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8 comments to “Amanda Bynes Goes OFF On Twitter! Confirms Her Engagement, Says She's 'Not Insane,' & Reveals She's Suing In Touch Weekly!”

  1. NoOne says – reply to this


    I hope you get sued with the biggest lawsuit ever, Perez. Stop harassing the poor girl and stop smack talking her.

  2. Ringo says – reply to this


    Re: NoOne – Agreed. Total freakin BULLY!!! Making $$$$$$$$. And he protects the crap that is miley cyrus.

  3. Lackstaer says – reply to this


    Amanda Bynes didnt look to upset in her fappening debut :

  4. bigbud says – reply to this


    You are one Crazy Ass Bitch

  5. Aurora Vaughn says – reply to this


    and….. shes back.

    its so unfortunate. I understand her family is overwhelmed. I understand her parents are elderly. But I dont understand how her father ( when asked) about her behavior he says "shes 28 years old. shes going to do what shes going to do" and then shrugs. No. No. No. she may be 28 but she is obviously lost. she is isnt a regular 28 years old she has a SEVERE mental illness and needs your love above it all. Dont just say "well we tried to call her but she wont call us back" when asked if you are going to help. You get your ASS on a plane to NYC and roam the streets until you find her- then hug her to you love her and tell her firmly to come home with you so she can get some help- ALL OF YOU together- tell her she isnt in this alone. If she refuses or acts up, THEN STAY with her for a few days, a week or two- whatever, to look after her, to be there for her- just show YOU CARE and see if she changes her mind. I've seen this first hand- alot of mentally ill people have that XTRA crazy added on solely because they are not getting love and attention. They feel NO one cares about them and if you easily let her go without batting your eye- she will slip deeper and deeper into this and she wont live to be 30. this isnt just drugs. its her brain disorder. which is what mental illness is. her being back in NYC acting is up is fairly new- go to her before its gets worse.

  6. Steve says – reply to this


    Don't actors & actresses look out for eachother. Shamefully the way this poor mentally ill women is being viewed as entertainmentand not helped by social media!
    There has to be one loving actor or actress in the U.S that cares! Time to Step Up! And HELP!

  7. yourfellowmentalhomo says – reply to this


    Making fun of mental illness, whether she is or isn't is unethical and disgusting behavior from anyone. I'd figure you of all people would understand that since you are part of the homosexual community, which also faces strong prejudice and stigma. Personal vendettas aside, this is a Cause much like homosexuality that is beyond anyone's control that you are born with. If you can stand up for your own rights, why not other's as well? There's still other ways to become popular without having to publicize others in a slanted view. You yourself know what it's like to be laughed at, change your attitude.

  8. ... says – reply to this


    Sue off their asses. Star Magazine and other tabloids are total assholes who just love to lie about people and ruin their lives for other people's entertainment. Its almost like the Roman Gladiator games and its about time someone stood up to them.