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Frozen Is A Winner For Storybrooke! 5 Best Moments From The Season Premiere Of Once Upon A Time!

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Holy Elsa, Anna, and Kristoff, the season premiere of Once Upon A Time was a doozy!

A lot of things happened in last night's episode that set the story for a pretty crazy season of OUAT.

Elsa's entrance into Storybrooke, without a doubt, shook up the town and the many characters residing there!

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But can you blame her? She's frightened and is just looking for Anna!

That isn't the only crazy thing that happened in the episode. Let's countdown the five best moments that happened on last night's season premiere of OUAT!

5. Arendelle, Elsa, Anna, and the REAL reason why Elsa's parents were on a boat!

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The plot of Frozen definitely got a makeover on OUAT – unfortunately, the King & Queen of Arendelle's fate remained the same. Elsa & Anna's parents still passed away in the middle of an intense storm out on the sea, but the reason they were out there in the first place? To find answers to help Elsa's "problem."

The girls stumbled upon their mother's diary and read a passage from it where their mother reveals what they were setting out to look for. Anna then proceeds to ditch her wedding plans to Kristoff to find whatever it was their parents were looking for.

However, it seems her journey had a less than successful end, as it's revealed Elsa has actually been searching for Anna ever since. And the plot thickens!!!

4. The Evil Queen tries to change her own ending

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The arrival of Marian wasn't a very happy one for everyone. Despite the fact that she has changed from being evil, there will always be people who will continue to view Regina as an Evil Queen — and Marian is one of them. After Robin breaks things off with Regina to be with his wife, Regina decides it's time to make a HUGE change.

This sets Regina out on her own journey to find the writer of the book to change her ending from being a villain to a hero! Juicy, right?!

3. Rumple stumbles upon a familiar looking blue hat!

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Belle brings Rumple to an abandoned mansion for their honeymoon where they break out into the classic number from Beauty & the Beast! Shortly after that, Rumple secretly retrieves the Dark One's dagger from Belle's purse to do some magic and finds the Sorcerer's hat!

Hm. Makes us wonder what's going to happen since he's got his hands on this iconic item!

2. The monstrous snowman and Regina decision to save Marian.

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By now, Marian will have seen another side to the former Evil Queen! When Elsa entered Storybrooke, she created a snowman — no, not the beloved Olaf we all have come to know and love, a more evil kind! It's actually Marshmallow, the giant guardian of her ice palace!

The gang was trapped in the forest by the evil snowman, until Regina showed up to save the day! Hopefully her new found mission will change the way others see her. And if not — like we said, the book! She's after the writer of the book!

1. Emma and Hook kinda hook-up! Keyword: Kinda.

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As much as this relationship NEEDS to happen, it's clear that Emma and Hook are taking it slow.

Girlfriend totally turned down a real chance for a cuddle session and some Netflix, but there was at least a kiss and an explanation: The Savior has a lot on her plate right now. Plus, there's Henry to consider and Neal kinda just died like 3 weeks ago, so….

In due time though. In due time.

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