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Bristol Palin's Brother Sounds VERY Drunk (& Homophobic) As He Describes The Palin Family Brawl! Listen To CRAZY Extended Police Tapes HERE!

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Jeez, too bad Jerry Springer isn't still on the air - the Palin family would have made for some AMAZING guests!

This week, Wasilla police released additional audio of the Palin family explaining their side of the trashy and bloody brawl which put the clan back into the national spotlight.

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In the CRAZY audio, Track Palin, Sarah Palin's oldest child, gives a drunken and homophobic laced interview to a very patient (god bless you, whoever you are) cop.

Track slurred:

"These girls, my sisters, these guys were talking shit to ‘em because they couldn't pick ‘em up or whatever…getting drunk, you know, whatever, having a good time. We're like no dude, f**k off…. we're walking away… we paid for this limo to wait here. I'll f**king beat you're a**!…"

Hmmm, this is a new and very interesting side to the story! Was the whole incident just a case of an older brother defending his little sisters?

The eldest Palin added:

"I've never met those guys. They were just hammered, talking shit because, like – and this is between us because, you know, my mom is here – we have a big last name, like the Palins, right? And I was like, ‘F*ck you!' because this one dude pushed my sister down, and I'm like, ‘F*ckin' stop, dude.' I'm not gonna put up with any of that."

The worst part of the interview is when Track refers to his friend who was punched out as a "little p*ssy" and says:

"He's basically a gay guy, but he's not."

Let us translate macho tough guy speak for y'all - basically Track is saying: gay guys can't fight, they're weak, and being a gay male is equivalent to being a female.

How charming!

Track's gay comments are rampant throughout the audio - he repeatedly calls his opponents 'gay' and it's clear that he perceives calling someone gay to be an insult of the highest order (btw, Track, it isn't).

Listen to Track's rant in full (below)!

Well, all we can say is we're glad this brawl didn't occur on the White House lawn.

And Track - stop using gay as an insult! Thanks!

[Image via AP Images/Instagram/WENN.]

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17 comments to “Bristol Palin's Brother Sounds VERY Drunk (& Homophobic) As He Describes The Palin Family Brawl! Listen To CRAZY Extended Police Tapes HERE!”

  1. shaygirl says – reply to this


    not a word about joe bidens son being thrown out of the navy for using cocaine

  2. 2

    And another thing…people are so tired of your preachy, annoying crap.

  3. 3

    Re: shaygirl
    Or about Biden's druggie Niece.

  4. Katie says – reply to this


    She brought her FIVE YEAR OLD partying with her! You can hear him whining in the background at the beginning of the audio recording, and later when the cop wants to talk to her, she says she had her son with her, can he interview her by the car, where her son is? What a ghastly mother!

  5. Blue Note says – reply to this


    If this was the Clinton's kid being knocked to the ground, wonder how CNN would have reacted? If some guy was beating on Obama's kids? Well, you know what would happen.
    Hey, Prez…remember when you made a homophobic slur to Will I.Am…and got punched in the face for it. Please…shut up.

  6. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    SUCH T R A S H !!! lol ! They are a disgusting family…Palin spreads her legs and has a kid outa wedlock…the mother - Sarah - is as dumb as a doorknob…..the brother is a homophobic in-bred nose-picking/eating dofus….’bout as KLASSY as the Hilton sisters ! LOL ! TRASH !!!!!!!!

  7. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    TrAsh is as Trash does…………..and the Palins are noth'n more than WHITE TRASH !!!!!!!!

  8. ela says – reply to this


    imagine ,she wanted to b a vice president

  9. trolling says – reply to this


    I hope for her that she always sees the Russia her home… Because this will definitely be her last chance to be elected somewhere with a brawlers homophobic family.

  10. Fitzzz says – reply to this


    It is amazing how anyone would find assault amusing
    especially anyone who was a victim, remember when they beat the shit out of YOU and called you an annoying sissy

  11. 6 says – reply to this


    Re: trolling – I hope for her that she always sees Russia from her home

  12. Fitzzz says – reply to this


    You deserve to be in New York City, along with Al Sharpton, the homophobic racist, Bill deBlasio ,Anthony Weiner ,Chuck Schumer, all the other dirt bags,
    and now Ebola

  13. FKPEREZ says – reply to this


    Re: Blue Note

    You are 100% correct, if it was any of these Liberal Democratic presidents kids getting beat on they would make such a fkn scandal about it. But, its ok bc its was Palin's kids.

  14. Lily says – reply to this


    If it was a Democrats kid, they would have handled it with class because that is how well educated people handle their business.

  15. 15

    When you got punched, you cried like a baby and said your eye might fall out. Gays are weak.

  16. shay says – reply to this


    Being a gay male=female so females aren't stronger so because you are offended you decided to offend someone okay

  17. The_J's_ Momma says – reply to this


    For people to call them trash~ it seems like you TRASH can't get off them. I love the Palins, they seem like real people to me. They have shown the good, bad and ugly. They are real!!! I know is this day and age it's hard to find real, with the Clinton, Bama's, and Kardashians, but this is what real looks like.
    Def. not trash~ it's called a real family.