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Donald Trump Calls President Barack Obama's Mental Health Into Question & Calls Him A 'Psycho!' Is This Anyway To Talk About The President?

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Oh no he did not.

Donald Trump, known for his ridiculous vendetta against President Barack Obama, has now baselessly accused the President of being a "psycho," and openly questioned his mental health.

Donald posted his absurd accusation on Twitter:

This is all in reference to the fact that U.S. is not abandoning Ebola patients abroad.

In Donald's eyes, we should let American citizens fend for themselves, and languish alone.

Just infinite head shakes.

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29 comments to “Donald Trump Calls President Barack Obama's Mental Health Into Question & Calls Him A 'Psycho!' Is This Anyway To Talk About The President?”

  1. 1

    In Donald's eyes, we should let American citizens fend for themselves, and languish alone.
    Not that I like Donald but where did you get this from?

  2. 2

    100 people were potentially exposed to ebola a incurable disease that can kill in a period of a month or close to that from ONE PERSON WHOS DEAD … now two people have ebola from that one person rip god rest his soul not his fault but donald has a point . this disease has no cure .. its not something u let in a country of billions of people with no hospitals that are set up to deal with more than 9 people let alone a pandemic .. long live donald and give me my donald doll …

  3. socalsifu says – reply to this


    Why not call Obama a Psycho. A lot of you liberal's want to hang President Bush,
    Obama is the worst president this country has ever had and a lier.

  4. bTeri says – reply to this


    Shame on you Perez for such a dishonest post. Trump never said anything about "letting people fend for themsevles" Trump said nothing about pulling the 3-4K troops going there to build medical structures. His comment was for the US to do what almost every African Nation, alone with a few in Europe and the Middle East have already done, namely stop flights to an from so we dont import the disease here. Obama's oath of office specifically says he is to protect the American people. Not stopping the flights puts another nations interests ahead of our own in a life and death matter.. that violates his oath PERIOD

  5. Lara says – reply to this


    Donald Trump is absurd. Money has not bought you any tact or class Don.

  6. barb says – reply to this


    Mr.Trump's comments would be entirely different if it was a member of his family that that was stranded over there and needed help getting back home. The man would be dangerous , if he had a brain. If people would take the time to read the information about the virus before they fly off on these uninformed rants they would know this virus is not airborne and requires direct contact with body fluid. People are not perfect…Dr's and nurses and other medical staff are getting their quarantine proceedures refined and are handling each case a little better…but it takes time to do this. They are working hard to do this. Blame will not make this better, working together will.

  7. James says – reply to this


    Hey Barb, you're a fucking idiot. Ebola is a life threatening and incurable disease. The fact that people come into our country and aren't screen for illness is beyond me. I am all for immigration, I'm registered as Liberal and I voted for Barack. But come on Fucking do what you need to do to protect people from catching a deadly disease like Ebola. It's not that fucking difficult to understand. Absolutely Fucking Stupid and Unnecessary. Right now Ebola is rampid in Africa, they should stop letting all of these people in the country at once, atleast until we get the situation isolated and under control. I mean, they just had to inform 200 people on a plane about the fact that they might have been exposed to Ebola. And now that man is dead, which is really sad and which is why the president should be doing more right now to prevent this from happening again. It's not that fucking hard to understand. STUPIDITY

  8. James says – reply to this


    Working together my ass, WHAT… work together to expose more people to Ebola. And then put them in Biohazard suits while their families pray that they live. Fuck off. The lack of intelligence is disgusting and appauling

  9. James says – reply to this


    and my cousin is from Africa so don't pull the whole, "He's against Immigration!!!" Even he agrees.

  10. James says – reply to this


    In todays paper it reads, "Obama vows stronger U.S response to disease" HELLO! You shouldn't be focusing on America's response to disease, how about stopping any chance of the disease coming into the country! Or how about making sure you medically screen everybody coming into the country, citizens or not, to make sure they don't have disease! And if this is not possible- Then fucking do the least you can do by stopping the planes from coming in right now! Ebola is rampid in Africa! But no, he doesn't want to even go near the immigration shit. I'm all for immigration, it is why America continues to grow and prosper but come on! Stop being so fucking thick headed and stubborn! He's not thinking of Americans safety, he's still trying to protect the political agenda of Immigration

  11. bo doesn't care says – reply to this


    BO should bring some ebola patients back from Africa to live and be care for at the Whitehouse. MICHELLE AND SHASHA COULD NURSE THEM BACK TO HEALTH.

