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16 comments to “Will.i.am Goes On An Angry Twitter Rant After He Found Out His First Class Seat Was Given Away!”

  1. Mckenzie says – reply to this


    They did give him a reason. He didn't show up early enough for his plane ride. You should give it more the 45 minutes if you plan on leaving the country. He expected them to wait for him.

  2. 2

    He only complained about losing his seat, not the fact that it was a first class seat as that would imply that he was downgraded. Nevertheless, showing up 45 mins before the plane leaves seems a little late to me, but maybe the rules are different there.

  3. april99 says – reply to this


    Well, duh………….you don't show up for an international flight just 45 minutes before departure. The plane was probably ready to board by the time he decided to grace them with his presence.

  4. angel1 says – reply to this



  5. guapita says – reply to this


    whaRe: Mckenzie – 45 minutes early is not enough to board a plane?


  6. 6

    Does he not know how to check in for a flight online 24 hours before it leaves? Maybe if he checked in before he got to the airport he would not have lost his seat. And 45 minutes is WAY too late to arrive at the airport for an international flight.

  7. 7

    This jackass arrived 45 mins before an international flight & is shocked his seat was given away?! Really?! And i thought he was a douchebag before.

  8. 8

    You really know how to hold a grudge, don't you?

  9. 9

    I am sure he will scream RACISM

  10. 10

    Re: guapita – No. Most airlines will allow you to check in up to 1 hour before (some are crazy and make you get there 2 hours before).

    In Australia (where I am from) and some American airlines (like United), it is 45 minutes before hand just for Domestic.

    He wasn't there in time and serves him right.

  11. Allcan says – reply to this


    Omg! So horrible! I can't imagine what he's been through! Stay strong Wyclef!

  12. 12

    3 hours for international, 2 if flying coach. I know for a fact that for flights to Cancun they close boarding very early. I got bumped from first once on the old Continental Airlines. We were lucky and knew a Continental VP so our next dozen flights on them we got upgraded to first or business.
    But conclusion, he was in the wrong.

  13. yo says – reply to this


    you're supposed to show up 2 hours before international flights

  14. ... says – reply to this


    And I hope you all have a thought for all these Christian terrorists every time when you have to wait that long before your flight…

  15. Suzannah says – reply to this


    RIDICULOUS. He arrived 45 minutes before an international flight and then called himself a "premium passenger." ABSURD. Spoiled brat.

    Completely unjustified. Tickets clearly state that you should arrive two hours before. What a douche.

  16. Kate says – reply to this


    They just started boarding the flight when he just shows up to airport? Don't be mad at the airline when you can't show up in time. 45 is not enough time to do all you need to do and get to gate in time. Also, they close doors 10 min to departure, so he really had 35 min. Just plain stupid if you ask me.