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Kylie Jenner Posts Some Scandalous Pics Then Deletes Them!

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Kylie Jenner reveals too much

While Kim Kardashian and her family were off celebrating the reality TV star's birthday, their underage sister, Kylie Jenner was up to no good!

The 17-year-old posted some revealing Instagram photos of herself, then quickly deleted them, probably before her dad Bruce Jenner saw them!

[ Photos: Kendall Jenner Versus Kylie Jenner: Who Takes More Scandalous Instagrams??! ]

She settled on this one (above) which she accompanied with the caption:

"I missed my short hair"

No matter how Kylie does her hair, it's always cute! But showing off too much skin on the other hand

Kylie Jenner reveals too much

[Image via Instagram.]

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22 comments to “Kylie Jenner Posts Some Scandalous Pics Then Deletes Them!”

  1. 1

    Do you really think her dad cares? I think he is pretty much resigned to the fact that his daughters have joined the Kardashian pimp machine.

  2. dee says – reply to this


    her lips are ridiculous now, the top one was almost none existant and now it's fucking that huge it barely has any lip shape left, such a shame she's becoming 1 of them.

  3. beach says – reply to this


    Games games games that people buy into. It's all calculated and planned, The rich making more money off the stupid people that believe these people are CELEBRITIES. Trailer trash . . . they follow, and Kardashians know the trash will follow and they get rich off of it. WHAT A SAD REFLECTION ON SOCIETY.

  4. april99 says – reply to this


    What do you expect coming from the Kartrashian family? Look at the sisters………..look at the mother who is constantly pimping them all out…………look at the father who obviously doesn't give a damn.

  5. POOPHEAD says – reply to this


    Re: dee – agreed

  6. MichJB says – reply to this


    She's following in the fat footsteps of her slutty step sister - Dimmi. It won't be long before Kris the pimp will be releasing Kylie's sex tape.

  7. 7

    Missed my short hair? More like the fake hair was driving me nuts. Her lips are ridiculous! When she gets older they will sag. Mother must sign documents to allow procedures to be done. What the hell is Kris thinking?

  8. Angèle says – reply to this


    She looks like she belongs in a 90's Brooklyn ghetto movie

  9. 9

    Yeah this photo was pretty disturbing for a 17 year old to post (as was the outfit mirror shot one she posted a few days ago where her chest was out for the world to ogle), but she deleted another one right after this as well and that one pretty much confirmed how fake her lips are - no matter how much people claim it's just makeup, there's no way makeup can make your lips stick out like they were in the profile shot she posted.

  10. namers says – reply to this


    She'll be pregnant in 5,4,3,2…

  11. 11

    Who knew that narcissism was hereditary. Then again it might be more nurture than nature. They are all narcisstic, including Bruce.

  12. 12

    So these girls believe that sexualizing themselves is the best path to take in life. Not one college degree in the whole damn family. Sad and reflective of our society and our values. Wake up folks. Stop buying into their crap. And talk about a pimp. Perez is one of the worst.

  13. Ollie says – reply to this


    Those are the biggest fakest lip injections i've ever seen. CPS needs to investigate kris jenner immediately for signing off on plastic surgery for a 16 year old

  14. Poppy says – reply to this


    Has anyone noticed or thinks it's insane that she has completely altered her face?

    She not only has had lip injections, but her nose, eyes and jaws are completely different. How is it that society doesn't see this as a horrific thing? Is it because she looks better?

    I think it's so sad and scary that a 17 year old could make such OBVIOUS transformations to herself under the pubic eye and deny she's had work done.

    I also think it's strange to be so proud of a fake face… It's not your natural beauty, it's the work of a brilliant plastic surgeon.

  15. Poppy says – reply to this


    ps. and she also has breast implants! DIdn't she get these when she was 15? What is wrong with her parents/family to think that it's ok???

  16. 16

    Look up "Trying too hard" in the dictionary, and you'll see these pictures.

  17. 17

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  18. Joeyr says – reply to this



  19. doraglasberg says – reply to this


    enuf with the big fake painted on photoshopped lips already.
    You look like Lucille Ball.

  20. Sam says – reply to this


    Whats the point uploading a picture and then delete it. I never get that.

  21. Edna says – reply to this


    Ugh, once she turns 18 her phone will be targeted for the next round of nudes. She's setting herself up for all those pervs out there.

  22. jogging yenta says – reply to this


    Why don't you comment about her lip injections? She had slit-lips before. She's morphing into her vapid, stupid sister Kim. Guess they all have the same plastic surgery, who uses a template on all of them.