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24 comments to “Robert Pattinson Is Leaving LA?! Perhaps The Racist Hate His New GF Is Getting Is A Factor!”

  1. jackson says – reply to this


    all that money and that's the best he can do. dude you can find better looking girls at the mall.

  2. 2

    This is such bull….It's ok for Kim and Kaneye? No? But not someone else. I'd go back to England too if I were Robert. So much bullying! Love is not ashame of nothing.
    Where ever they go like all the lovers of the world I hope they are very happy.
    JMO! Peace out!

  3. Jus Sayin says – reply to this


    Re: jackson – Couldn't have said it better myself!!! Gurl is UGLY!!

  4. SKim says – reply to this


    Kristen Stewart fans can't seem to leave her alone, and they racially attack her. What a shame.

  5. Constance Cappadonia says – reply to this


    Its.rob.life.Kristen.moved on.don't.have to.worry.about.him
    She's is.doing good on.her.own

  6. Hilary says – reply to this


    Re: SKim – Dont blame kristen for comments made about twigs - always the same plcy the race card when criticised. Fact she is ugly and if pratz wants to return home good riddance!

  7. Anne says – reply to this


    Its always the same - lets blame Kristen Stewart for so called racist comments. No one is remembering that Kristen has taken bullying for the last 2 years but she doesnt say a word - what a wonderful, intelligent, strong woman. And as for that pratt of a boyfriend pratz he never once defended her or asked media\fans to back off - real gentleman!

  8. Jazmynn says – reply to this


    She is not ugly. & she looks way better then kristen. & rob isnt hott stuff himself tbh. I was a fan of him in twilight but didnt really like him & kstew together.

  9. Its true says – reply to this


    Wow what an attention seeker. Look I am not a hater or anything like that and never have I said anything racist in my life but what was she expecting? Surely Rob must have told her about this and she should have ignored it because all it did was give her more attention. Hmm my guess is that she wants that.

  10. dany says – reply to this



  11. haize says – reply to this


    most ignorant comments that hurt people.why so surprised that Rob is in love? Oh oh oh ok,u hate the girl? &by the way who are you? A fan? Oh sorry just being a fan doesnt stop Rob from lovin what his heart wants. Cry baby for Rob is gone & is taken by a BEAUTIFUL black girl! Accept that & move on,so many bachelors in hollywood go find another to fantasize on. Oh by the way, so its ok for a black man 2have a white lady & when a black lady have a white man,u call her names? Jelous can attacks healthy life in some of you. Nobody is ugly here.get over yo shock& accept accept accept .Rob is a grown man

  12. GUEST says – reply to this


    ROBERT PATTINSON IS AN @$$HOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. uncivilized says – reply to this


    Re: GUEST

    You and the rest of cheater Kristen followers have the exact uncivilized manners!

  14. uncivilized ksfans says – reply to this


    Re: dany – not surprised you like cheaterkristen… both uncivilized

  15. uncivilized ksfan says – reply to this


    Re: Jus Sayin – like Kristen like fan - uncivilized

  16. uncivilized ksfan says – reply to this


    Re: Anne – Never done before that a man that was cheated on will depend her cheater girlfriend…Stop hallucinating…You have uncivilized mind just like Kristen

  17. Skywalker says – reply to this


    California in general is a weird place to live, I'm sure L.A. is the hotbed of weirdness. It strikes me that Rob is too real and too good to stay for long in a place like this. I'd hate to see it erode his sweet spirit away. He's probably doing the right thing getting out now.

  18. KC says – reply to this


    Don't really care who he is with but this all seems like a publicity stunt on her part as she has an album coming out soon.

  19. Nicole says – reply to this


    50% SPANISH AND 50% black dummy, this means she is mixed. Only in America do white people try to take away your true ethnicity to fit you neatly into a box.

  20. CJ` says – reply to this


    Re: Nicole – Sorry Nicole but what planet do you live on? Racists live everywhere not just America. I don't care if she's pink with purple polka dots sh is still not good looking but then neither is he here lately.

  21. luana says – reply to this


    robert kirstein eyes shes loves you , take your chance , shes Young but groing up now , i love you so much . talk to kirstein , give a chance really , everbody fuck your life , your fan .

  22. luana says – reply to this


    robert please dont stuped initial dating advantage and not continue still loves , dont joke , kirstein loves you .

  23. luana says – reply to this


    nothing by chance in canadian, destination , truly happy ok , you fan kisses

  24. luana says – reply to this


    im not racist, but truly happy with kirstein