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16 comments to “Mama June, Uncle Poodle, & The Whole Honey Boo Boo Clan Are Having A Massive Fight On Instagram & Facebook!”

  1. Ed says – reply to this


    June Shannon and the kids she has at home do not realize just how many photos there is out there of Shannon and her pervert boyfriend.

    The bottom line is that Shannon is pointing the finger at everyone that does not agree with her. Shannon has allowed her three daughters that live at home to be around the child molester. Horny June doesn't realize that her pervert boyfriend will always be attracted to little kids. June s children desperately need t be better educated and moved out from that dangerous atmosphere.

  2. Carlye says – reply to this


    Remember that this is a real family. I cannot imagine the struggle this family is going through let alone the fact it is being publicized all over the internet. I come on Perez probably more than once a day but i wish he would give these people a break.. find out the real story and give this family a chance to realize the situation for themselves before going and making it so publicly known as you have. I will forever love this site, but for now I would like to see this story put to rest, let the family heal.

  3. Melanie says – reply to this


    How terribly sad that June Shannon would not believe her young daughter was molested. Can you imagine how that little 8 year old child must have felt and still feels to this very day? How pitiful.

    June continues to pit her remaining kids against the victim (Anna). What an awful family.

  4. Jabba the June says – reply to this


    What a fukking ugly fat cuunt of a whoore. Tell that pestilence sack of meat to fuuck off. Take her kids since she is incapable of taking care of them. I hope this fat piece of shiit gets everything that's coming to her.

  5. emily says – reply to this


    Re: Ed – you mean child molester?

  6. Emily says – reply to this


    Re: Ed – you mean child molester boyfriend

  7. Ginger Rivera says – reply to this


    Re: Melanie – What aRe: Melanie – WHAT A AWFUL MOTHER! ! !

  8. harleymutt says – reply to this


    Re: Carlye – The family can't heal while she is letting this pedophile have contact with her children, she has young children who have no choice as to who is around them, give them a break? when she put her family on tv to collect a paycheck and recognition this is part of what she signed up for and for once I'm glad because if it weren't for the media this time no one would have known he was around, what kind of mother sleeps with and exposes her children to the pedophile who molested her own child? the minor children need to be taken out of the house if she chooses to be with him, this woman makes bad choices and never should have been on tv, four children with four different daddies, give me a fucking break!

  9. Tina says – reply to this


    The fact of the matter is that she IS hanging out with a child predator whether dating him or not. If she didn't want this blowing up in her face, she should have made him stay away from her and her kids. She brought this on herself and the pics speak louder than words. She owes her family an apology and she should not have custody of her kids as long as she is hanging out with such a predator. Most likely she destroyed her oldest daughter's self-esteem by even associating with that loser and I don't blame her for denying June access to her own child.

  10. fid says – reply to this


    The Loser Channel (TLC) probably told them to start this drama to increase ratings. They'll probably give them another show.

  11. Denise says – reply to this


    STOP calling June Shannon "Mama June." She is in her early thirties — not her early nineties. In fact, drop ALL the corn-pone nicknames, altogether. June is an example of ignorance gone to seed. Hopefully, the authorities will thoroughly investigate this situation and if necessary, remove the minors from her care.

  12. allan says – reply to this


    what a bunch of disgusting hillbilly trash

  13. ela says – reply to this


    Mama boar is so dumb,she does not understand how wrong she is

  14. MamaMia says – reply to this


    Pumpkin did not write that. Those are June's words, almost verbatim on her FB page (June-alana Shannon).

  15. Lydia says – reply to this


    I hope it is true that June put the money aside for all her kids. If not you know she will spend it all on the pervert. And I don't think now that she lost her meal ticket she should be house hunting. The court of public opinion can be brutal.

  16. judine says – reply to this


    Mama June is out of her mind and as stupid as they come. Some mom you are. God bless you beautiful girls.