'm hoping it'll take away attention from me as a celebrity name and draw attention to the fact that I'm an actress."


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Such a well-thought-out response to a serious matter that's plagued her for so long.

It takes a very big person to admit such a big mistake, and we cannot wait to see what Lindsay does with this newly found confidence.

This attitude change and all of the positive reviews we've been hearing about her show really make us excited for our favorite Mean Girl.

Congrats, Linds!

[Image via WENN]

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11 comments to “Lindsay Lohan Is On The Road To Reclaiming Her Glory Days — Looking To 'Gain Back' Everyone's Respect!”

  1. ms trudy says – reply to this


    fat chance….

  2. 2

    Ah, comedy gold.

  3. Cameo says – reply to this


    Nice comment on her part but respect takes time to earn. If she wants instant gratification respect, she wont get it. At least she isnt thumbing her twat at the world and insulting human decency the way Cyrus does constantly. Take good care of you Lyndsay, keep on the straight and narrow and be humble.

  4. 4


  5. Reclaiming Age 12? says – reply to this


    Perez, I must say, I find your recent stories on LL virtually psychotic. Lindsai is on the road to reclaiming her glory days… let us examine WHEN her real glory days WERE as they were when she did The Parent Trap at the age of 11 or 12 and then she had popularity as the pretty young startlet with her success of Mean Girls, when she was a teenager. I am much disappointed that you are feeding into Lindsay's delusions that she can RECLAIM– go back and seize what she had BEFORE. For GOd sake, she is 28 and her Glory Days were more than 10 to 15 years AGO. She has been a shitty actress and a shitty person since Georgia Rules. She can not go back to being 12 or 17 and after a decade of being a criminal, drunk, junkie and asshole. Her respect is NEVER going to rise higher than pathetic acceptance of her.

  6. cat says – reply to this


    It's been a while since any of her antics have been reported, so maybe she is getting it this time. I hope so. If she just lives a quiet life and works hard, she may be able to build a new end.

  7. Stefanie says – reply to this


    Well, I hope that she sticks to it this time. But I think that she's doing good so far! It is smart of her to move to London. I personally think that she looks a lot better, too!

  8. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    …This two-bit WHORE has seen more ceilings than MichealAngelo ……………

  9. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    I wonder IF she has done any shoplifting at any of the great London depatment stores ??? Marks and Spensers, Harrods, Debenhams, LillyWhites, ….Primark ??? LOL !

  10. lindsayss says – reply to this


    Ok, go Lindsay,

    BUT, if you're reading this, get a stylist.

    Lay off the uber blush, get a little more height at the crown of your hair and maybe trim it up a bit - more body is needed.

    chill on the fillers, you are SO pretty and don't need them - plus they make you look puffy.

    You are an amazing actress with a whole HUGE future in front of you and what's more is that people want to see you succeed - so good on you! I would just tweak your look a tad. and maybe wear a bra all the time.

    Love the outfit in this pic

  11. 11

    Initial reports on another forum was that she was terrible.