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Gwyneth Paltrow Was A Nightmare To Deal With Before Her Democratic National Committee Gala! Was Drinking & Smoking All Day!

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So much for one cigarette a week!

Gwyneth Paltrow hosted a Democratic National Committee gala for Barack Obama in her backyard this week, and while everything went off without a hitch, you wouldn't have known it from the preparations!

[ Photos: Love, According to… Gwyneth Paltrow ]

A source revealed that Gwyneth "was extremely unpleasant all day!" Adding:

"She was snappy with the people that were there and even yelled at one of the workers for not doing the table placements correctly. That was in the beginning of the day so everyone stayed clear of her from that point on, as we were all instructed to do… She was walking around on her phone and talking really loud to friends, letting everyone know that the president was coming to her house, as if everyone didn't know already. She kept saying that she was pissed off because everything was running behind schedule… At around 10am, she started drinking wine and she was smoking cigarettes all day."

Day drinking and chain smoking… that doesn't sound like the Gwyneth we know!

Then again, the President was coming to her house, so anyone would be understandably stressed!

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14 comments to “Gwyneth Paltrow Was A Nightmare To Deal With Before Her Democratic National Committee Gala! Was Drinking & Smoking All Day!”

  1. 1

    Typical jewess. They're all crazy.

  2. kat says – reply to this


    Here is the fruit of pride! Everything reported confirms she has an oversized ego.

  3. 3

    Re: Mad Dog – I do not care for the woman either but not for the racist reason you stated. What century do you live in that makes you think making anti-semitic remarks is an appropriate and cool thing to do?

  4. 4

    Re: Mad Dog – Wow! I just read some of your previous comments. You seem to have a complete hatred of jews and this is reflected in most everything you say. How sad for you to be such a bigot in this day and age.

  5. guapita says – reply to this


    Re: kat – she is jewish?

  6. whino says – reply to this


    It was probably the wine and her inflated sense of self importance talking.

  7. 7

    Used to like her, she was good as an actress in Shakespeare in Love and I also liked the movie Duets she did with her dad (she has a weak voice though despite what she wants to believe).
    Lately however she has been coming across, to me anyway, as snobbish and snotty.

  8. 8

    How can she be such a health nut if she smokes

  9. 9

    Can't stand this fucking bitch. She is such a cúnt

  10. 10

    I am kind of glad this happened because I had something to talk about at this dinner I was obligated to go to. Because otherwise I would have had nothing else to talk about with these people. It could have been either I had no life or that the company I was with did not interest me much.

  11. A1A says – reply to this


    Re: Dysphoric – That's exactly what I was thinking! A lot of good it does to eat macrobiotic or whatever and then turn around and smoke.

  12. 12

    If true, it's a sign you're in over your head.

  13. iwouldbetoo says – reply to this


    I would be too Girl. And ngl since when does anyone care if someone smokes or drinks? It's her business.

  14. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    She IS under a LOT of stress….her old man left her for younger and saner meat…..her kids are prolly already in therapy due to her parenting style….she likely is seeing some flab now that she is in her 40s….wrinkles are also starting to arrive…..Miss Perfect perfect little world is staring to unravel, and all the bean curd salad and soy drinks in the world ain't gonna change it ! ! ! And, she ugly !