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​Is Amanda Bynes ENGAGED?!? See Her Smoking Sparkler & Decide HERE!

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Woah! Could a new man in her life be the reason for Amanda Bynes' recent weird behavior?!

We previously told you about how the troubled starlet had been acting strangely again, even leaving California and landing in New York City.

But while she was walking around, puffing on a cancer stick, we noticed some serious bling on her finger!

You know, THAT finger!

It wouldn't be the first time that a celeb added some shine just for the heck of it, but the timing does seem curious! And she reportedly spent some time in the Cartier store too!

It's all so confusing! What do U think???

[Image via Splash News.]

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31 comments to “​Is Amanda Bynes ENGAGED?!? See Her Smoking Sparkler & Decide HERE!”

  1. Everett says – reply to this


    Stop over analyzing.

  2. 2

    engaged? she has no friends. she's running away from her parents. she's a mental case with cash in her pocket. that's it. you are a GHOOL. you can't wait till she jumps from a high window. leave her the fuck alone.

  3. josescott says – reply to this


    I noticed the bling on the first shot you posted! Hopefully she has found someone to love her and support her throughout her troubles.

  4. NoOne says – reply to this


    Leave her alone.

  5. OMG LuL says – reply to this


    Well, sometimes I happen to seriously wonder which of you two should be put in first under monitoring for apparent mental disorder!?
    Someone has just to watch one of your latest videos very disturbing on instagram, concerning an imaginary relationship between you and Nick Jonas…

  6. 6

    uh-oh she's gone off the deep end. loca pero nadie se la toca.

  7. SadSituation says – reply to this


    We don't know if she has mental problems for sure. Reading it on gossip sites does not make it true automatically.
    It may just be addiction and defiance problems, just like her parents say.
    The would know better than any of us.

  8. 8

    I don't think she's engaged. But whatever it is, hope that she'd find the right man for her- after she has fully recovered from her depression or whatever it is that really bothers her. All the best Amanda.

    "Hey, get your gag items and funny prank stuff at FakeABaby! :) "

  9. amber says – reply to this


    She was shopping at a jewelery store the day before.

    Dumb asses

  10. melinda says – reply to this


    She is beautifull

  11. Miss Marin says – reply to this


    Maybe she just wants some more attention… just saying.

    Now, I'll leave this here:

  12. Double Standard Mario says – reply to this


    So you are back manipulating and making money off of the amanda bynes train? Didn't you just a month ago make a video saying how you were changing and growing? Another lie Mario, and another piece of your hypocratic pie.

  13. 13

    Someone is off their meds.

  14. andrew dascendis says – reply to this


    its the ring she wears all the time dumasss

  15. 15

    Look at that FACE. Anyone in a normal state can see from a mile AWAYyyyyyyyyyyy that this is a MENTAL CASE..She is not good. Look her clothes, her face, shes out of this world. She is in Venus. And the bling? If I dont have anything to do with MY money I can spend it in wever. So thats what she do. Someone at her side? who can tolarate a bipolar or a person with mental problem who dont want to cooperate. Shes delusional an in denial. SAD

  16. Ashley says – reply to this


    Re: Crowley – Are you saying you would know she is nut simply by looking her face like that? You my friend are gifted…

  17. Anne says – reply to this


    Re: Double Standard Mario – He is a nice man, always saying nice things about celebrities, even if they are in trouble. I never see anything bad that you haters keep claiming that he says. Jealous much?

  18. Kevin says – reply to this


    Amanda is pitiful. I feel so sorry for her. :(

  19. Coty says – reply to this


    Britney overcame her mental problems then made a comeback. Amanda can do that too. She needs love and support though. She does not need creepy people following her around NYC snapping photos and making fun of her.

  20. Charley says – reply to this


    I love how so many people believe that they can diagnose other people's mental disorders just by looking at pictures of them walking down a street. Y'all are a very special kind of stupid, for real.

  21. sierra says – reply to this


    she seems normal active twenty eight year old woman to me. i think that she is fine. i love her outfit in that picture above. she is gorgeous.

  22. beth says – reply to this


    are she and drake the rapper dating EACH OTHER ?????

  23. Vickie says – reply to this


    Amanda is gorgeous. I hope that she is happily loving life. She is lucky enough to be beautiful unlike most celebrities who are considered "high profile" these days.

  24. Vickie says – reply to this


    Amanda is gorgeous. I hope that she is happily loving life. She is lucky enough to be beautiful unlike most celebrities who are rich and considered "high profile" these days.

  25. Deborah says – reply to this


    I don't believe that she has ever had a boyfriend, so how could she be engaged?

  26. Leigh says – reply to this


    You have to stop posting about amanda bynes. She was driven to extremes by people like you. You are contributing the the downfall if a mentally unwell woman and no one should be hounding her about her life anymore

  27. Carrie says – reply to this


    That sure is a beautiful ring. <3 :) ~

  28. Lackstaer says – reply to this


    Amanda Bynes didnt look to upset in her fappening debut :

  29. 29

    Nice…prey on the weak. You cry on videos that you're sorry for this or that, but you continue to defile mostly WOMEN! Your recent video was a bit scary and I kind of of think you may be bi-polar. Seriously.

  30. sarah says – reply to this


    wish people would just leave the ppor girl alone. she is clearly struggling right now & needs to be left alone by the media to deal with her mental health. plastering her all the over the internet isn't helping her state of mind and probably putting her more on edge.

  31. matt says – reply to this


    in touch is saying she gave them an interview saying she is engaged to a guy from jimmys fishing supply in california named caleb, hes 19.