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No Single Musical Artist Has Had An Album That's Gone Platinum In 2014 Yet!

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There's still a couple of months to go!

But this is coming down to the wire!

The year 2014 has yet to see ONE single musical artist's album hit the platinum status!

That's right! No musicians have seen their album sales pass the one million mark which is a lot different from this point last year where five albums had already gone platinum!

Although it's not all such dire news for the music industry as there's been one album that's sold A LOT of albums this year - 3.2 million to be exact - but that album isn't coming from one single artist but rather is from a movie soundtrack!

The Frozen soundtrack to be specific!

And that number will most likely increase even more because, as the source Forbes explains, "with winter coming, that number is sure to rise."

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So at least Disney is doing well these days!

Although they always seem to be doing good!

All of this doesn't mean people aren't listening to music - it just means they're listening to it in other ways!!!

Things sure ain't how they used to be!!! That's for sure!!!

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14 comments to “No Single Musical Artist Has Had An Album That's Gone Platinum In 2014 Yet!”

  1. joe says – reply to this


    You need to check out Ella Henderson. She has real talent and needs to get attention.

  2. 2

    I think Taylor Swift will sell over one million this year.

  3. beyonugly says – reply to this


    so in other words all that "broken records" that beyonce supposedly achieved, the album still a flop???

  4. asad says – reply to this


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  5. The "Silver Conductor says – reply to this


    The "Silver Conductor" here. with all the social media platforms and streaming and internet radio and on and on, millions of fans would rather "Selfie and Vine". People the music industry is dying here. MusicLuv, The SC

  6. Nelly Rahman says – reply to this


    a lot different from this point last year where five albums had already gone platinum!

  7. MichJB says – reply to this


    Just another indicator that today's music sucks.

  8. 8

    Re: beyonugly – All it means is that people are consuming music differently than the used to, which means the criteria for success has shifted as well. Even though the commercial landscape of the industry has changed, Beyonce still sold more albums than 99% of recording artists working today could hope to sell, without question. Hardly a flop.

  9. beyonugly says – reply to this


    Re: DrTake1
    Actually is is a flopped considering its first week it supposedly sold 800k, which btw is very questionable but let's just assume that it did. To get a platinum youll need 1 million album sold, so to go from 800k to still less than a million up to now, it means sales had a huge drop unless beyonce and her people lied about that 800k sold, which is the only logical explanation. Either way the album flopped hard just like her previous album.

  10. 10

    Re: beyonugly – The Beyonce album was certified 2x platinum 3 months ago. Maybe your confused by the way Perez worded this post. If you read the actual Forbes article Perez is referencing, it's only referring to sales from 2014. "Beyonce" was released in 2013 and that sales data is not included. Beyonce didn't sell 1 million albums THIS YEAR (at least, not yet) but the total sales are more than double that. Not a flop by my definition. Are we on the same page now?

  11. KC says – reply to this


    "Actually is is a flopped considering its first week it supposedly sold 800k."

    Considering it sold 800k its first week when it was only available in digital format and only on iTunes is hardly a flop, but I suppose you think iTunes is "lying" for Beyonce too. BTW, the article is talking about albums released in 2014. Beyonce's album was released last year and has already gone double platinum. You people and your conspiracy theories…..

  12. Dave says – reply to this


    This really isn't that big of a deal. It has more to do with the way the RIAA calculates platinum records than anything to do with the strength of the recording industry. T. Swift just put out the fastest selling album since 2002 and it is verging on multiplatinum. Read more about it on my blog:

  13. Robin says – reply to this


    so funny video. album will be hit if the model performe

  14. clippingpatharea says – reply to this


    These look fantastic! Thanks for bringing them together – what a great collection