  12. Cazman says – reply to this


    The white house just said that there are likely to be more outbreaks here. Meanwhile Barrack continues continues to focus the center of the issue of how we can help Africa right now survive through the outbreak of Ebola. Dude, put your country first right now. Focus on stopping the spread of Ebola why you can, My god. And obviously Perez Hilton lacks a brain as well, because he's writing a blog attacking somebody for saying that Obama is an idiot for making a really really bad descision, in not stopping the flights from Africa to the U.S. Instead he's addressing stupid shit like how we are visiting Africa to help them there. Put your priorities first. You are the US president, not a African Nation's president. Yeah I get it, you're a humanitarian, that's great, but right now is not the time to be talking to huge groups of people at press conferences why the main priority right now is addressing Africa and helping them with their Ebola epidemic. He even said the main issue is making America's response to illness quicker and more effecive… HELLO!!?! Why don't we start out by stopping the illness from entering the country and spreading. We have American families and children to worry about! Are you kidding!? I just read every famous news article addressing this issue, out of 900 posts, literally not one person, adreed with Obama.

  13. Freeman says – reply to this


    Perez, u are a fucking idiot! Yea I get it ur a gay man who loves the Perez who legalized gay marriage. But stick to mindless celeb gossip and don't hurt it brain with trying to report politics. Obama is the anti Christ, who would know his ass from a hole in the wall.

  14. Ta says – reply to this


    How is he gonna talk about anyone's mental health when he jumped the shark a long time ago with that rats nest on top of his head. Donald is really good at getting attention lol.

  15. CharloHdx says – reply to this


    Obama gives Liberals a bad name

  16. ChedboyareDEE says – reply to this


    Perez you wouldn't feel comfortable if you and your family were on a plane or a subway train with somebody contracted with Ebola. So shut the fuck up. If you are so concerned about the epidemic in Africa, why don't you take a trip there and bring Obama with you. maybe he will decide to run for President over there!

  17. JanBanBradyBunch says – reply to this


    HUH? What do you mean 'Let American Citizens Fend For Themselves" The entire reason he isn't stopping the planes is because he is concerned about the welfare of Africa. Umm Hello.. How about us?!

  18. Bobz says – reply to this


    LOL All of these articles have the title….. "Obama is sending reserves to deal with the epidemic in Africa".. Are you fucking kidding me. YOU SHOULD BE CONCERNED ABOUT LETTING THEM INTO THE UNITED STATES RIGHT NOW!!!!!! YOU SHOULD BE CONCERNED WITH THE OTHER PEOPLE THAT DO NOT KNOW THEY CAUGHT EBOLA IN THE US! YOU SHOULD BE CONCERNED ABOUT THE POTENTIAL OUTBREAK IN THE US. Instead you are concerned about how America is going to clean up Africa. WHYYYYYY.. WHYYY is he in office OMGGG!!

  19. Donnayy says – reply to this


    On all of these News Articles on line, everybody said that Barack is putting the welfare of Africa before his own country. He is such a fucking idiot and people are really fucking pissed off. Google it yourselves, check out all of the posts

  20. Melissa says – reply to this


    The fact that you are constantly defending Obamas actions or lack there of makes me think that YOU Perez may have mental health issues! The President is putting so many Americans in danger by continuing to do nothing when it comes to Ebola and Isis!! There are 2 confirmed Ebola cases because a Liberia man was allowed to come to our country and now hundreds at risk for Ebola because of the nurse who flew with symptoms!!

  21. Blue Note says – reply to this


    Trump is correct. Most of the country thinks Oblamer has gone waaaay off the tracks.
    He makes Jimmy Carter look good. Remember Nov. 4th, vote every Democrat OUT.
    Stop Obama's assult on our great nation.

  22. Britnayyyyyyy says – reply to this


    Now they are saying all New York airports are fearing that somebody will bring Ebola into the state of New York. The staff is wearing biohazard suits and screening these people coming in. .. just stop the fucking planes.

  23. Britnayyyyyyy says – reply to this


    Stop putting everyone in danger.

  24. 24

    You'd change your mind in a heartbeat if Mongo got ebola because we let people with the decease into our country.

  25. @v@ says – reply to this


    Trump can and should say what he wants in America. He's got a record as a guy who knows how to get things done. Dotting i's and crossing t's is something the administration could tighten up on here, because it's life and death. Work together, not at odds.

  26. 26

    Oh the irony…

  27. Tltag says – reply to this



  28. LD3340 says – reply to this


    Perez, ya ever feel out numbered? When it's a slaughter like this, you aren't just wrong- you're incompetent. Give up politics and stick to dresses.

  29. Dani says – reply to this


    I am so glad to read these comments and see that people are finally opening their eyes and seeing our president for what he is. I pray for our country.