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18 comments to “Donald Trump Disses Katy Perry By Asking Why She Married That 'Loser,' Which Prompts A Scathing Response From Russell Brand!”

  1. @v@ says – reply to this


    Russell doesn't have a need to seek out gratuitous hormonal antler butting or pissing contests; but from what I hear he uses those hormones to amply rise to the occasion.

  2. reana says – reply to this


    Team russel

  3. canadianguy_ says – reply to this


    I half agree with Trump. She was silly to marry him, she's way out of his league.

  4. 4

    Donald Trump is brain dead waste of space. Russel will crush him.

  5. Robert says – reply to this


    Donald Trumps blows goats

  6. bigbud says – reply to this


    Donald is right on!
    Russell Brand is a total Zero loser Deuchbag!!

    That's all

  7. Ivanka says – reply to this


    My dad is a major loser and a liar! Even I know the delicious RB was on David Lettererman and not Jimmy Fallon, so Russell's right what is my dad drinking? Dump…I mean my non relevant dad as usual tweeting about revelant people to try and get some media attention, surprise surprise it worked now that other non factor Piers Morgan is trying to ride on my dad's lame coat tails….what major losers the both of these old geezers!

  8. Echelon Spiro says – reply to this


    Fight to the death I say.

  9. @v@ says – reply to this


    Trump is a certain type of man, and Russell is another. They've both built their
    'brands'. What's with the Donald's penchant for lurching out at random celebs?
    Russel's comeback is a much bigger lawn flamingo.

  10. 10

    Don't like either one of them, but have to go Team Donald on this one.

  11. jo says – reply to this


    My god Russell Brand is the main man he is fantastic. He can wipe the floor with anyone and the reason he is 'dissed' is because them loonatics in power know he is a real threat. I have to agree with Russell I cannot take anyone seriously who has a comb forward! You would think with all that money they could have done something for him. Was it money that made women marry him? It would have to be… And a lot of it!

  12. Mary says – reply to this


    I think Russell Brand is one of the ugliest men alive…and yes, he's a total loser.

  13. 13

    Could it be because Russell Brand is much smarter than Trump. I think Brand is a genius.
    Let him be.

  14. Ughhh says – reply to this


    They're both losers. No one wins. The end.

  15. Starry says – reply to this


    Maybe Russell fucked Donald's wife or something. I mean, all that random hate HAD to come from somewhere…

  16. JC says – reply to this


    Trump is the man. Russell is a nut and going down to nowhere.

  17. Carl says – reply to this


    Donald was just voicing what the whole planet thought at the time. Everyone was WTF! When America's second princess( Taylor is first, got it!) married that w a n k e r! The reality is, the Princess NEVER marries the frog

  18. 18

    donald fights with comedians then hes there friend like rosie then he was like all nice to her when she was having a hard time . i love both of them to be honest if they joined as one u would have the perfect man