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Amanda Bynes Tried To Shoplift A Hat From Barneys In NYC, Got Caught, & Now She's BANNED From The Store! Deets HERE!

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Where are her parents and why haven't they stepped in yet???

Amanda Bynes' behavior in New York City has gotten increasingly weirder since she was busted for her second DUI.

After scratching and digging her nails into a woman who tried to take her picture, even more erratic behavior is coming from the troubled actress.

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Amanda was reportedly at Barneys in NYC shopping with friends when she tried to walk out of the store with a $200 hat without paying for it.

She was promptly stopped by security outside and the NYPD was called, but no charges were pressed.

The actress explained to the guards that she thought she was being chased by fans in the store, so she took the hat to cover her face and walked out on accident.

She also made sure to let them know she fully intended to pay for it.

However, Barneys made Amanda sign a no-trespass agreement before sending her on her way — aka she's BANNED FROM THE STORE!

Let's hope that this incident alerts her parents or whoever needs to be alerted, to get her some help!

But, what do YOU think? Was Amanda telling the truth about why she walked out with the hat?

[Image via AKM-GSI.]

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12 comments to “Amanda Bynes Tried To Shoplift A Hat From Barneys In NYC, Got Caught, & Now She's BANNED From The Store! Deets HERE!”

  1. Samantha says – reply to this


    its enough now this chick needs serious help!!!!!! shes crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!! urg

  2. AG55 says – reply to this


    I get that she is either suffer from mental illness or is on drugs but she is 28 years old. Her parents are not responsible for her actions. I'm 27 and if I got caught shoplifting my parents would not step in and help me out of the situation. She is an adult and needs to take responsibility of her life and her actions. Also her parents have tried to step in before and it only worked for a little while. The only way she is going to get better is if SHE wants to get better. You can't force someone to get help. They have to want the help.

  3. anotherwhoneedshelp says – reply to this


    Re: Samantha – ((Wooo)) Calm the fucking down and take your pill… Geee

  4. 4

    People go into acting b/c they are not good at anything else, so do they try to shop lift?

  5. Bobby says – reply to this


    Okk wait a second, the girl is alledgedly suffering from Mental Illness. Stop using the word 'crazy' to describe mental illness. You're just contributing to the stigma that comes along with mental illness. She didnt choose to suffer. It is a biological and annate illness. Although, it very well IS HER choice to seek treatment and it seems (by the way she is acting), that she has thrown her treatment out the window, so to speak. It's not good and it seems dangerous, not only for her but for the well being of other people and her dog. I feel as though something really bad will happen. I feel like it's only going to get more erratic and dangerous

  6. Daniel says – reply to this


    It kind of seems as though it is impulsivity AND paranoia.

  7. Carrie D says – reply to this


    Perez, no one can MAKE her get help or "step in" until she is a danger to herself or others. You can't make someone get help if they don't want it until she is a danger……

  8. smh says – reply to this


    Another Lindsay or Winona.
    Why do they always try to steal stuff?

  9. What friends? says – reply to this


    I understood that she acts so weird and bizarre, that drug dealers do not even want to be around her. So what friends were shopping with her?

  10. @v@ says – reply to this


    So, is she not well or just back to being a waste of flesh? Some just have to learn the hard way.

  11. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    Here is my joke: Amanda Bynes, Lidsay LoHan, and Wynonna Ryder all walk into a department store together….LOLOLOLOLOL !

  12. Becky says – reply to this


    can someone tell me who makes the sunglasses she's wearing in this picture? looove them.